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Tuckahoe Parents Want Board To Explore Merging With Westhampton Beach

You don't really think that Southampton is educating Tuckahoe kids at a loss, do you? That's ridiculous April." Dec 10, 14 6:28 PM

Agreed! April thinks that if Tuckahoe pulls out, they will actually be $12,000 ahead for each Tuckahoe student pulled. OMG. Their per student cost will rise and with a 2% cap that goes mostly to the staff, they would need to start cutting. She would be in for a rude awakening if Tuckahoe board actually had the B- - - to send the kids elsewhere, by the time her kids got to high school she would be singing a different tune. " Dec 10, 14 11:18 PM

If that were the truth (in our case anyway) we would not be seeking an alternative like Westhampton, as it would not have real tax implications (our rates are similar). It's a FACT all over NYS that small districts like Tuckahoe will all be forced to seek merger partners. Clearly Southampton wants us only as a paying customer, not a partner. THAT Chief, is the issue. Send them to Westhampton this year, let's see how that goes. We need an alternative, Southampton is not part of the solution, now there is no reason to keep paying them more than Westhampton for an inferior education. " Dec 11, 14 7:29 AM

If they weren't making a profit they wouldn't have strong armed Tuckahoe into taking away Westhampton as an option. This isn't rocket science. " Dec 11, 14 7:51 AM

Chief, Did someone really say that Southampton is so much more expensive than Westhampton Schools? The costs are similar. The WH education is superior. We got the message, but apparently our board hasn't, they are still trying to negotiate with Southampton and push for more merger votes. You and I agree on one thing, no more merger votes! Send the kids elsewhere. If we can't survive after a couple of years, the state can step in and make this decision for us, or dissolve the school completely." Dec 11, 14 9:00 AM

I agree with you, close the school and tuition them out, but to the school of their choice, NO MORE EXCLUSIVE DEALS. Our taxes will go down AND Tuckahoe parents can decide which school is best for their child. This could be a great way to lower our taxes, and increase our property value because a district that offers choice would be more sought after." Dec 11, 14 7:57 PM

Hampton Bays, Westhampton Beach Open To Taking On Tuckahoe Students

Chief, you are full of it and you know it. You'll say anything to save a bit of money. Southampton built nothing for Tuckahoe, and if we weren't a cash cow Southampton wouldn't have forced Tuckahoe to give them an exclusive in exchange for the same tuition that Westhampton was charging. Why would they want more students if it's a loss? That's just moronic." Dec 11, 14 9:10 PM

Southampton is cleaning out their infrastructure account anyway, so you will have your $9,000,000 building and all the expenses that come along with that. " Dec 11, 14 9:12 PM

Chief, are you really that dense? A school in my community was always my first choice to merge with, but clearly that's not going to happen. Tuckahoe won't survive long term, I don't even want to hear your bs that Tuckahoe overspends, because we're more fiscally responsible than your school hands down. As far as the other issues you raise with school and teachers, I don't necessarily disagree with you, but that's statewide and there's nothing you or I can do about that at the moment. Mr. Dyer's raise may not look great, but it isn't going to make or break Tuckahoe. There are many families in Tuckahoe that want Westhampton back as a choice and there is no reason they shouldn't have it. How many times do you think we're going to be rejected by Southampton and not feel like we should go elsewhere? You're wrong about the law. If we don't find a merger partner, one of two things will happen, both of which will lower my taxes. The state CAN re-district or force the merger. They don't like to, but they can. The other option is tuitioning all kids out to either or a choice of SH, HB or WH. If they re-district, you lose any and all state incentives. If we tuition, you get kids on tuition, but will have to deal with where you're going to put them all because you don't get to keep the beautiful Tuckahoe school or grounds, and there are maximums you are allowed to charge in tuition. Perhaps Tuckahoe will rent the school to you, the Tuckahoe taxpayers would still own it. Or maybe we can rent it out as a Rec Center for our end of town, put an indoor pool and make it like the East Hampton Y! As far as your tax bill, I've subsidized it for years…let's not get greedy now! LOL." Dec 13, 14 12:00 AM

