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Tuckahoe School District Agrees To One-Year Tuition Deal With Southampton

A regional high school is something worth looking into. It would definitively outline the future of both districts (Southampton and Tuckahoe), instead of all this year to year, up in the air, contract negotiation bs that both districts deal with every year. We would all know what our tax bills were and how they may grow in the future, and solidify the value of our homes for years to come. I would prefer a merger, but second to that, I would love to see stability both Tuckahoe and Southampton, even though it may mean tax increases for both districts. Enough of this nonsense already." Feb 24, 15 9:42 PM

There's been a zero increase in departmental budgets. Still no relevance to reality. Whatever you feel about him are your feelings, but the reasons you post here are not valid. He's been the strongest proponent for a merger." Feb 25, 15 1:42 PM

Group Forms School Consolidation Committee In East Hampton To Seek State Funding For Study

Residents of East Hampton and Southampton SD's aren't interested. The rest of us in the smaller districts need a centralized high school as an alternative to ridiculously high tuition payments. $23,000 per student to send a kid to a so so school like Southampton High is crazy!" Feb 27, 15 9:19 PM

Chief, we do deal with it, and have been dealing with it. Your insinuating that we should just continue policies that worked 30 years ago (but no longer benefit the small guys), makes no sense. Most of the many small districts out here are not the same as they were 30 years ago, and changing with the times is smart. It's worth looking into, these small districts are no longer working and the larger districts don't want to lose their cash cow feeder schools and lower tax rates and refuse to merge. But the logical conclusion is that these small districts will fail. We are better off preparing for the future of education on the east end than just doing nothing." Mar 1, 15 7:50 PM

Jesse Steudte Sentenced To Prison After Fatal DWI Accident

I believe they had the same judge as well. If you google image both of them, Steudte mug shot comes up, Rydberg doesn't, which proves there's no SH Press favoritism scandal. Families were destroyed, this is a sad story that should be turned into a lesson, not a scandal of journalistic favoritism." Mar 2, 15 9:10 PM

Forum On Public Education Urges Parents To Opt Out Of Common Core Testing

Every day performance is as reported by the teacher, so that won't work. Common Core has got to go, but there needs to be a way in which good teachers get rewarded and ineffective or lazy teachers get fired. Most teachers are excellent and care deeply about the children, but some just do what's easy. No job should be guaranteed." Mar 30, 15 10:33 PM

Common core is not designed to be challenging. It's designed by the government to bring the bottom up and the top down, so all kids can meet in the middle. Mediocrity rules." Mar 30, 15 10:36 PM

The reason that a school spends more resources on struggling kids (and kids with learning disabilities) is because it is a schools legal responsibility to try to keep kids on grade level. It is not their legal responsibility to provide extra programs for kids who are above grade level. When funding is limited, it goes to the struggling students first. Only if they're lucky enough to have anything left after that, will there be anything left for gifted students. " Mar 30, 15 10:47 PM

New State School Aid Mandates To Impact Local Districts

While we desperately need accountability, tying it to test scores isn't the way to do that. Abolish tenure. No job guarantee, ever. No one person has the ability to get rid of a teacher, it would be by a majority of the top administration and the school board, and of course, only with cause." Apr 11, 15 9:37 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Chris Dyer Up For Position In Iowa

The "foot out the door" attitude is not great, but I wouldn't stay around for the constant criticism either. BTW, look at your tax bills and you would easily see that Tuckahoe taxes skyrocketed years ago and have leveled off over the past few years. The Rozzi era showed the highest incline in taxes, around the same time as the influx of immigrants. At least one of you was fighting to give the teachers a huge raise during Tuckahoe's "Black Tee Shirt" days. Remember all the letters to the press then to give the teachers what they want? Times have changed!" Apr 22, 15 10:58 PM

Before you all get your knickers in a knot, remember that the avg supt stays on the job for just 3 years. " Apr 22, 15 11:07 PM

There's only one long standing board member." Apr 23, 15 5:25 PM

The problem being xtiego, is that nobody else applies. People in Tuckahoe complain, but nobody comes to meetings and contested elections are rare. This year is no different. The quality of education in all of Southampton is and will always be, only as good as the community demands. " Apr 23, 15 8:10 PM

