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Tuckahoe School Superintendent Resigns

Right, after everything, you're looking out for Tuckahoe, lol. " Mar 12, 16 8:46 PM

Besides, getting rid of the principal position won't change much, they have already done that, but they still need two administrators at the top. Tuckahoe isn't nearly as top heavy as other districts. " Mar 12, 16 8:51 PM

Bird and Seashell, according to NYS reports, Tuckahoe is financially in good shape. There is no issue in the foreseeable future with a need for a merger, perhaps the failed merger attempts were a good thing for Tuckahoe, we get to keep our autonomy and control, and as the economy improves, so will Tuckahoe. But in reality, Tuckahoe still pays you a great deal of tuition money for a mediocre High School education...and has an interest in the state of your district. Hopefully in the future the choice of a prime school like Westhampton will return. Seashell, I've mentioned several times, you talk about the need for a Supt/Principal to be a merged position, which is a valid point, but there is still a need for an asst principal. Do you really think there would be a huge savings for Tuckahoe to have a supt/principal or a Supt/asst principal? That's not a rhetorical question. It's not a huge savings either way. Tuckahoe isn't top heavy, but was forced by the state to add extra employees in the business office because of checks and balances mandates. Southampton is incredibly top heavy.
" Mar 14, 16 8:50 PM

"Another district"...are you serious? More of the Tuckahoe budget goes to "another district" than you can imagine! Kevin has every right to "meddle" in Southampton SD. Do you tell your clients whom you're showing homes to in the Tuckahoe district how much you dislike the district they're buying in? Or do you tell them about the cute little school down the road? This is not a rhetorical question.
" Mar 14, 16 8:56 PM

There are several homes on your website in Shinnecock Hills....really, what do you tell those customers when they ask about the local school district? Just curious. Do you tell them the not so nice things like you and Lori said at the board meetings during the merger process?
" Mar 14, 16 9:17 PM

So the Supt/Principal is supposed to be responsible for everything from the pre-k, elementary school and junior high? Is that what you're implying? On top of all the mandated reporting, they should hold the position of supt, principal, asst principal, head of curriculum (because we don't have one), etc, etc, etc? Stop, really.
" Mar 14, 16 10:02 PM

Tuckahoe's spending is really not out of control (those are mostly Southampton SD taxpayers who claim that). The problem is twofold...one, the tax cap barely covers the increases in pensions/tuition/salaries/benefits. The other is that we will never be able to pierce the tax cap because the voters in Tuckahoe don't see the importance of supporting their own district. Some people just feel that their taxes are too high (I guess they are compared to Southampton, but they're very low in comparison to the rest of Long Island), and many also feel that they don't want to pay higher taxes to educate immigrant children, which is incredibly short sighted. " Mar 15, 16 9:47 PM

Yes, the Rozzi days were out of control, and when the board at that time stuck their necks out to change that, the entire community jumped all over them, supported high union contracts and more spending. We are on the same page there. Now, get back into your DeLorean and lets talk about today. While I supported the merger in the past, I am ultimately thankful that it didn't go through. The district is doing well on its own, and hopefully they will bring back high school choice. For the record though, I am not a former educator, and am adamantly anti union, especially when it comes to the way too powerful teachers union. Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about, but that's nothing new." Mar 19, 16 11:08 AM

I don't think we really need to merge with anyone at this time. None of this affects my own children any longer." Mar 19, 16 11:09 AM

Furthermore Obbservant TODAY not in the Rozzi days, TCSD cost per pupil is lower than Bridghampton, Wainscott, Amagansett, Sagaponack, Quogue, Remsemberg, Montauk. It is only slightly higher than Southampton (which should enjoy a far lower per student rate based upon higher volume, small districts are always more expensive to run). This includes the three million we're paying in tuition to educate 140 kids in the high school. I believe it's yourself that is ill informed, and clearly living in the past." Mar 19, 16 11:28 AM

Thanks for another long dissertation that basically says nothing relevant to today. NYS released a report on school districts' financial health. That is where my information comes from, I am not pulling these things out of thin air. You are very far removed from the district, perhaps that's why you keep harping on Rozzi, that's where your interest and involvement began, and pretty much ended. I think it's ironic that you call me argumentative, yet write entire essays to respond to my short comments." Mar 20, 16 4:38 PM

Engineers To Collect Traffic Data In Southampton Town This Week In Preparation For County Road 39 Blinking Light Program

Those people will need to use Magee street, sending the majority of side street traffic in front of Tuckahoe School in the morning. while parents are dropping off students." Apr 12, 16 11:27 PM

If Blinking Light Program Is Successful, County Road 39 Could Get A New Underpass Instead Of Light

More affordable housing = more locals that can fill local jobs = less people coming in from points west = less traffic." Apr 21, 16 8:47 PM

Yeah, I can just picture the toll booths before the Westhampton exit, lol. Tolls would only make the traffic back up even further.
" Apr 21, 16 10:11 PM

You would create two backups..one before your nonsensical toll booths, the other going through Tuckahoe into Southampton. As long as all the traffic leads into one lane over by Pier One Imports, miles past your perceived toll booths, you will have a traffic jam. As far as partisan, I'm not sure what party you're talking about, I'm a republican who prefers to look at the big picture." Apr 22, 16 11:09 PM

Southampton School District Denies Press's Appeal Of Decision Not To Release Findings Of Investigation

Scandal? Seriously? Do you think it's the first time kids were caught cheating on an exam? Do you think it will be the last? It wasn't a state test or an SAT, but a routine exam, so I'm not sure what you think the cover up would be. Do you think the school board should now make public minor children's disciplinary records? Get over yourself.