He can't back up his nonsense Molly, he's all hot air. Now he's clearly getting nervous about the prospect of losing the Tuckahoe kids and tuition. The nightmarish thought that his ridiculously low taxes might go up a little probably keeps him up at night, thinking up all this nonsense." Dec 13, 14 12:03 AM

Tuckahoe District Looking To Financial Future

You don't dissolve the district. The district still exists, the students are just sent elsewhere. As far forcing our kids on other districts, the money is good and there would be competition for them. If you lose two students, you budget doesn't automatically go down by the cost per student, I'm not sure why you would even think that. If we lost 10 kids, we still haven't gotten rid of a single teacher, our heating bills don't go down, neither does our insurance, clerical, etc. This per student cost isn't really a per student cost, it's simply the cost of running the school, divided by the number of students attending, and that's why larger schools are more efficient." Dec 13, 14 12:13 AM

Tuckahoe Parents Want Board To Explore Merging With Westhampton Beach

Sounds to me like she means we are paying 3x the taxes for the same education. You should be concerned that both our districts have high per student rates but you have a much larger school and tons of debt, which will go higher if tuckahoe pulls away your tax subsidies and you expenses rise with you new 9 million dollar admin bldg and the ongoing expenses that come with it." Dec 13, 14 11:04 AM

Tuckahoe District Looking To Financial Future

Do some homework chief before you speak. My response was to the first poster. To you... The district isn't dissolved. Some administration remains to handle the paperwork, and we (tuckahoe taxpayers) still own its assets. It is up to the Tuckahoe taxpayers to decide what we would do with the building. Where would Southampton put our students of they accepted them on tuition? You get the tuition, but you don't get the building. Maybe then your constant posts of SH creating infrastructure for Tuckahoe students will come true. And yes, my taxes go down." Dec 13, 14 11:16 AM

Tuckahoe School Files Suit Against Town For Denying FOIL Request For Golf Course Revenues

May 31, 2006 (Bloomberg) -- The newest golf course in the Hamptons may already be No. 1 in at least one category: price.

Sebonack Golf Club, which opened for limited play last weekend in Southampton, New York, costs what might be a world-highest $650,000 for a membership that ensures accommodations at one of 15 four-bedroom ``cottages'' being built around the course. It's $500,000 just for golf.

This is just one of the golf courses in Tuckahoe. I am at a loss as to why they get tax breaks at all. There is no public benefit. I can't wait to see how they prove their income to the town, and what the press says above about how membership fees are factored in is confusing.

" Dec 17, 14 10:42 PM

90K spent on rental house improvements? What are you talking about?" Dec 17, 14 10:44 PM

Chief only wants HIS district to get the benefit of high property values. "Dr. Dyer" as Chief now calls him, is not living in subsidized housing. Stop lying already. We investigate the hotels regularly. Whatever someone does with their property is their business, but the golf courses make a FORTUNE and should be paying taxes just like you and I. Note that Tuckahoe is not trying to get their taxes increased (at this time)/but only trying to verify the accuracy of what they are paying, the fact that the town won't allow us to do so should be of more concern than your hatred of Tuckahoe. How our assessment is arrived at is public record. Theirs should be as well." Dec 18, 14 8:22 AM

You never "hear" of cost cuts because you don't listen. There have been so many. Everyone pays taxes out here the same way. Fed and state taxes based upon income and property taxes based upon property value. The hotels are a separate issue. One has nothing to do with the other and yes, they both need to be addressed by the town. I'm confused as to why you have an issue with golf courses having to prove their income if they want their tax bill to be based upon it? Can you answer that?" Dec 18, 14 11:01 AM

No, it is not true. Tuckahoe purchased the house and property because it adjoins the current Tuckahoe property (not unusual and not the first time). There was talk at one point of renovating the home on the property and possibly the superintendent living there as part of a contract incentive, but that never actually happened. The house is still not renovated. " Dec 18, 14 10:12 PM

