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Hospital's 'No Tipping' Policy Is Unfair, Says Parking Valet

nice quote! She doesn't give a S*^t? Is that how their employees represent them?
SH Hospital couldn't handle a simple paper cut!
Do not be fooled by the Stoney Brook name add-on - YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER!
It's like LIPA changing their name to PSE&G - is your service any better?
If you value your life you will jump in a car and head for Stoney Brook MAIN HOSPITAL - a REAL Hospital who will save you in an emergency.
If you haven't guessed yet I had several bad experiences there that were inexcusable.
The fact that SH Hospital cheats their employees is absolutely unsurprising... " Aug 17, 17 12:19 AM

Longtime FBI Officer Will Serve As Southampton Town's New Public Safety Director

I believe the plan was to utilize the Hampton Bays Shuttle Bus to bring everyone to Southampton town hall. It's not like anyone else is using it!" Aug 17, 17 12:26 AM

Fisher Steps Down As FRNCA President To Serve On Riverhead School Board

Ron should fit in great at the school... his wardrobe is perfect for 7th grade gym class!" Aug 20, 17 3:27 AM

Wasn't Brad Bender a community advocate?" Aug 20, 17 3:29 AM

Hospital's 'No Tipping' Policy Is Unfair, Says Parking Valet

Wish I could say the same. They nearly killed me in a botched operation and then altered and concealed medical records to the point where my insurance wouldn't pay because they couldn't understand why I was in the Hospital. They called in an outside physician to fix their screw up and then I had to go to SBH to have the procedure reversed, saving my life! I won't even get in to how they misdiagnosed my Father in the ER! MTKFISH hope you're doing good!" Aug 27, 17 3:39 AM

North Sea Community Association Honors Those Lost On 9/11

As a survivor of the collapse of the World Trade Center during the attacks of September 11, 2001, I would like to personally thank those who organized and attended this event. Your kind words, thoughts, and prayers for those involved are greatly appreciated by all 16 years later." Sep 11, 17 1:02 PM

Drug Overdoses Claim Two Lives

As a handler of a Drug Sniffing K-9 I can tell you that I've pulled Marijuana and Heroin from student lockers in public High Schools in Suffolk County. It will not stop the problem by any means but it will help identify who the players are. It DOES come down to parenting!" Sep 23, 17 6:01 PM

'The Hills' PDD Vote Could Happen Just Before Election Day--If County Panel Moves Quickly

It was great to see Ms. Lofstad and Mr. Bouvier stand up for what is right for the community!

You will all have to excuse Mr. Schneiderman. It's very hard for him to stand up with his pockets so heavily lined by these developers!

JAY: Do you think that your constituents don't see the blatant corruption?

I can't wait until the indictment gets unsealed!" Oct 10, 17 1:57 AM

Southampton Town Considering Creating Opioid Task Force To Combat Spread Of Drugs

Can anyone please tell me what training, experience, or knowledge Jay Schneiderman has to even suggest this "Opioid Task Force"?? Isn't their already an East End Drug Task Force? Don't the NY State Police, Southampton Town Police, Suffolk County Police, Suffolk County Sheriff's Department, Neighboring Jurisdictions, and Federal Agencies already combat Narcotics? It would seem that Jay's spontaneous utterance at the board's work session is conveniently close to election day. How much more will this now cost - and - how is Jay able to spend enormous amounts of our tax dollars on hiring a Police Chief - then create additional positions and departments to handle "Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness"? These sound like matters for the Police Department and a great way to cause even more dissent between the rank and file. Don't the people of Southampton Town deserve better??? Perhaps it's time for a write-in on the upcoming ballot!" Oct 10, 17 2:29 AM

Southampton Town Plans To Buy Lobster Inn Property With CPF Funds For Shellfish Hatchery