Board member candidates would have had to put their paperwork in already. I hope this year is contested, but I heard (through rumor only) that it's uncontested and the new candidate is pushing for a merger as well. Same old, same old. As far as teacher evals and tenure, I 100% agree with you. Many of the best schools in the country are on Long Island, in neighborhoods where parents demand excellence. That's not my opinion, look at the stats. Our parental participation in school decisions is poor, most families don't take advantage of thing like AP classes. " Apr 24, 15 2:43 PM

Yes, Steudte was on the board many, many years ago (before Grimaldi, Grisnick, Gerbereaux). I didn't like him then, but I don't mind him so much now, he speaks his mind and appears to listen and discuss. He's out of office as of July 1, he's not running again. The new board (as I believe it will be), is looking at nothing but merging, and the new board will have only one old timer." Apr 24, 15 2:48 PM

Obbservant, there are only a small handful of activist parents. Most don't don't do anything but come out on budget vote day. It would be the easiest thing in the world to overthrow this board one by one, but nobody really cares enough or wants to do the work.
" Apr 27, 15 7:16 PM

East Quogue Superintendent Resigns; Board Announces Budget Cuts

Getting a pension that you rightfully earned does not preclude him from earning more money. I'm not sure why you think he should work for nothing, and the article says he is not in the EQ retirement system on what he makes. It's not a huge salary for a retired supt." May 6, 15 9:17 PM

Chief, as much as you LOVE to go after me, you can't say that I complain about high taxes, in fact, I've said several times that even our Tuckahoe taxes are lower than most of long island. The common bond between Tuckahoe and East Quogue is the crazy high tuition we pay to local high schools. The difference is that East Quogue students receive a better quality high school education than Tuckahoe students currently receive in Southampton." May 10, 15 10:33 PM

Tuckahoe Uncertain If It Can Continue To Educate Shinnecock Students

The state pays the Southampton SD the maximum allowed by law to educate the children on the reservation. Perhaps Tuckahoe could charge less and the reservation families could have a choice of schools, after the current contract with Southampton is up. The tuition could be a solution to the financial issues that threaten the future of Tuckahoe, which is only a pre-k to 8 school, and we would still all feed into SH high school. Interesting concept." May 17, 15 12:02 AM

Flashing Lights Experiment To Ease Traffic On County Road 39 Won't Happen By Memorial Day

Blinking yellow lights will not only cause accidents for those who will have to dart across cross CR39, but will cause an even longer backup at the next red light. It's worse this year because the spring season was short, with snow through April. " May 17, 15 12:11 AM

Tuckahoe Uncertain If It Can Continue To Educate Shinnecock Students

The tax on cigarettes is paid by the purchaser, not the seller. " May 17, 15 9:45 PM

Central High School Proposal To Be Vetted On Thursday

So you think there's 10 more years of the small cash cow school districts subsidizing the taxpayers of the larger districts? I don't think it will take that long, the state will have to step in before then. I don't think there will be a lot of sympathy when your tax rates come more in line with the real world." May 19, 15 10:31 PM

More than half the school districts on the east end are paying tuition, the only answer is consolidation. It would be detrimental to the larger schools if the small districts pulled out, and clearly the high tuition rates are killing the small districts. The only feasible, long term solution is consolidation. East Hampton, Westhampton, Southampton, Hampton Bays, Sag Harbor. There is no need for more than five school districts in an area of our population. Hampton Bays kids shouldn't be going to Riverhead either. Lets get it together already." May 19, 15 10:42 PM

Southampton School District Is Exploring Options For A New Administration Building

"it will take approximately three years after a public referendum approving the construction before the space would be ready for administrators to move into" Three years AFTER a referendum? Gotta wonder what they plan on building.

" Jun 5, 15 11:02 PM

If there was a merger you wouldn't have needed the new admin building. That was the reason that money was being used. The money was always earmarked for a new admin building.
" Jun 5, 15 11:06 PM

The amount of money spent isn't related to test scores. You can throw tons more at academics and it won't change a thing. It will take new approaches to teaching as well as more parental involvement to raise the scores. By the way, have you noticed all the signs and bumper stickers popping up in/on the teachers cars parked around the school? They've been working without a contract. I assume they want more money or benefits.
" Jun 7, 15 7:25 PM

Until the community demands better nothing will change. 75% of the families here think the schools are just peachy. In this economy, nobody should demand raises, especially with no trade off. Salaries are high enough and benefits are far, far above average. If they think they're going to garner any sympathy or positive public opinion with their car signs and bumper stickers, they're mistaken." Jun 8, 15 7:08 AM

