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'Interdependence Day' Walk In Sag Harbor To Protest Treatment Of Immigrants

Celebrate Independence day in the Village of Southampton. They have an awesome parade every year and the Vietnam Vets and other vets will be marching. Thank a vet and make their day extra special. " Jun 26, 18 1:34 PM

I don’t want my social security number used fraudulently so that an illegal alien can pay taxes to the US government. " Jun 28, 18 7:59 PM

'Glamping' To Be Offered At Cedar Point County Park In East Hampton

I like the idea. I've enjoyed camping out in the woods but always went with other people that supplied me with a tent and other camping equipment. If I went more often it would make sense to buy these things, but on the other hand, why buy when you can rent! I think people have gotten away from the simple things in life. Camping is wonderful, especially with linen sheets and having somebody else set the tent up! " Jul 18, 18 8:33 PM

Land Acquired By Town In Hampton Bays For Future Waste Treatment Facility

I thought most have cesspools on their own properties..." Jul 20, 18 9:46 AM

Southampton Village Businesses Honor 'Week of Hope' With Yellow Balloons At Storefronts

I remember years ago, when people would stand outside grocery stores with a can to collect money for various diseases, usually cancer, and wondered why nobody ever asked for money to research or help those affected by mental illness. I thought it was because people were uncomfortable with that (awful) subject and it seemed like nobody wanted to touch it. How things have changed! And I like the cheery yellow signs! I'd like to thank all of the business' that are not afraid to fly yellow balloons at their stores. Thank you. " Jul 26, 18 10:23 PM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

From CBS: "Under the Wisconsin law, voters must present a driver's license, state ID, passport, military ID, naturalization papers or tribal ID to vote. A student ID is acceptable only if it has a signature and a two-year expiration date. Those who do not have their ID can cast a provisional ballot that will be counted only if they return with the proper ID within a few days of the election."

I personally think all states should require proper ID in order to vote, and on every level, from Presidential on down. According to Brad Schimel, Wisconsin has a lot of clueless people that don't know what's expected of them at the polls. " Jul 31, 18 1:16 AM

Car Flips On County Road 39 In Southampton Saturday

Post large signs: NO TAILGATE - FINES DOUBLES like they do in Pennsylvania. Start issuing fines and lots of them. There are too many businesses on this County Road, cars entering and exiting parking lots and side streets. It's being used like its 495, for high-speed commuting but it's way too dangerous for that, and the tail-gators are harassing other drivers. Ticket them both, heavily. " Oct 22, 18 12:42 AM

Suffolk County Legislators To Consider Continued Use Of Methoprene

“I don’t think it’s helpful for moving in the right direction, when talking in black and white terms,” she said in terms of banning or not banning the larvicide."

Is reducing cancer a black or a white issue? " Nov 14, 18 10:31 PM

Community Partners Work Together To Combat Sexual Violence In Hampton Bays

Why the Hampton Bays library and not any other libraries? Is there a real problem in Hampton Bays? If there isn't a real problem, then there is no need for the program. If there is a real problem, I fear it's about to get worse. Stop trying to make Hampton Bays a sanctuary city. " Nov 25, 18 1:08 PM

Sexual harassment programs don’t belong in a library. Hampton Bays library needs to stay within their blue collar budget and hold democratic board elections. " Nov 26, 18 11:20 AM

I'll be happy when they change our NY slogan from the empire state to the corruption state. " Nov 26, 18 11:29 AM

Tensions Run High At First Public Meeting To Discuss SCWA Management Of Hampton Bays Water

I wish more people cared about what they flush down their sinks. Every household contributes to the contamination. Paints, thinners, hair dye, medications.... " Dec 3, 18 10:07 PM

