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Democrats Seek To Muster City Voters To Shift Their Polling Places East

Well if this isn't a reason to never vote democrat again, I don't know what is!

Good luck democrats, stuff your voter rolls with people that have 0 connection with the town. People from the city don't care about the town, they only care about their political beliefs and stuffing them down the throat of anyone in arms length.

And the democrats wonder why Trump is president. Couldn't be that self-destructive hubris that y'all swear you don't have.Oh well. I now know for sure Zeldin will be getting me and my family's vote. Good luck democrats with shipping your voters in because you can't win other on your merits alone. " May 31, 17 3:21 PM

UPDATE: Two People Taken To Hospital Following Accident In Water Mill Tuesday

Thats pretty much every left turn out here.

Time to either cut them off at the canal, or build a tunnel from the canal to Montauk. " Jul 14, 17 6:47 AM

Taxi Companies Sue Over Uber, Lyft Laws

Taxi cab companies fail to see why they are continuously seen as the bad guys in this situation.

Taxi cabs are notoriously low quality. Hometown Taxi even brags about purchasing cars under 2 grand and barely cleaning them up beyond the bare minimum.

Taxi fares are notoriously high for the substandard service they provide. $40 bucks to go 4 miles? Oh and this is in a car where the windows don't work, the AC kicks on once every 30 minutes, and the car smell is somewhere between canned Pine Trees and last month's vomit.

But noooo, Uber and Lyft are the bad guys. Because they have a better business than you. Update your taxi fleet or go out of business. Don't cry to mommy because everyone hates you and your service. " Jul 18, 17 3:03 PM

Local Community Leaders Worry That Voter Info Given To Federal Commission Will Deter Registration

It should scare the democrats. Maybe they shouldn't have enrolled dead people and illegals in their quest to run America into the ground?

" Aug 8, 17 3:50 PM

For New Commercial Fishermen, Licensing Hurdles Are High

People defending the DEC and fish are clueless. Makes sense, their goal is complete control over everything we can do. It has nothing to do with "declining fish stocks." Its just an excuse for these leftists to pad the Hamptons with the right "desirables." " Aug 15, 17 2:00 PM

Some School Districts See Low New Student Enrollment Numbers

Families can't afford live out here. Of course there will be a drop in enrollment. " Aug 30, 17 2:24 PM

Summer Of Uber Deals Painful Blow To Taxi Industry

Sounds like the Taxi drivers should become Uber drivers" Sep 5, 17 10:59 AM

East Hampton Committee, Formed To Open Town To Latino Community, Abandons Town Hall

Sounds like a great opportunity to call in ICE. If they call a meeting it would be worth it to contact the proper authorities. I've posted the contact information for ICE below.

New York Field Office
26 Federal Plaza 9th Floor, Suite 9-110
New York, NY, 10278
Phone: (212) 264-4213
Area of Responsibility: The five boroughs (counties of NYC) and the following counties: Duchess, Nassau, Putnam, Suffolk, Sullivan, Orange, Rockland, Ulster, and Westchester

Email: NewYork.Outreach@ice.dhs.gov" Sep 7, 17 11:17 AM

East Hampton Village May Silence Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

This is insane. If you don't want to hear leaf blowers move to Siberia where your closest neighbor is 100 miles away. Otherwise, deal with it!

I guess What can you expect from the village that banned killing deer for food because they'd rather a deer jump out in front of a car and kill a local than offend the delicate sensibilities of the city people who value deer more than people" Nov 5, 17 7:53 PM

East Hampton Village Survey Respondents Mostly Support Culling Deer

Just kill the deer. Seriously. Completely open up all open land for hunting so we can whittle down their numbers to something more manageable. Deer aren't special, they cause accidents, spread Lyme's and destroy crops.

Shoot them, or import wolves and coyotes to do the job you won't let us do from your Ivory towers. " Nov 28, 17 12:53 AM

Bridgehampton Gateway Developer Frustrated By 'Misinformation' Spread About Her Proposal

Getting real tired of the idiots that try to dictate what a property owner can do with their land. Literally no downside, no reason to oppose this, nothing legit to back up their claim that the land in question is "precious" and "needs protection"

I hope the property owner builds the maximum size allowable on her property as soon as possible. Really stick the middle finger to the nobodys trying to wrestle control of a land owners land. I really happy to hear that she will not sell to the CPF and drive taxes further up.

If the people demanding no development whatsoever are mad about that, go to Maine and live there for the rest of your life. You are not wanted here. " Dec 15, 17 12:38 PM

Many Merchants Taken By Surprise By New Fee For Disposable Bags

Great, another tax to add to our already struggling poor and middle class communities.

