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Supreme Court Declines To Hear East Hampton Airport Appeal

Not one of these helicopters or seaplanes lands on the North Fork, the gateway for 85% of commercial traffic to EH airport. This route will take you over 80% more homes then over the ocean route yet no pilots seem to do anything about it. Jeff Smith chairman of Eastern region helicopter council said he could control a 50-50 North Shore route -South Shore route. That would be a start but just don`t see it happening. As far as the 40 million mentioned earlier I`d love to see a break-down on how that number was conceived. I will repeat this, not one air craft lands on the North Shore and think all commercial aircraft's should fly the South Shore rout, thats where they land and reap the 40 mill?? Big picture East Hampton should close the airport to all Commercial traffic. Go for it Larry " Jun 30, 17 1:47 PM

the airport is a asset to everyone on south fork and should stay.
Then ask all commercial pilots and their owners to fly the South Shore Route
That way the complaints will stop coming in from 22 miles and farther along the North Shore for your EH Airport" Jun 30, 17 4:50 PM

East Hampton Begins Debate About Spending Millions On FAA Application To Restrict Flights

since there are 5 entrances and exits to the EH airport why not split them and have each used 20%. That would alleviate some of the problems.
" Sep 20, 17 7:23 PM

East Hampton Finds Little Encouragment From FAA On Airport Restrictions

I live over 20 miles away from East Hampton airport and have had multiple
double engine helicopters directly over my house below 1000 feet and even had one below 500 feet again directly over my house not to mention on Fridays I get over 60 copters above I can only hope for clear sky`s. for just a little help. Unfortunately we all know that 7 out of 8 past weekends have been cloudy.
These helicopters need to use the barely used South Shore Route and give us a break over on the North Fork where not a single sea plane or Helicopter lands. " Jul 6, 18 6:56 PM

Helicopters Asked To Split Their Routes To East Hampton

These helicopter companies have only $$$$$ on their mind, the quickest way in to EH airport and the quickest way out to get the next trip.
They have zero feelings for those below as many days if there is a cloud in the way they bring these double engines below 1200 feet and that is very loud and constant especially on a Thursday of Friday afternoons. For those who don`t know the North Shore Route also goes over 90% more homes.
I see that the South Shore route needs to go bye 3 airports if used, my neighbor worked at the FAA facility for over 30 years and has only denied helicopters thru JFK air space once it was 9/11/01. So please don`t make JFK, Macarthur or Gabreski an issue, they still need to get around the unmentioned Laguardia airport and their restrictions then give the folks in North west Queens a buzz cut.
The only way they should fly the North Shore route, is if they flew over 2miles off the North Shore coast around Orient or even Plum Island. This was recommended by Schumer and Bishop years ago. It did sound correct but due to loop-holes not a single helicopter has ever taken it. If they can`t do that, then they should never take off from NYC." Jul 18, 18 11:45 AM

Helicopter Traffic Continues To Swell As East Hampton Town Seeks Options To Reduce It

EH Local im a little confused would you be ok if all commercial traffic to and from your local airport was eliminated and the airport came back as it was built for in 1955 for local pilots in there single engine Cessna aircrafts.?

They closed the Westhampton dragstrip no one talks about it, they closed the Bridgehampton race track no one talks about it they closed Freeport race track nobody talks about it, They were all closed because of noise and the property was worth big bucks. The people at ERHC could help but seem to be hiding behind the FAA and have not said a word this year and the pilots are flying like cowboys especially when the clouds are LOW and in a few years they may just close the EH airport and 2 years later no one will talk about it.
ps Riverhead town line ends in Mattituck which is on the North Fork I`m surprised you were not aware of that and yes they get hammered by helicopters and seplanes coming to and from your airport. " Feb 8, 19 5:00 PM

Thank you Fred my apologies, also Westhampton had a go cart race track and an excellent Motocross track. " Feb 8, 19 7:12 PM

I would not, being that I live on the North Shore where over 75-100 helicopters and seaplanes come over my community on Thursdays Fridays and Sundays to land at HTO . So if each and every craft that lands on the South Shore ( Westhampton, Southampton Montauk and # 1 EH Hampton) which not a single one lands on the North Shore would be willing to fly the South Shore route ONLY back and forth then I would be happy. Unfortunately A whole lot of the problem would be right back at you from the very people that live in East Hampton and other surrounding towns even the people who use the heli service to HTO. You mention that the airport pays for itself and not one tax payer dollar goes to the airport. Lets not forget the many hard working taxpayers who live under the highway in the air to HTO in East Hampton should they all suffer also as the helicopter business went up 52% in just the last 2 years who have said enough is enough close the airport and 2 years later no one will talk about it. You may respond to this comment but I will not waste my time with you any further." Feb 9, 19 12:33 PM

East Hampton Village Seeks To Muffle Landscaping Noise

I did`nt hear any back pack blowers yesterday or in the past week. But now that spring has sprung the landscapers will soon start spring clean-ups and those engines will roar non stop, As with helicopters just yesterday I had helicopters come over my community as did Wednesday and almost every day during the winter (not many) but they will come strong every day soon especially on Thursday,Friday Saturday Sunday and even Monday mornings. They will make life miserable for all below in all 4 towns underneath them. I hope Southampton will add the same backpack blower restricted hours at Meadow Lane Heli-pad. I know East Hampton can`t do anything with the helicopters now, and ERHC and the FAA seems to be shutting their eyes to the situation (have not said a word to Town Board last year) so I also look forward to the day the FAA relinquish their power and the Town of East Hampton gets control of East Hampton airport," Mar 22, 19 9:01 AM

East Hampton Town Petitions Feds, Voicing Concerns About Two New Players At Airport

I have heard the Supervisor of East Hampton say "enough is enough" and yes it is as more and more helicopters and sea-planes arrive and depart from your airport.
In just 2 years helicopter business was up 52% (and helicopters get the most complaints) and just this month you have 3 different companies announcing new service to EH airport. When is enough enough I think that has
passed a while ago. I agree with LOCAL East Hampton residents to "drop the A BOMB on the area", I also agree with Southold Supervisor Scott Russel close the DAMN AIRPORT" Now if EHRC wants to try and slow down all those complaints its easy have each and every helicopter and sea-plane that arrives and departs from EH airport fly over the ocean both ways. and when transitioning over land be sure they go over EH property owners not Southamptons I believe then the airport will close. " May 28, 19 11:12 AM

East Hampton Airport Traffic Increasing Again This Year

I heard a Eastern Region Helicopter council representative was at the AMAC meeting in East Hampton last week and was asked why the Helicopters don`t fly around Orient Point as Chuck Schumur originally called for years ago, and why fly over 20 miles of residential communities, he was told that the ocean is 2.25 miles from airport and 2.5 miles from the bay. Ready for a great answer. He said "I don`t have a answer" I agree with Supervisor Scott Russel and to "close the damn airport" " Aug 23, 19 5:49 PM