That's an interesting way to look at it. I'm not a Southampton taxpayer (Tuckahoe), but the scope of the project seems extreme. " Jun 10, 15 7:42 PM

Killorans Threaten Legal Action Against Remsenburg-Speonk School District

Hysterical Chief! We tried to close down Tuckahoe and merge, you fought it tooth and nail, possibly had a good part in it not going through with your non stop posts against it. Do Tuckahoe and Remsenburg just close and the kids don't go to school???" Jun 11, 15 7:20 PM

It's up to Remsenburg to decide his IEP (individualized education plan). If Westhampton doesn't provide the services that Remsenburg puts on the IEP, then it's up to Remsenburg to find another location for him, which they did. Their job is to place him in the environment that the special ed committee decides is the best place for Aiden to learn. The parents are more concerned that the overall environment will be right for their child and their family, that their child will be well adjusted, and happy, rightfully so. Sometimes it's not about passing the Algebra regents.
" Jun 11, 15 7:30 PM

Receiving districts (Southampton & Westhampton) get a price for regular ed and a separate price for special ed. Special ed can be as severe as a child with downs syndrome or a child who receives even the smallest amount of services (reading help). The differences in tuition charged is astounding - somewhere around $24000 for regular and $60000 for any child receiving any services. Westhampton does not accommodate the children with more serious needs because it's not economically advantageous for them, these children often need one on one aides. Westhampton's feeder districts should insist that these children are welcomed to their school as part of their contract with them. Children with more serious special needs already have the decks stacked against them and need to be with family and friends, familiar faces are important, and these children should not be pushed into unfamiliar territory. " Jun 16, 15 10:55 PM

Transgender Students Face Difficulties At Public Schools, Report Says

Is the NYCLU considering how the girls in the locker rooms and the bathrooms feel about a "boy" being able to use their facilities? Gender is a scientific term, not an arbitrary one. No matter how you feel on the inside, girls and boys don't do sports together for a reason. We can't start putting boys on girls teams, it gives the team an unfair advantage. If a child has a chosen name, perhaps the family may want to change it legally, the school needs to use a child's legal name. Regardless of all the above, a school should never tolerate bullying." Jul 1, 15 7:08 PM

Stop And Shop To Take Over Southampton And East Hampton Waldbaum's

We won't get away with living in the past with the population increasing the way it has been. Don't want to deal with population growth, you're right, there are lots of unpopulated and undeveloped areas upstate.
" Jul 23, 15 6:21 PM

I'm driving to HB just for Stop and Shop. I'm sure I'm not alone." Jul 23, 15 6:22 PM

I'm not sure how I feel about the center, but every single trip to S&S and KK ARE CR 39 outs and ins for most of us" Jul 23, 15 6:24 PM

What Tuckahoe vote?" Jul 23, 15 6:26 PM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

Many people seem to be missing an important point. Westhampton is NOT required to educate this student because he does NOT live in the Westhampton school district. It is the responsibility of the Remsenburg school district to provide an education for this child, and since they don’t have a middle school, Remsenburg must find a district willing to provide this child's education and pay for it with Remsenburg taxpayer $, same with Quogue & East Quogue students with similar issues. WH has obviously crunched the numbers and found that it isn't to their advantage economically to educate their few highly special needs children in house, so all the sending districts are forced to go along with that decision. That's sad, because it's always best to keep special needs children who are already at a disadvantage in the most comfortable environment. Perhaps somewhere down the line WH and their sending districts will merge, only then will this situation change. The sending districts (Q, EQ and Rem) have no rights whatsoever, they can't change anything because they have no representation and can't vote for WH board members. The only right they have is to pay the high tuition that WH charges and deal with it." Aug 29, 15 11:27 PM

We shouldn't leave out the fact that the "special needs" rate is fixed, whether the child receives speech services or has a more severe learning disability. It's all about $." Aug 29, 15 11:35 PM

Is one school district required by law to provide services specified by an outside district? If you moved to the WHB district, they may legally be required to follow his IEP (but I'm not positive). Have you considered renting out your home for a few years and moving to WHB?" Aug 29, 15 11:41 PM