Regarding that article, rl is right, the increase in the Tuckahoe School budget was under the tax cap! That was sooo misleading! EVEN if her numbers were accurate (which they are not), 13% of Southampton taxes is less than 9.5% of Tuckahoe's.
" Dec 19, 14 9:18 AM

Chief, I've named the tax cuts plenty of times, you refuse to hear it. You really think golf courses are not profitable? You can't fix stupid." Dec 19, 14 9:22 AM

We've got some candidates for a Darwin award, starting with Chief who thinks these wealthy golf courses don't make money. LOLOL." Dec 19, 14 9:23 AM

You are delusional. Check again, perhaps it's reading and not hearing that's your issue. As I've always said, Southampton and Westhampton have similar tuition rates, EXCEPT where it comes to special ed, Southampton charged us $40,000 MORE per student if that student receives any type of services at all. Not merging was not my choice, now that many of you decided that "community" was not important enough, we NEED a new direction. I am not complaining about my taxes, you haven't heard that from me once. You can make up your own lies, but don't make up ones for me as well." Dec 19, 14 1:28 PM

So basically you're saying that Michael Pascucci bought the land and built a world class golf club simply because he wanted a not for profit club? Really?
That's great that they do so many wonderful things, none of which affect me or my family, but so do lots and lots of local businesses. They don't get tax breaks. It's a scam.
Saying that more kids wouldn't be good for the school isn't necessarily true either. If all the golf courses were developed into say 1 acre zoning, like much of Southampton/Water Mill, we would have more students, but much more of a tax base as well.
Let us not get started on why many people in Tuckahoe can't drink their water either." Dec 19, 14 1:36 PM

To 11953, you're comparing world class golf courses in Tuckahoe that host national televised events, charge $500,000 membership fees and have waiting lists to Shirley Links? Really? To Nature, everyone who has a $5 mil home DOES pay more in school taxes, whether or not they can afford it, so I'm not sure what your last sentence means.
My taxes went up this year, my income went down. I live check to check, as do many families out here. We get no tax breaks from the town, my property is still worth what it is worth and I am taxed based upon that." Dec 19, 14 7:12 PM

Everyone should also keep in mind that this isn't just a school district issue, they pay police, fire, ambulance, library, etc at a lower property tax rate than all of us in Southampton Town." Dec 19, 14 8:36 PM

Chief, the article doesn't say they are trying to change the law. They are trying to determine that the law is being followed correctly, but the town isn't providing the documents. Read the article." Dec 20, 14 8:47 AM

Tuckahoe has cut staff by a whopping 20%. They've cut clubs to almost none. They've cut their outdoor ed program and field trips. There are few classes with teaching assistants in them, even in the younger grades, unless there is a special ed need. They cut tuition with an exclusivity deal. Now you are complaining that they're trying to make sure that almost 15% of the land in the district is taxed correctly, according to law? " Dec 20, 14 9:09 AM

If my property got taxed at $700+ per acre I would be more than happy to provide my tax returns. They fought to get charged based upon those returns, they asked for special treatment, then they need to provide the proof. If they were not making a profit this would be a non issue, right? And since we all know that our town government never makes mistakes (as they did on my assessment), let's never ask questions, because they are always right. You don't pay for my children to go to school, you don't even live in my district. I suppose the fact that you didn't get vouchers for your child's private school education is Tuckahoes fault as well. Law requires a superintendent. When Tuckahoe had only one person in the business office, the state came in and told us we are required by law to have two for checks and balances. Our principal has only 3 months experience at doing that job, she was just promoted from 6th grade teacher, but you're saying we should let her run the whole thing? When your kids attended private school, did you buy your own books? Did the kids all go by car or did they have busses? Wasn't the school nurse subsidized by the taxpayers? You think it's OK that wealthy SH homeowners pay YOUR tax bill (incl police, fire, ambulance and library) when they don't use those services for most of the year? Do you have any other uninformed comments to make?" Dec 20, 14 11:24 AM

Holly, you are so right about the Complainer in Chief's paranoid mantras, it gave me a chuckle too. Let's see what other ill informed nonsense he will post next. " Dec 20, 14 10:30 PM