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Three: The Way Forward

I too enjoyed the 3-part series and learned a lot about the challenges of recycling. I’m happy to say that I’m one of the 15% that self-hauls, but I wish others would, at a minimum, haul just the recyclable items on the acceptable list and let their carters take care of the rest. I’ll add that in France people often walk to food markets with baskets and they don’t bag each piece of produce. We may have banned plastic check-out bags here, but I see plenty of people bagging every damn vegetable they put in their carts. I believe it’s a matter of re-training people that have gotten used to these wasteful habits." Dec 17, 18 6:08 PM

ARF Has No Shortage Of Black Cats Up For Adoption

Black cats are purring works of art and I've always preferred their glossy sleek coats to the duller colors. They're very mysterious, and awesome!" Dec 20, 18 9:15 PM

Hot Sales In Sag Harbor Area

“...and the kitchen has Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Miele appliances...”

Yes, but do they cook?
" Jan 4, 19 4:18 PM

Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Refuge In Noyac Bears Traces Of Government Shutdown

We wouldn't need a wall if they would just deport those that came in illegally. Enough already. Do one or the other. Or both. " Jan 11, 19 9:23 PM

New Proposal Would Preserve 18th-Century Hedges Home In Sagaponack

This home is a beauty! I'll bet that door goes straight to the back of the house and there's lot's of little private rooms on both sides, and at least two doorways in each room and countless windows--great for ventilation. They don't build houses like this anymore because they want to sell us air conditioning. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing.

Since it's got a huge back yard, I'd plant corn, lettuce, etc and hire somebody to take care for it so I'd never have to go to the grocery store to guy those things.

I hate it when people buy old homes and rip the guts out. The modern, open floor concept so common today doesn't allow for privacy and they look like shopping malls. " Jan 14, 19 11:56 AM

Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Refuge In Noyac Bears Traces Of Government Shutdown

I would start with those driving while intoxicated, selling dope, using false id, robbery, homicide, etc. Shall I keep going? " Jan 14, 19 7:11 PM

Ask the police. I didn't provide figures.... " Jan 15, 19 5:57 PM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

Quit shopping online!! Some say it's easier, cheaper, but I say it's just plain weird. I think the last thing I purchased online was six years ago... and the product was recalled a year later. That did it for me. I say just quit cold turkey, because in the end, it's not really about the savings. It's an addiction. " Jan 18, 19 11:48 PM

East Hampton Village Mayor Voices His Opposition To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use

I don't want it around me either. I hate the way it smells and I can't stand to be around people that are high. " Feb 19, 19 8:33 AM

Civic Association Transfers Six Of 10 Vacant Properties To Neighboring Property Owners

I'll take care of one of those properties. Where can I sign up? " Feb 19, 19 8:38 AM

Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

I support the police chief on this issue. On the subject of Budweiser, I grew up drinking the King of Beers and prefer it to apple, pumpkin, cinnamon and all those fruity beverages marketed to people that really don't like the taste of beer and need it disguised. " Feb 25, 19 6:53 PM

If Southampton were to legalize the sale of pot, I'll start wearing a hat that reads, Make Southampton Classy Again. It's bad enough the store fronts have mannequins wearing torn jeans.... looks like something you'd find at the Gap. Let the pot buyers drive to Riverhead." Feb 26, 19 12:45 AM

There's already too many banners advertising the price for a carton of cigarettes. What comes next, price banners for weed? " Mar 3, 19 1:46 PM

...and two wrongs don't make it right. " Mar 5, 19 1:33 PM

Southampton School Board Agrees To Add 'Italian Heritage Day' To 'Indigenous Peoples’ Day' On Calendar

I’m still waiting for the day they make it a hate crime for holding up my middle finger. " Mar 7, 19 12:00 AM

At least they care. Have you heard of the snowball effect? When something gets started in one area, then it spreads out and gets out of control? That's what is happening with the re-naming of streets, parks, schools, holidays and the removal of statues, plaques, etc. People need to speak up at the right place and time before a ruling is made. We need more people to take action and call this ridiculousness out. If I'm not correct, this idea got started when a group of school kids thought the holiday should be changed, and a group of teachers followed through on it. This is why people from other parts of the island are involved. " Mar 8, 19 11:55 AM

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