" May 8, 16 9:50 PM

UPDATE: Southampton School District Voters Approve Parrish Art Museum Funding

Tuckahoe votes on the Parrish funding on budget vote day. To get a free resident membership to the Parrish, you can just go online. I'm not sure why they do the vote differently for SHSD residents. https://327.blackbaudhosting.com/327/Resident-Benefits" Jun 6, 16 9:20 PM

Second Tuckahoe School Budget Proposal Fails To Muster Enough Voter Support

Obbservant has been saying the same thing about the school board for years....there is only one Neanderthal on the board, the other members have routinely changed. As for letting others step in, nobody does. We have been running un opposed candidates that need to be urged to run again when nobody else steps up to the plate. I understand nobody wants higher taxes, and living next to one of the lowest taxed districts on Long Island doesn't help. It's somewhat counter productive to vote down reasonable budgets with tiny increases and ultimately hurts property values. " Jun 22, 16 8:45 AM

Obbservant, I don't have blinders on. I don't think it's a top notch education, but it does fulfill the needs of a community. A student can get as much or as little as they want from a school, it's in the hands of the families. IMO, there's a definite difference in the type of education that this community demands vs other up island schools. All your insulting comments don't change the fact that the community, in general, is happy with the quality of education (and many SHHS students attend excellent colleges). Would I love to have the quality of education and selection of courses that we see in Jericho or other excellent Nassau County districts? Of course. But if I put my home and property in that district, my taxes would quadruple. We all make choices in life. I came to this community understanding that I will get to live in a beautiful place near the sea, in a decent home, with property...we aren't overrun by strip malls and shopping meccas. I don't like Nassau County and the keeping up with the Joneses, it's simpler here. The schools are a reflection of the community. " Jun 22, 16 3:31 PM

Well said Rickenbacker. The only thing that will help the school realistically it to tuition the kids to Hampton Bays, then everyone who voted no can watch their property values fall. The state will step in, and realistically that's what they'll likely require, and it will save grades Pre-k through 8. IF that happens, the Tuckahoe community will be sorry they kept voting down budgets, and the Southampton community will be sorry to see their taxes go up when they lose their Tuckahoe Cash Cow.
" Jun 22, 16 8:33 PM

" Jun 22, 16 10:48 PM

Not the same person, Obbservant doesn't live in the community any longer.
" Jun 23, 16 12:37 AM

The amusing part of all these comments is that the man who no longer even has his child in the school thinks it's a hellhole, a toxic cesspool, and writes non stop inflammatory rhetoric about what a horrible place it is, and makes fun of the locals (a bit Trump sounding IMO). The parents with kids in the school tell a completely different, far more positive story. I guess it's all perspective. " Jun 23, 16 10:35 PM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club President Says Tuckahoe Road Proposal Is A Matter Of Safety

If they were worried about children, perhaps they should have found a safer place to put their "children's course" which most local kids will never experience. Closing that road would put more cars in front of Tuckahoe School and Montessori School. Let's not put a handful of wealthy golf club kids before the kids of our community!
" Jul 6, 16 11:14 PM

Southampton Resident Responds To Trump Criticism With A Bigger Sign

It's about free speech and freedom of expression, no matter which side you're on. Mr. Oliver handled it perfectly.
" Nov 4, 16 7:14 PM

Parents React To Southampton High School Proposed Curriculum Changes

My child, a recent graduate, had all A's in math throughout high school, and was always in the top math classes. SAT scores were mediocre and college math was extremely difficult. These kids need more mastery and better preparation, not just an impressive transcript. Unfortunately, because college is so competitive, everyone is more focused on the transcript.
" Jan 24, 18 7:22 PM

In the middle mostly. The school isn't big enough to hold classes for the 5-10 kids per grade that will get 4's and 5's on the AP's. For the most part, the AP and Honors classes aren't much different as far as difficulty. The area that stood out as a deficit was Math." Jan 24, 18 11:16 PM

It will never expire. Westhampton days are over." Jan 24, 18 11:17 PM

Thanks. That's pretty much what it was, and the growth in college is awesome so far!
" Jan 26, 18 8:17 PM

The teaching is a big issue. There are some amazing teachers there, and some others who lack any way to motivate students and a handful who are really bad. The school tolerates this, and complaints fall on deaf ears.
" Jan 26, 18 8:22 PM

Let's follow the money. Who is getting paid to tutor these kids? Perhaps when teachers are not allowed to take money from parents to tutor kids at night, we'll see change.

" Jan 28, 18 11:41 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Police Put Forward Plan To Station Armed Officer In Schools

Whether we take WHB cop and give them the job or hire a new officer is one conversation. In reality, if there are 17 cops in all the village, during the school day there are a large number of residents in the high school, one or two can be spared and be posted there. To the commenter that thinks a single officers presence makes for a police state, that's ridiculous. Drive across in 5 minutes? Many could be dead by the time they arrive (these incidents start and end in minutes). For the other that thinks a cop with a holster is going to scare the shit out of kids, I can assure you they're far tougher than that, and they see it all the time in town in the summer.
" Mar 1, 18 10:08 PM

If you live in EQ, you already know that the tuition payment you pay to WHB will more than cover the cops, and will increase as the Seneca formula allows.
" Mar 2, 18 11:06 PM

How will this help prevent tragedies that already happened? Of course that's impossible. Let's prevent it from happening to our kids." Mar 2, 18 11:07 PM

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