A couple of points and questions:
If what you say is correct, that they make no profit, proving this should be a non issue. But if, as you say, Sebonac is just a "club" for the richest of the rich in New York, do you think it's fair that I, as a struggling taxpayer, should be required to pay more so they can pay less for their waterfront golf course? I do understand that the law says I have to, this is a theoretical question only. My feeling is that if they want their waterfront "club" with their 3000+ sq foot "cottages", they should pay for it themselves, and not ask the residents of Southampton and Tuckahoe to foot their tax bill. There is no substantial public benefit, and I don't agree with you that it's better to have a golf course than homes. Sebonac has no transfer of development rights like some farmers do, so at any given time they can sell their "club" or build homes, correct? If someone bought some of the beautiful multi acre estates in Southampton Village and called it a club, and charged fees for their members to vacation there, should they be entitled to the same tax breaks if they left a large part of the estate undeveloped, or put grass golf courses or baseball fields in the open space and made no profit? Would you be ok with your taxes going up because they got a tax break? Would you close your eyes to that as well and say they don't have to prove their income?

" Dec 21, 14 10:20 PM

Homes would benefit the Tuckahoe community more than golf courses. If we took Sebonacs 250 acres alone and put some waterfront mansions, plus many one or two acre zoned homes, the taxes alone would save the district. Our school would have a few more kids, but we would probably benefit from that as well. Remember that the golf courses take up much of Tuckahoe's beautiful water-front property that would otherwise be very highly taxed. We wouldn't be in the position we are in. Instead we have this ridiculous law that says WE have to subsidize a private club whose sole purpose is the entertainment of MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES. This club is not legally required to report any income or profit to the assessor. Look at these numbers (taken from a previous Press article).
Although the golf courses make up more than 12 percent of the district’s overall land mass, for the 2010 fiscal year the four clubs paid a combined $747,813 in school taxes, or 4.9 percent of the district’s 2010-11 total tax levy of $15.2 million. According to town records, the Sebonack course is 249.7 acres, has a land value of $34 million and paid $214,725 in school taxes; National Golf Links is 251.2 acres, has a land value of $35 million and paid $221,496 in taxes; Southampton is 167.68 acres, has a land value of $11 million and a school tax bill of $69,838; and Shinnecock Hills is 282.85 acres with a land value of $39 million and pays $241,752 in school taxes.

I don't understand why anyone would defend this practice, even if you don't live in the district.
" Dec 21, 14 11:05 PM

Appropriate song...everyone thinks these golf courses are a gift, but 4 in one small neighborhood will make us toxic! Sebonac is supposed to be less so, but even too much of the organic type isn't necessarily a good thing." Dec 22, 14 12:00 AM

Chief would prefer that kids learned about homosexuality from their friends and the internet. But back to the golf course question, I would love to hear his answers to the club status questions I asked above." Dec 22, 14 7:44 AM

Chief, you didn't answer my questions, no surprise. Maybe you should have moved to Tuckahoe because my kids didn't learn about homosexuality there either. April, one oceanfront mansion pays close to the same taxes as one of those golf courses. Perhaps they should have a lower assessment since their kids don't use the schools. Both of you just love to hate Tuckahoe. How would you feel if you were subsidizing the beach clubs in Southampton? There is no reason either of you should speak out against what the school is currently doing, and no way you can justify how this is fair. How can you justify their not being required to report? You can't. End of story. " Dec 22, 14 11:15 AM

OMG Holly, that's hysterical. I just clicked on Chief's comments and you're right, two per day! I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that he won't pay for a subscription.
Chief, I had the distinct feeling that you absolutely hated Tuckahoe, and your reasons for doing so were based on lies and mis-information. Now, after looking at some of your comments (to see if Holly was right), I realize it's not just Tuckahoe...you hate just about everything. I'm sorry you have to live like that, try to have a Merry Christmas." Dec 22, 14 9:34 PM

