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Supreme Court Declines To Hear East Hampton Airport Appeal

The north fork is getting hammered by seaplane and aircraft noise due to pilots opting to follow each other in the same exact flightpaths over many homes versus diversifying their flightpaths. A smart way to get residents upset and they have done so successfully! Now residents on both forks are fighting back!! Stupid real estate agents promoting polluting helicopters trips to see real estate doesn't help the situation. Let's see, let's get people to fly out by chopper, sell them a waterfront home and let them get slammed with incessant helicopter noise because the choppers hug the coastline! Lol! In summary, the North Fork, Shelter Island and areas of Southampton get bombarded by helicopter and seaplanes and again, how do these areas benefit from non stop aircraft noise?? " Jun 30, 17 1:07 PM

File noise as you are affected. All info is located on the easthampton, Southampton, Riverhead and Southold Town websites. Get involved and file your complaints starting today! The apolocolypse has started! " Jun 30, 17 1:14 PM

East Hampton Finds Little Encouragment From FAA On Airport Restrictions

No, no, no. Choppers won't have to fly over our homes because our Federal officials and the FAA will have to implememt a mandatory South Shore route which means that pilots will have to fly around Montauk to get to the "floating" helipad. **No transiting over land** under any circumstances.. Problem solved! More fuel consumed+More toxins in the air+Possibly dumping of fuel exhaust into our Bays from the exhaust = polluted Bay. Sounds like a great place to vacation and bring the family....oh that's right! Helicopter companies bring in the desired "family crowd". Sounds like the Hampton's may not be such a desirable designation in the very near future." Jul 9, 18 11:00 PM

Yep. Helicopters are an asset to the east end. One of many crashes that have occurred through the US in 2018. Look up all the NTBS reports on their website....
Tick tic tick tick tock...

https: //wtkr.com/2018/07/08/91-year-old-woman-identified-as-fatality-in-williamsburg-helicopter-crash/" Jul 10, 18 10:26 AM

Helicopter Traffic Continues To Swell As East Hampton Town Seeks Options To Reduce It

EhLocal; on 9/28 a NetJets plane flew from Fishers island area southbound then continued westbound over Gardiners island, clipped Shelter Island , proceeded over Cutchogue and Mattituck (at 2900 Ft) to make a southern turn over Laurel and proceed south of Robins island, then north over North Sea area for appruachbto KHTO. Please refrain from telling the public where and at what altitude pilots should be flying at because your information is incorrect. You do not live on the North Fork and therefore have no clue what residents are having to contend with. The Norh Fork is the “495 LI Expressway” to KHTO and Montauk, round trip. Why is it that only 80% of the East Hampton residents being exposed to air Traffic from their own airport? If you are OK with aircraft volume AND the noise the aircraft produces, please help the East Hampton airport manager shift more flights over East Hampton township. Why should Townships from Queens to the East end suffer? East Hampton is NOT the only township that has tourism on the East end. " Feb 11, 19 9:36 AM