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Kurt Billing Remembered - Where is Kurt?

Where is Kurt?
Teaching the angels to swim" Feb 9, 09 10:42 PM

Bishop touts economic stimulus package

Senator,I am surprised at you. Instead of feeling sorry for all the electricians,plumbers,and construction workers from upisland who can no longer find work out here, what about all the people who live here who can not find work here? At this point we can't afford to live here and, we can't afford to leave either." Feb 18, 09 9:40 PM

Bank sues former Suffolk County Legislator George Guldi, alleges mortgage fraud

Not only prominent names. This is one of the reasons all the honest people are broke. Every time I hear of another one finally caught I get angry and think of all the others still out there." Feb 22, 09 11:14 AM

Southampton Village sees windfall in outstanding tickets

Why are you letting all the tourists who couldn't care if they get a ticket and they thrown them out get away with this? NO AMNESTY. garnish their paycheck." Feb 22, 09 11:18 AM

Adoption applications on the rise at animal shelter

pupdaddy is right on target!

" Feb 25, 09 6:12 PM

Southampton Village approves architect fees for fire house

Why isn't the village using local Architects? Why are you paying a company from somewhere else?" Feb 25, 09 6:20 PM

New fertilizer setback requirement to become law

i am just sooooo happy to see that people think it is more important to have green grass than clear water. you landscapers that are against helping to keep our land and bays chemical free are greedy and you should be ashamed of yourselves." Mar 9, 09 9:41 PM

Mill Pond problems may have been caused by effort to prevent algae

houses are built,people move in, people poop, poop has nitrogen hello?" Mar 9, 09 9:44 PM

Dune nightclub gets Axed

that is too bad. when are the city peoiple going to go away and leave us alone?" Jun 9, 09 5:42 PM

New show a real 'pain' for hospital

I am sick and tired of being treated as a second class citizen just because i was born and raised here. We all share the same blood. We all need to respect each other equally." Jul 6, 09 9:59 PM

Volunteers remove almost three tons of debris from Shinnecock Bay

stiffer fines, better enforcement. save the planet." Jul 8, 09 10:25 PM

Horses run wild down Majors Path

ride 'em cowboy.
too many cars, not enough horses.
who remembers when majors path was one lane?" Jul 13, 09 9:14 PM

Trustees' vote allows another Louse Point revetment

yup, just keep messin with what the Lord has made." Aug 4, 09 8:08 PM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

shame on you.
you are not a role model to the community and,especially to your own children
I wonder, will you be doing your community service at the dump with the other DWI's or, in a nice warm office?
resign" Sep 10, 09 5:28 PM

Club members offer $1 million for Oddone bail; trial nears start

I can not figure out why anyone would do anything for this waste of space" Sep 30, 09 10:12 PM

Free house up for grabs in North Haven

If it means that much to you then why don't you just stay there? You should be happy with it. If it has so many happy memories then why isn't it your "dream house/" Also, pay all the expenses to have it moved, someone will take it. Life is full of compromises, I think you need to make some." Oct 16, 09 5:35 PM

yes, the last 2 comments make so much sense. this town certainly needs to get their priorities straight. What are they thinking?" Oct 18, 09 9:35 AM

Southampton Town had difficulty with head count of workers

i am handicapped. i wil never ever forget the day i was in town hall, i asked for help, and the man sitting behind the counter, doing nothing LAUGHED at me." Oct 19, 09 10:19 PM

i did not misinterpret his bahavior. i know what i saw." Oct 19, 09 10:20 PM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

death penalty is in order for Odone." Oct 22, 09 2:01 PM

Fisherman counts his blessings after falling off his boat

so happy he is o.k." Oct 22, 09 9:37 PM

Fishing license injunction extended again; attorney general refuses to take case

putting a license on salt water fishing out here is economic suicide for the local bayman." Oct 22, 09 9:40 PM

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