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State DEC Will Talk About Licensing With Commercial Fishermen This Fall

Commercial fishing licenses are the property of the holders, not of the State. The DEC has no right to deny or arbitrarily limit the sale and/or transfer of privately held permits and they are in jeopardy of being faced with a class action federal lawsuit by those who have lost or given up limited entry licenses (for other than convictions for gross violations) having been denied the ability to offer them for sale or inherited them beyond ludicrous DEC restrictions as is done in every other coastal state and with federal fishing permits.
" Jun 29, 17 6:35 AM

For New Commercial Fishermen, Licensing Hurdles Are High

New York State needs to be sued -- licenses that is needed to make a living are the Constitutional property of the holders affording them the exclusive right of transfer . That is why every other state and the federal government provides for the selling of limited entry commercial fishing permits -- it's not that they are being "nice".Everyone who has "abandoned" their licenses for whatever reason can file suit for the lost value from being prevented from exercising their Constitutional proprietary right. New York State is so far out on a legal limb on how they handle this issue that if a proper investigation were to be done people will go to jail -- the commercial fishing license "lottery" is a fertile garden for official corruption.
" Aug 10, 17 4:37 AM

Bay Fishermen Say New Rules Are Needed

The DEC needs to be sued in federal court. It is settled law that a license needed to make a living is the property of the holder -- and if it has an intrinsic value by virtue of the fact that entry is closed that value is also our property. The State can enforce a moratorium on issuing new licenses -- but they cannot bar the free and exclusive (to the licensee) transfer of already issued licenses. It's not a matter of the State deciding whether or not they want us to be able to transfer and/or sell our licenses -- they cannot legally make that decision one way or the other. It is our Constitutional right.
" Sep 20, 17 5:35 PM

Entangled Whale Prompts Criticism Of Gill Nets

Humpback whales are not endangered -- neither are Atlantic sturgeon.The inadvertent harming or killing of these animals is neither illegal or even harmful to the species. But people have to eat. Farming and ranching is much more harmful to the environment including all manner of wild animals than is the harvest of wild seafood products on every level. The populations of humpback whales, seals, porpoises and sharks are exploding because of the protections so encounters with humans are increasing.
But regardless -- people have to eat to live.
" Jul 24, 19 9:20 PM

Manufactured Oyster Reefs And Farms Could Help Improve Local Water Quality

This is a total crock. Oysters do nothing to clean the bay. The nitrogen they "remove" from the water is in the form of nontoxic algae -- like us they excrete most of the plant-based nitrogen they take in as toxic ammonia. The "scientists" have hoodwinked the legislatures with the term "filter-feeders" into granting them funds to play in the water. The bay is full of filter-feeding fish all season long that by weight package more than twice as much nitrogen as do oysters. BTW -- the bay bottom where they have placed this "bay-saving" oyster reef is already paved with filter feeding hard clams. The public is being defrauded of their tax dollars.
" Aug 14, 19 5:47 PM

East Hampton Trustee Calls On State To Control Gillnets Better After Whale Entanglement

Populations of humpback whales and seals -- rather than being "endangered" or even "threatened" -- are booming. The Marine Mammal Protection Act l needs to be adjusted to ease protections on these. These nets are prominently marked with large flags and buoys required by law . The DEC is in violation of its duty to inform the public of what fishing gear looks like so people know to stay clear.
Why is the "answer" always more regulations on commercial fishermen?" Aug 28, 19 11:53 AM