"When will we learn nothing is for free" Love it.
It was really common sense to him back then, I guess the $300 put him over the edge." Dec 22, 14 9:40 PM

Chief, you can't spread lies and mis information and not expect to be called out on it. Exposing your lies is not bullying. Telling lies that ultimately hurt my children is." Dec 23, 14 11:36 PM

Zeldin Joins Republican Majority In Voting For Keystone Pipeline

Do you think Repubs wouldn't want it if Obama did? Not sure that holds water." Jan 9, 15 8:47 PM

Southampton School District Proposes Five-Year Tuition Deal To Tuckahoe

That's pretty funny April! You taxes will go up more without the Tuckahoe students than with them.
In the long run though, you and I totally agree on this one. NO LONG TERM DEAL. Send all the Tuckahoe kids elsewhere, enough strong arming by the Southampton School District, OR at a minimum, give the Tuckahoe students back the options they used to enjoy before being held hostage by these one sided deals." Jan 12, 15 7:09 PM

April, you know there has to be a financial incentive for Southampton to want the Tuckahoe kids, or they wouldn't insist on these exclusive deals. My guess is they really felt the loss when more Tuckahoe parents started sending kids to Westhampton. You have to remember that the board is made up of non professional educators working as volunteers and hypothetical numbers aren't easy.
" Jan 12, 15 11:07 PM

I don't understand why they are insisting on a long term deal in order to give us a more affordable tuition. That is really the issue right now. The board cannot legally sign a 5 year deal, it must go to a vote first. If they needed to know immediately they would offer us the discount year to year." Jan 13, 15 9:57 PM

Clearly rl's questions where rhetorical. Some people, like the poster you're questioning, appear at board meetings and ask questions. Just because you "come up with the ideas" doesn't mean they're good ones. I am a huge defender of school boards, and sometimes feel that it's a thankless job. But Tuckahoe's is very split right now with only one who is willing to have an open mind and not blindly follow what the Southampton board tells us we must do. My rhetorical question is this...if we are being told for the past two years that the same old, same old isn't working, why would we vote for 5 more years of it?
" Jan 14, 15 10:16 PM

Rumrunner, a 5 year contract needs to go to a vote by law. The question can't be answered right now. " Jan 15, 15 11:44 PM

Chief, the ONLY way a merger will happen is for Tuckahoe to pull away. You don't compare 30% of one persons salary to 8% of millions of dollars in tuition. The 5 year deal includes yearly increases that Tuckahoe has absolutely no control of. Your tuition rate is already unsustainable.
" Jan 15, 15 11:59 PM

Chief, we can't afford to pay tuition to any school on a long term basis. You always hear what you want and ignore all else. " Jan 17, 15 7:00 PM

As if you care about education. You care about your tax bill, nothing else. Each student will average way more if Tuckahoe is forced to send high school kids elsewhere in order to save their pre-k to 8th grade." Jan 20, 15 10:25 PM

Tuckahoe-Southampton Tuition Decision Postponed

What are you talking about Chief? Nobody is even discussing merger any more. You're right though, Southampton does have difficulty paying bills, deficit spending is a serious issue in Southampton and after all we've spent on tuition that shouldn't be Tuckahoe's problem. If they want a long term contract, the numbers need to be fixed, as we can't be at the mercy of other districts budgets that we have no say in. " Jan 27, 15 8:26 PM

Thanks for the laugh April." Jan 27, 15 8:28 PM

When state aid was at record highs, Tuckahoe was charged the maximum tuition by Southampton anyway. The current runs will only show increases, not decreases. Do you think that would that mean Southampton would charge us less if they got more aid? Of course not. It is irrelevant to these talks. " Jan 27, 15 11:34 PM

When state aid was at record highs, Tuckahoe was charged the maximum tuition by Southampton anyway. The current runs will only show increases, not decreases. Do you think that would that mean Southampton would charge us less if they got more aid? Of course not. It is irrelevant to these talks. " Jan 27, 15 11:34 PM

