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Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Project In Tuckahoe To Break Ground This Summer

We need this. But where else would an affordable housing tract be built?
" Apr 17, 17 12:30 PM

Mexican Consulate Helps Locals In East Hampton

Ah more catering to their needs. Let's fill up the schools even more and make it harder to get a job in HB. " Apr 30, 17 4:53 PM

Southampton Town Expects Bump In Grievances Following Jump In Assessments

Sure! Let's keep pandering! Fill up the schools and push working people aside because we need more taco stands!" May 19, 17 12:26 PM

Sag Harbor Cinema Purchase Effort Receives Support From Billy Joel, Martin Scorsese and Harvey Weinstein

Nice to know that all the citiots will be able to watch their favorite artsy films! Maybe we can get a Kardashian in there for added bonus!

" May 19, 17 12:38 PM

Sam Price Remembered For Commitment To Helping Others

Very sad to hear! Deepest condolences to the Price family. May God bless you.

" May 26, 17 10:46 AM

DACA Recipients Fear For Their Futures

Because if we do not cater to them, we are racists." Sep 14, 17 11:26 AM

Once again we have to step aside and let the illegals have yet more free stuff.. Hundreds of thousands of people have paid and or paying off student debt. Why do they get a free education? And why cant we rally back and stop this nonsense? It fosters a gross sense of entitlement.
" Sep 14, 17 11:30 AM

Princess Diner Workers Were Sexually Harassed, Threatened With Deportation, Advocacy Group Says

This is what you get when you hire illegals. Americans aren't too lazy to work, they just don't want to be treated like animals. Times have changed-teens don't work fast food jobs, and illegals get preferential treatment thanks to scummy business owners who put profit over everything. " Sep 27, 17 7:29 AM

Hampton Bays Moe's Closes Its Doors

People who see things for what they really are. But they'll open another taco stand or bodega until someday we wake up and take the bull by the horns. Times and people have changed. " Sep 30, 17 8:23 AM

Princess Diner Owner And Manager Indicted And Charged With Withholding Wages From Employees

Stop hiring illegals. Period. They become victims of situations like this, and benefit from quasi-advocacy groups who have proliferated all over HB. The tail wagging the dog...smh " Sep 30, 17 8:42 AM

Princess Diner Workers Were Sexually Harassed, Threatened With Deportation, Advocacy Group Says

Kevin aaa are these cooks legal? Or are you bringing in more undocumented ppl? " Oct 4, 17 7:02 AM

Eastport Bus Driver Saves Student On Her Route

Great job! " Dec 8, 17 7:17 AM

Martha Clara Vineyards In Riverhead Sold For $15M

Yay! More Mexican owned businesses here!!" Apr 26, 18 3:26 AM

Gurney's Buys Montauk Yacht Club

Nice! I hope they pay people more than the $10 I got there in’11. Awesome views, nice place. Best of luck!����" May 8, 18 12:59 PM

Tate's Bake Shop To Be Sold For Nearly $500 Million

Oreo did not buy Tate’s. Oreos are made in Mexico by Nabisco. " May 9, 18 3:09 AM

Correction. Mondelēz did buy Tate’s. Hope they don’t move production elsewhere " May 9, 18 3:11 AM

East Hampton Sommelier Released From ICE Custody After Posting Bond

And so many supporters. If it were you or I, we’d be in deep doo doo. Another fine example of illegal criminals being protected and coddled while their employers laugh all the way to the bank " May 14, 18 3:28 AM

Shinnecock Tribe Member And World War II Veteran Lubin Hunter, 101 Years Old, Meets Tiger Woods At U.S. Open On Tuesday

Wonderful story! Nice to read some good stuff. And yes, it probably is clean livin’ and Vitamin C, Mr. Z.!" Jun 14, 18 7:33 AM

Sag Pizza Restaurant Closes In On An Opening Date, Plans To Add Outdoor Dining

I miss Conca, too. Great pizza!" Jul 8, 18 1:13 AM

Community Members Protest Immigration Policy At East Quogue Village Green Saturday

Aww. The social justice warriors demand we give illegals access to all sorts of freebies. How about we take care of our own for a change? " Jul 8, 18 1:24 AM

Blue Duck Bakery Cafe In Southampton, The Original Location, To Close Doors On Saturday

Citarella is overpriced trash. No locals working there and the employees are arrogant and rude. " Sep 21, 18 7:51 AM

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