The ONLY thing currently hatching in Hampton Bays are new MS-13 gang members! The closed and boarded up properties throughout HB have become a breeding ground for drug and gang activity and the motels converted to low income multi family residences have become incubators for these criminals to grow and multiply. How sad!" Oct 12, 17 11:29 PM

Plans For Hampton Bays Diner Building Are Moving Forward

Everyone here has come up with some fantastic suggestions! Unfortunately, no dining establishment would be successful as everyone who has been in HB has folded. It has nothing to do with the type of food being served. It has to do with the safety of the area and it has to do with the cost of dining and the relation of high rents and taxes. Do you really think that anyone will come to HB just to be the next fatality on the list? There is clearly only ONE successful solution of what to put at the Diner location - A PACKING AND MOVING STORE that doubles as a Spanish club on Friday and Saturday nights! Think about it - by day, the aisles will be packed by local business owners loading their carts with window whitewash, boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and rolling dollies! Need Day Labor? That department is conveniently located two blocks east on Montauk Hwy near the "Multi-services" store. And by night? YES - Hampton Bays MOST successful business... They can revive the Diner's Liquor Licence and push all the cartons of packing tape to the sides, call in a DJ, a bartender, a shot girl, then stand back and watch the parking lot fill up to full capacity! Don't forget that you'll need a crack team of bouncers to make sure that there aren't any fatal stabbings in the parking lot! Oh, wait.... too late... woops... For God's sake will SOMEBODY in Southampton Town Government save us??? " Oct 13, 17 12:06 AM

Woman Upset After Piebald Deer Is Killed Near Her Hampton Bays Home

Some of us here like animals far more than people. Don't be surprised if the tables get turned on you one day! Karma!" Oct 22, 17 4:13 PM

Southampton Town Considering Buying Part Of Tuckahoe Center Property With CPF

Don't be distracted by the "tax issue"

If there was ever a time to DEMAND a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of Jay Schneiderman and his "Town Board" it is NOW!

Last time I checked, TAXPAYER MONEY allocated for preservation is to be used just for that, not for re-paying "developers" whose attempt at erecting a monstrosity in our community failed.

These developers invested their money in hopes that they could get the town board members to change the zoning for their plan to build a well un-needed Supermarket in an already overcrowded. The key word here is INVESTED. Some investments are successful and generate returns, some do not.

This is a clear and blatant move to reimburse these "developers" for their financial losses.

Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on traffic and environmental impact studies for this project. Perhaps some monies should be spent on a Forensic Accountant who can trace the money trail to uncover just why Jay would be looking to pay these guys back!

It's ok Jay - you can tell us.... Did they contribute to your campaign? Buy you a car maybe? If not and you're just feeling so benevolent with the Towns' coffers reach out and let me know - I could use a few mil myself!" Oct 23, 17 1:28 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman To Leave Independence Party, Join Democrats

I'm glad you still see yourself as an Independent Jay because NOBODY sees you as a Democrat!

Can't the Dems vote to block him from tarnishing their good name? Trust me Jay - Your own party, The Independents don't want you and neither do anyone else!

I'll be writing in my choice for Town Supervisor on Election Day, and based on voter turnout, I have calculated that my vote counts for over 450 people in my Election District

What a joke Jay... What a joke!" Oct 24, 17 2:55 AM

Former Employee Challenging Gregor In Southampton Town Highway Department Race

I can't believe the people here badmouthing Alex - My roads are perfect and the one time I did have a problem a simple email to him was able to resolve the issue within an hour.

I have zero bad things to say about his opponent but I will say that Alex Gregor has proven to me to be competent and is not corrupt.