How about adding a 15 dollar tax to every gallon of gas pumped, since caring about deer is more important then putting food on the table for poor families. " Jan 11, 18 12:23 PM

East Hampton Village Historic Inns Ask For Overlay District--Village Board Says No

Land of no strikes again! It'll work out alright though, all the inns will go out of business and only the larger hotel chains will stick around. And Airbnb too.

Maybe the town can buy the old inns and drive them into the ground with mismanagement and neglect. East Hampton can follow Southampton's footsteps and use tax payer money to buy old buildings and leave them empty and useless. Or did Southampton follow East Hampton's example? Hard to tell nowadays with how much both towns don't want you to do anything at all. " Feb 6, 18 5:00 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Says He Was Outraged Over Nunes Memo

"When investigating crimes, the FBI doesn't care if the accused is a pauper or the pope."

**Looks at the FBI handled Bush's and Clinton's Federal crimes**

Lmao, nope. Try again. FBI clearly plays favorites. " Feb 8, 18 4:14 PM

Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming Wants Ride-Sharing Tax To Go To County, Not State

Soo instead of fostering a service that people want to use lets ban it, tax it, and funnel the money to a terrible bus system that no one wants to use.

Great idea..." Feb 9, 18 10:42 AM

Owners Of Art Deco Shop In Southampton Village To Get Permission To Demolish Building

I'm not surprised, the owners must know the most valuable asset they have it the location of the land, not the building on top of it.

At its current price, you know the next owners aren't going to be keeping it open as an auto-body shop, the current owners don't do enough business as it is and could you imagine a shop trying to chase down a 4 million dollar mortgage??

You'll at the very least need to renovate the shop, at the least. It hasn't had a loving hand touch it in the past 25 years. Most of the windows are blocked by tarps or plywood. The entire ground has got to be soaked in oil. A regrading of the parking lot is needed, plus all the smaller reno jobs that are going to be needed to update everything. After all that, what then? What business are you going to run? An office? Another art gallery? What business could be run there while paying off that high of a mortgage.

So you demolish it. What next? Build another building with a focus on retail? Where will your customers park? There isn't any parking spaces nearby that you can dedicate for your business. Its all public parking and that amount barely hits double digits. So your kinda stuck with an office. Hope that pays off the mortgage. You'll have parking issues for days, not to mention next to no walking traffic nearby.

That all being ranted, B&M and P&R Parts are nice relics of Hill street's biggest business: Cars. Now that the dealerships are all gone and both the garage and part's store are up for sale, its hard to see what businesses will take their place. Where we once had several large dealerships and the smaller businesses they supported, we now have Paul's Pizza, the Movie Theater, a few local shops, and a stretch of empty storefronts that have remained empty since 05. Hard to say if its an improvement. " Feb 14, 18 11:29 AM

Southampton Village Considers Regulations On Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Absolutely insane.

So the idea is to institute another tax because people are using leafblowers that run on gasoline? Get out of here! The fact this is even considered is insanity at its highest.

Guess we can go ahead and ban everything that creates sound now. Completely ban the playing of all music in any situation. Ban the July 4th parade because the noise can lead to children crying and children crying has been show to cause early deafness in teens. Ban fireworks completely because the sound is to loud and hurts peoples feelings who don't agree with July 4th. Ban the highway, horse and carts, or anything else that can cause a sound. Because as we all now know hearing anything leads to deafness. CALM can go ram it somewhere and not come back. " Mar 7, 18 3:44 PM

East Hampton Ousts Popular Helicopter Service From Airport, Files Complaint With Federal Agency

Good job on making East Hampton an even worse place to do business. Real smart lol" Apr 20, 18 12:23 PM

East Hampton Village Board Votes To Restrict Special Events And Plastic Foam

So glad I do not live in EH village. Anti-business, anti-people. Terrible law." Apr 23, 18 9:37 AM

Councilwoman Julie Lofstad Highlights Struggles Of Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy During Public Forum

Lol a democrat complaining about democrat-sponsored inefficiency.

Maybe she could convene a committee and conduct a 10 year study on how terribly inefficient the governments in NY and LI are. Maybe pay each committee member 6 digits with tax revenues. Perhaps even make it so that the committee doesn't have any teeth and is just a "fact-finding" committee so that no one can get too angry 10 years from now when they reach some conclusion that the government isn't doing enough but if we pay it more money it'll get magically better.

A great deal of headache's across the East End and Long Island would go away overnight if we just got rid of a good portion of the outdated regulations forbidding us to take care of our families and homes. " Apr 24, 18 1:19 PM

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