Chief, I don't know if you know this, but April is pretty clear publicly and on these boards that she would be happy if Tuckahoe would just go away completely. She thinks we're all trash. She doesn't want us, or our money. The good thing is that nobody in Southampton takes her seriously either, when she speaks, eyes roll!
" Jan 30, 15 11:14 PM

Tuckahoe Shopping Center Returns, With Supporters

I have mixed feelings regarding this. I remember the same arguments when they converted Key Food in Hampton Bays and the old Stop and Shop. Neither turned out to be the traffic disaster everyone predicted. But right now Tuckahoe is faced with increased population from new housing. If the population is going to grow, then the neighborhood may need to grow with it. Waldbaums is not the answer. Many of us in Tuckahoe use the same back roads near the proposed King Kullen to get to Waldbaums, so I'm not sure traffic will get much worse on those roads. The village is a nightmare in the summer now, especially after they built the large, upscale supermarket (Citarella), where many of us can't afford to shop. It's worth consideration. There is a need for another market. If not there, where? Don't tell us to put one anywhere near the Diner and Pier One, that's a traffic nightmare!
" Feb 5, 15 8:42 PM

Less people in Hampton Bays than where? Water Mill and North would still likely go to Bridgehampton KK, Village still has Waldbaums, new store would mostly serve Tuckahoe/Shinn Hills/North Sea. Hampton Bays has two supermarkets easily serving it's community." Feb 5, 15 10:00 PM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

How about let's let kids be kids, and teach them in a manner that develops pride in our country. When they are older, they do learn about more of the macabre aspects of our history. It seems these children are being led toward a certain teachers opinion. " Feb 7, 15 8:01 PM

Tuckahoe Shopping Center Returns, With Supporters

There is a community benefit. Tuckahoe has nothing nice. We have a school that everyone loves to hate and a bunch of strip malls and car dealerships. Tuckahoe Center, if it's anything like the center in Hampton Bays, will be an asset. It will make our roads safer and less traveled, because we don't have to trek to Waldbaums (most of us in Tuckahoe use the back roads to get there), or 10 miles of high accident rate highway driving to get to Hampton Bays. We have one bank in Tuckahoe (a new one that few of us have accounts at) and no pharmacy or drug store whatsoever. Tuckahoe, a growing community, needs a central place to shop. Hampton Bays, Southampton, Water Mill, Bridgehampton, all have their shopping centers. Why is it that every time someone proposes something that benefits Tuckahoe, everyone flips out?" Feb 11, 15 8:53 PM

Roads safer and less traveled: Anyone who lives in the area no longer has to drive to Hampton Bays or Southampton. Traffic will be slower in the area of the new shopping center, no doubt, which will also decrease the risk of fatalities, as will the fact that many of us in Tuckahoe will not be traveling that road to get to Hampton Bays to shop. People from Hampton Bays will shop in Hampton Bays, People from Water Mill and east will still go to Bridgehampton, yes, Waldbaums may lose some business, but they've done little to make their store a nice place to shop, and I am tired of caring only about the village. They approved Citarella, which harmed many of their own small businesspeople, and clogged up the village traffic so badly it's impossible to navigate in the summer. Waldbaums does not bring foot traffic to the village. Many of us do not take Old Montauk Highway to shop, we take 27 or the back roads. Yes, I would rather Tuckahoe not be a growing community, I'm not a fan either, but that is not my choosing. Tuckahoe is developing, whether or not we both are happy about it. You can't add tons of apartments, overcrowd the school, and just keep dumping more car dealerships there. Put a shopping center, before it becomes yet another housing development, or four more car dealers. " Feb 12, 15 9:24 PM

It's more than convenience, that space will be developed, what would you prefer? Is there community benefit from a Porsche dealer? I don't think we have a Tesla dealer yet, or perhaps a Harley Davidson showroom, or maybe a new furniture store? Or we can make a few more condo developments and see what that does to our school district. We don't always get to pick and choose. The traffic will be slower, my trip to the pharmacy will be a lot shorter, so will many others. Anyone in north Tuckahoe is driving past the school every time they set out to Waldbaums." Feb 12, 15 9:31 PM