He has my vote!" Oct 24, 17 3:09 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

Lawsuits? I'm hoping for ARRESTS! What FOOLISH WASTE of the Towns time and money. What blatant pandering to private developers who clearly have lined the pockets of our officials! What obvious OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT of our elected officials who clearly side against the very same people who elected them and entertain an outside interest... Smells like BRIBE RECEIVING to me. DEMAND AN OUTSIDE INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION! DEMAND A FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL! Southampton deserves much better! " Dec 7, 17 4:07 AM

Lets look at who (and their friends and family) donate to who's campaign. Lets look at who (and their friends and family) pay for certain peoples re-election campaigns and fundraiser events. Let a forensic accountant look at who deposited how much in who's family members bank accounts. If you believe for a second that ANY elected official would favor an outside interest / private developer without any incentive or ulterior motive while there is such dissent concerning a project from their constituents, then you are a fool. Craigcat lets say that you own a widget company and you want to put your new widget factory in Q-Town. Nobody in Q-Town likes this idea because your factory will impact the environment and your employees will cause increased congestion in the area when traveling to their jobs at the widget factory. Everyone agrees that jobs are great and that we all need widgets, but there are more suitable areas for your widget factory that would have far less impact on the environment and cause much less congestion. The residents of Q-Town have elected Supervisor McCheese to represent them and look out for the best interests of Q-Town. Supervisor McCheese then comes out saying that he supports your widget factory even though a large percentage of Q-Town residents oppose the plans. Why would Supervisor McCheese go against a large group of his constituents? Is he a widget-lover? Maybe someone hooked him up with some widgets? Maybe a family member of yours contributed to the Re-Elect McCheese campaign? What one would consider political suicide wasn't only because Supervisor McCheese switched his political party in an act of convenience. How convenient! Follow the money trail and wait for the indictments... " Dec 9, 17 12:42 PM

North Haven Man Tells Paparazzi To Get Off His Property While Photographing Matt Lauer

last time I checked, a 5lb box of 3 1/2" Nails at home depot are $15.96... " Dec 19, 17 2:54 AM

Fire, Power Outages Follow DWI Crash In Flanders

No mention of where this 18 year old got his hands on the booze?" Jan 2, 18 12:59 AM

Southampton Town Seeks Feedback About Good Ground Park In Online Survey

ATH and Company were responsible for this monstrosity and should be arrested and tried for the environmental crime that this thing is! Acres of trees cut down, wildlife uprooted, bright lights lighting up the skies, and now you want to have events that will pollute the area with noise? You killed the value of adjacent homes, you are in violation of NYS Public Health Law Section 225 Part 7 Sub Part 7.4-5 Sub section B - Or in normal person talk, YOU BUILT A PUBLIC VENUE WITH NO BATHROOMS WHICH IS ILLEGAL! How stupid are we that we allow these politicians such freedom and latitude with our tax dollars? So here is my question - just WHO EXACTLY is 1- Going to actually show up to good 'ol HB to perform and, 2 - Who is going to show up to attend these events? Are you expecting people to walk down some path from the venue out to Montauk/Main Street, and if they do - where are they going? The stores are vacant and closed. I guess if you're at an event and you need to buy a phone card you can go to the multi-services stores and buy one. Nail Salons are pretty popular too, so Guys, while buying your phone cards, the Ladies can go get their nails done... Crystal Gel $5..." Jan 21, 18 3:44 AM

Mario's Barber Shop Expects New Front Entrance By Next Week

I truly wish the best for Mr. Marino and his clients but I must ask - Did he consult with an Attorney before accepting Progressive's insurance pay-out to repair the damages? It sounds to me like he has additional damages due to the 25 percent loss of business, and by the description of the structural damage (and from seeing the video of this 'accident') it would appear that the building may have irreparable structural damage and would be a total loss. Gregory Drury didn't just back in to the building, he smashed in to it with a work truck travelling at full speed. If it's simply repaired I believe Mr. Marino can have future damages when he goes to sell the building - same as if a car is put up for sale and the carfax report indicates a previous accident(s) the value of that car drops considerably. Mr. Marino sounds like a really nice guy that had something bad happen to him - just hope he's not in a rush that could cost him in the long run. " Jan 21, 18 4:04 AM

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