The details are important, they don't want a show on the first day of school. I'm not sure they'll get a TRO, there is no imminent danger. It never should have come to this. The WHB school district should be merged with the sending small districts and should educate all students in house." Aug 30, 15 8:31 AM

The question is, how much is WESTHAMPTON spending annually? They don't care about what they're causing other districts to spend. There's a finite $ amount they'll get from your district. You should all be pushing for a merger so you have a say in the politics of WHB. It's basically taxation without representation, in a roundabout sort of way, and no change will ever be enacted on behalf of feeder schools.
" Sep 1, 15 11:02 PM

Family Protests Outside Westhampton Beach School Over Controversial Special Needs Decision

No, Aiden's parents will not win in court for one simple reason. They don't live in the WHB school district. You can't force a school district that you don't live in to provide anything at all for your child. If the child's IEP said that the least restrictive environment was in Smithtown, the Smithtown school district would not be required to educate him either. REMSENBURG is required to find an appropriate education for Aiden. There are contracts in place between Remsenburg and WHB. My guess is that the contracts cover this situation in the fine print. " Sep 2, 15 9:42 PM

A court will never hear the case because the Killoran's don't live in the WHB school district. Remsenburg should not sign another contract with WHB again and send ALL future students to ESM. Families shouldn't be split up in school, and even though Aiden's family will probably not win this battle, it's up to Remsenburg to protect future Remsenburg families with special needs children." Sep 2, 15 9:51 PM

This child was not turned away by his own district, he was turned away by another district. SEPTA and the parents knew years ago that WHB doesn't accommodate children with more severe special needs, and knew that the children would be split up if they chose to remain in Remsenburg. To think otherwise, based upon the experiences of other families, would just be hiding from the reality of the situation. WHB is only concerned with $ and test scores (and collecting tuition from districts like REM to finance their lovely schools). This is nothing new. It really stinks that families get split up, it shouldn't happen, and Remsenburg shouldn't sign contracts with districts that do so.
" Sep 2, 15 10:06 PM

Craig, perhaps it's time to push Remsenburg to not sign another contract with WHB unless children who are autistic or down's are accepted and accommodated. Instead of forcing WHB to think about what it saves by not educating these children, let them think about what they lose if they don't. It's not entirely unreasonable to send ALL future REM children to ESM, is it? Westhampton has gotten away with running the show for sending districts for far too long." Sep 2, 15 10:17 PM

Perhaps when WHB is faced with losing ALL Remsenburg tuition, they'll realize that educating kids like Aidan is to their benefit. " Sep 2, 15 10:20 PM

These issues will continue until the small feeder districts grow a pair...I'm in Tuckahoe, we face issues being a feeder district (not the same though, Southampton educates kids with Downs)...but yes, Southampton and Westhamton know they hold the cards because other options aren't wanted by parents of feeder districts." Sep 3, 15 8:02 AM

Southampton Town Will No Longer Fight Establishment Of Religious Boundary

Yes, this does give permission for other religions to also post invisible religious symbols. Who cares. Opposing this was a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars, and nothing but anti semitism disgusted as protecting sign law legislation. Taxpayer $ to fight invisible signs...unbelievable. we are lucky we don't have to pay their legal fees." Sep 3, 15 9:02 AM

Call it what you want HHS...far too much money and time has been spent arguing this ridiculous topic. Nobody is affected by an eruv, other than the person who doesn't want more Jews in their neighborhood. As far as "twice false", when another religious group comes forward with a similar request to place something that nobody will even see on a utility pole and loses, only then can you call my comment false. Clearly the courts don't agree with your assessment of this situation or your interpretation of how this relates to the establishment clause." Sep 3, 15 1:59 PM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

Hello Chief and April, two people who think the feeder district situation is fine because it keeps their taxes low. What I was saying is that the problem cannot even be addressed because they don't live in Westhampton. Southampton actually does a decent job with special needs kids. Chief, while I still think a merger is best, it is no longer my problem." Sep 5, 15 9:21 PM

WHB is an excellent school. Tuckahoe had an agreement and sent more and more kids there every year, until your district shut it down in order to keep your taxes ridiculously low. Oh well, not my problem anymore.
" Sep 5, 15 9:29 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Superintendent Arrested, Charged With Felony; Lawyer Says No Criminal Activity Took Place

Perhaps he and the former asst principal in Southampton can make their own reality TV show." Dec 1, 15 8:54 PM

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