David, you can complain all you want, but we all still have to deal with the fact that those lots WILL be developed. You havent answered the question of what you think should go there. They are nice woods, but they are someone else's woods. And yes, I do acknowledge that people die on those roads...I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't. But your claim that the roads would be less safe is questionable. More cars does not equal more fatalities. More cars means people will drive slower. Clearly we would all like less development, but that's not gonna happen, so let us know what your plan would be, keeping in mind that it's not going to remain woods. What community benefit with profit for its owner as well, do you envision?" Feb 13, 15 11:11 AM

Witch Hazel, debating with you always gets old really fast, since you talk down to all who disagree with you. You strongly believe that you are all knowing, so I will end it here with you. David, I understand your point, I think you have valid concerns, I just don't think they're realistic at this moment. Although we don't agree on whether or not a supermarket would a benefit to the community, clearly I never indicated that I thought a strip club or casino would be a good idea, so that wasn't really fair. My feeling about King Kullen is that it would provide convenience for the residents and jobs, it would look better than more strip malls. There are negatives with it too, I understand that. But after all the scare tactics in other neighborhoods, it hasn't been the doom and gloom that everyone predicted they would be. I really believe that the Devil you know is better than the Devil you don't. I'm pretty confident that the Devil we don't know isn't going to be a park or art gallery, and more housing would destroy the district completely." Feb 13, 15 6:26 PM

Tuckahoe School District Agrees To One-Year Tuition Deal With Southampton

Local, if Chris Dyer was looking out for himself, he wouldn't be pushing a merger. If a merger were approved, he would be out of his job as one of the lowest paying superintendents on Long Island. None of what you said has any relevance to reality." Feb 24, 15 9:34 PM

A regional high school is something worth looking into. It would definitively outline the future of both districts (Southampton and Tuckahoe), instead of all this year to year, up in the air, contract negotiation bs that both districts deal with every year. We would all know what our tax bills were and how they may grow in the future, and solidify the value of our homes for years to come. I would prefer a merger, but second to that, I would love to see stability both Tuckahoe and Southampton, even though it may mean tax increases for both districts. Enough of this nonsense already." Feb 24, 15 9:42 PM

There's been a zero increase in departmental budgets. Still no relevance to reality. Whatever you feel about him are your feelings, but the reasons you post here are not valid. He's been the strongest proponent for a merger." Feb 25, 15 1:42 PM

Group Forms School Consolidation Committee In East Hampton To Seek State Funding For Study

Residents of East Hampton and Southampton SD's aren't interested. The rest of us in the smaller districts need a centralized high school as an alternative to ridiculously high tuition payments. $23,000 per student to send a kid to a so so school like Southampton High is crazy!" Feb 27, 15 9:19 PM

Chief, we do deal with it, and have been dealing with it. Your insinuating that we should just continue policies that worked 30 years ago (but no longer benefit the small guys), makes no sense. Most of the many small districts out here are not the same as they were 30 years ago, and changing with the times is smart. It's worth looking into, these small districts are no longer working and the larger districts don't want to lose their cash cow feeder schools and lower tax rates and refuse to merge. But the logical conclusion is that these small districts will fail. We are better off preparing for the future of education on the east end than just doing nothing." Mar 1, 15 7:50 PM

Jesse Steudte Sentenced To Prison After Fatal DWI Accident

I believe they had the same judge as well. If you google image both of them, Steudte mug shot comes up, Rydberg doesn't, which proves there's no SH Press favoritism scandal. Families were destroyed, this is a sad story that should be turned into a lesson, not a scandal of journalistic favoritism." Mar 2, 15 9:10 PM

Forum On Public Education Urges Parents To Opt Out Of Common Core Testing

Every day performance is as reported by the teacher, so that won't work. Common Core has got to go, but there needs to be a way in which good teachers get rewarded and ineffective or lazy teachers get fired. Most teachers are excellent and care deeply about the children, but some just do what's easy. No job should be guaranteed." Mar 30, 15 10:33 PM

