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Westhampton motel is history following demolition

I see that Cheryl Kraft is once again doing her duty to protect the historic character of the neighborhood. (yes, that's sarcastic)" Jan 14, 10 7:38 PM

Restored Quogue landmark makes its return

That's awesome! That horse is such a part of the area. I am super happy to be able to once again be able to see that landmark in our neighborhood!" Jan 14, 10 7:45 PM

Westhampton motel is history following demolition

My comments are not a reflection of "feelings." What are her educational credentials and how much does she get paid to be the Chief Safety Inspector of our huge township? I didn't know about her losing her code enforcement thing, thank God." Jan 19, 10 8:01 AM

MTA to hold public hearing in Riverhead over service cuts

I have to agree with Mr. Blumenthal regarding the apparently lopsided approach to public transit needs. Those of us that don't want to pay any taxes in exchange for no services could move to Wyoming, I suppose? The rest of us that live in the real world, and rely upon an infrastructure, are happy to pay for what we get. It's also important to remember that it's not all about our own individual needs in America. When it comes time for social security, and the nursing home our families can't afford, we will all have our hand out looking for help from the government. " Jan 31, 10 8:09 PM

Motz sentenced to 8 years in federal prison

If Mr. Motz were a minority from Quogue, and robbed the local 7-Eleven for $50, instead of robbing 240 people of $2.4million, he would not have had the luxury of two months at home to "get his affairs in order,right?" The justice system in country is nuts." May 1, 10 11:40 AM

Suffolk County approves $1.6 million for Flanders roundabout

1.6 million dollars is way too much, and six months is way too long, to complete a roundabout; even though it is a good idea." May 4, 10 10:40 AM

Toxic algae bloom might be worse this year

George's Mom: "Now we have to drink coffee with no cake, and eat clams with hot sauce already on them, we'll look so stupid!"" Aug 6, 10 7:31 PM

Ah Hoy Matey!

'The municipal sewage treatment plant in Sag Harbor "be" putting nitrates in Sag Harbor Cove,' said Captain Kid." Aug 7, 10 9:34 AM

No smooth sailing for Mecox Bay sailing group

"6,000 sq.feet" is only a patch that is 100 x 60, which is a tiny strip of land. Why didn't the article call it "about half the size of a buildable lot," or "about an 1/8 of an acre?" or about 650 square yards?" Sep 17, 10 10:23 AM

Occupants evicted from former Guldi home in Westhampton

"ad hominem," i like that" Sep 17, 10 10:29 AM

My thoughts exactly." Sep 17, 10 10:30 AM

Arts Harvest Southampton faces backlash from local merchants

Whenever these things are forced, as opposed to happening organically (no pun intended) they always flop. I's not part of the local culture to have these things happen; it's an idea imported from the city that rarely works as planned." Sep 23, 10 4:30 PM

Westhampton Beach superintendent will retire at end of school year

The sarcasm comes from the fact that school administrators have it made. At the amount of money Lynn was getting paid he should have been happy to put in 10 hour work days." Oct 14, 10 2:36 PM

State Probes Quogue Village Over Oceanfront Development

Busted... I love it!!! The Village did nothing wrong!? Well built homes don't wash away!? What are you smoking EastEnd68? Take a look at photos of the beach front after any strong storm over the past 50 years and you will see that you are completely wrong. I do agree with EastEnd68 about one thing though, all of those houses should be raised; and the land returned to public use as it should have always been. Also, the more taxes you collect the more the government will spend; that's been proven a thousand times over." Dec 12, 10 10:03 AM

I used "raised" as a pun to EastEnd68's comment; meaning "razed." By returned to public use I mean just that. I know that my comment did not reflect a realistic possibility, but I do think that all of the development on Dune Road has been detrimental, especially from WHB to Moriches inlet. There is not one home in Quogue that has washed away since 1960 because of the jetties in Westhampton; another huge mistake." Dec 17, 10 8:18 AM

Westhampton Native Aurora Perez Dies At 86

Wish I knew her." Dec 22, 10 8:54 PM

Group Pushing For Religious Boundary Files Suit Against Southampton Town, Westhampton Beach And Quogue

If I would like to have a small metal crucifix attached to all of the telephone poles in a three block radius of all of the Christian churches on the East End to remind Christians that they are near sacred ground; would that be ok with you, even if some of those utility poles were in front of synagogs; or would you trample on my rights to do so by objecting?" Jan 18, 11 2:01 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

I think that 27East should get rid of the comments feature on their website. It just encourages all of the crazies to vent and make fools out of themselves. Wow, there's a lot of hatred in the Hamptons. You should all take a walk on the beautiful beaches up there.

From Miami" Feb 10, 11 8:04 PM

Twelve Positions Could Be Cut In Westhampton Beach School District

I agree with bigfresh. They are going to eliminate a bunch of $30 per annum jobs to keep their $225k jobs. It's nothing new. It cracks me up that Schwartz got all choked up over letting all of those border-line-poverty jobs go, cutting programs, but didn't mention an across the board cut for the administration." Mar 23, 11 5:03 PM

Yeah, what the heck does he do for $225k per annum? He should teach 50 classes per week for that kind of money." Mar 23, 11 5:05 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

It's hunting season. If I recall correctly, when I was in high school, before the area became a suburb of Nassau County; a lot of students had hunting licenses on the back of their jackets and gun racks with guns in their cars at school. But that was a different time and culture, only 30 years ago.
" Oct 27, 11 12:01 PM

Bob Stevens Faces Felony Charges Of Stealing From Appliance Store Employees In Westhampton

I don't know this person, but that's only $12.82 per week. Hardly seems like a crime worth committing for someone in his position, sounds more like bad bookkeeping. You can't exactly fly off to another country to hide your stolen fortune with that kind of money." Apr 13, 12 12:00 PM