Common core is not designed to be challenging. It's designed by the government to bring the bottom up and the top down, so all kids can meet in the middle. Mediocrity rules." Mar 30, 15 10:36 PM

The reason that a school spends more resources on struggling kids (and kids with learning disabilities) is because it is a schools legal responsibility to try to keep kids on grade level. It is not their legal responsibility to provide extra programs for kids who are above grade level. When funding is limited, it goes to the struggling students first. Only if they're lucky enough to have anything left after that, will there be anything left for gifted students. " Mar 30, 15 10:47 PM

New State School Aid Mandates To Impact Local Districts

While we desperately need accountability, tying it to test scores isn't the way to do that. Abolish tenure. No job guarantee, ever. No one person has the ability to get rid of a teacher, it would be by a majority of the top administration and the school board, and of course, only with cause." Apr 11, 15 9:37 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Chris Dyer Up For Position In Iowa

The "foot out the door" attitude is not great, but I wouldn't stay around for the constant criticism either. BTW, look at your tax bills and you would easily see that Tuckahoe taxes skyrocketed years ago and have leveled off over the past few years. The Rozzi era showed the highest incline in taxes, around the same time as the influx of immigrants. At least one of you was fighting to give the teachers a huge raise during Tuckahoe's "Black Tee Shirt" days. Remember all the letters to the press then to give the teachers what they want? Times have changed!" Apr 22, 15 10:58 PM

Before you all get your knickers in a knot, remember that the avg supt stays on the job for just 3 years. " Apr 22, 15 11:07 PM

There's only one long standing board member." Apr 23, 15 5:25 PM

The problem being xtiego, is that nobody else applies. People in Tuckahoe complain, but nobody comes to meetings and contested elections are rare. This year is no different. The quality of education in all of Southampton is and will always be, only as good as the community demands. " Apr 23, 15 8:10 PM

Board member candidates would have had to put their paperwork in already. I hope this year is contested, but I heard (through rumor only) that it's uncontested and the new candidate is pushing for a merger as well. Same old, same old. As far as teacher evals and tenure, I 100% agree with you. Many of the best schools in the country are on Long Island, in neighborhoods where parents demand excellence. That's not my opinion, look at the stats. Our parental participation in school decisions is poor, most families don't take advantage of thing like AP classes. " Apr 24, 15 2:43 PM

Yes, Steudte was on the board many, many years ago (before Grimaldi, Grisnick, Gerbereaux). I didn't like him then, but I don't mind him so much now, he speaks his mind and appears to listen and discuss. He's out of office as of July 1, he's not running again. The new board (as I believe it will be), is looking at nothing but merging, and the new board will have only one old timer." Apr 24, 15 2:48 PM

Obbservant, there are only a small handful of activist parents. Most don't don't do anything but come out on budget vote day. It would be the easiest thing in the world to overthrow this board one by one, but nobody really cares enough or wants to do the work.
" Apr 27, 15 7:16 PM

East Quogue Superintendent Resigns; Board Announces Budget Cuts

Getting a pension that you rightfully earned does not preclude him from earning more money. I'm not sure why you think he should work for nothing, and the article says he is not in the EQ retirement system on what he makes. It's not a huge salary for a retired supt." May 6, 15 9:17 PM

Chief, as much as you LOVE to go after me, you can't say that I complain about high taxes, in fact, I've said several times that even our Tuckahoe taxes are lower than most of long island. The common bond between Tuckahoe and East Quogue is the crazy high tuition we pay to local high schools. The difference is that East Quogue students receive a better quality high school education than Tuckahoe students currently receive in Southampton." May 10, 15 10:33 PM

Tuckahoe Uncertain If It Can Continue To Educate Shinnecock Students

The state pays the Southampton SD the maximum allowed by law to educate the children on the reservation. Perhaps Tuckahoe could charge less and the reservation families could have a choice of schools, after the current contract with Southampton is up. The tuition could be a solution to the financial issues that threaten the future of Tuckahoe, which is only a pre-k to 8 school, and we would still all feed into SH high school. Interesting concept." May 17, 15 12:02 AM

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