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UPDATE: Publick House Will Reopen Friday Night

The Sullivans are some of the best people I know. Never kick a man when he is down. I've been in business for over 40 years, through good times and bad times. I know what it is like to claw and scrape to keep the doors open and to get behind like this. After a client stiffed us for huge money, my son died in a car accident, he was 21. We had an angel in an IRS agent who came through the door, he had a badge on with the power to padlock our doors, instead he prayed with us. The business turned around. He came back a week before he retired to accept a check for $130K to settle all outstanding debts. I will never judge another man. There are no angels in NYS agencies, that's all I will say about them." Jul 13, 17 9:03 AM

That sounds a bit self-righteous. I'm sure you don't know all the facts. Don't judge lest you also be judged for how you judge, you will also be judged. When that day comes you will remember these words." Jul 13, 17 6:27 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Football Players, Parents, Are Rallying To Save Season

East Hampton needs another coach Burns. At the end of the season in my son's sophomore year, he said to coach Burns he wanted to play football the next season but wanted to start working out now. Burns worked with him three days a week in the weight room. By his junior year he was benching 300 lbs., starting as defense and offense tackle. Coach kept working with him in the weight room. By his senior year he was benching 400 lbs., was one of the captains of the team and at the end of the season was awarded the Rock Award, the highest award for sportsmanship. My son would take his lunch into Burn's office to have lunch with him. Burns was not only a coach, he was a mentor to these kids. They loved him." Aug 25, 17 9:18 PM

East Hampton Finds Little Encouragment From FAA On Airport Restrictions

If you know Santa Monica you know it is the poster child for failed noise abatement policies. It had the strictest noise abatement laws in the country and the highest fines. The airport will close. Noise abatement simply is not the answer. Restrictions are the only solution. I say get rid of the helicopters and 90% of the noise issue is solved. I'm a pilot, I'm in favor of keeping the airport open but I'm done with the reckless, cowboy bush pilots flying helicopters. It is simply a safety issue and always has been. Read my LTE in the Star this week." Jul 5, 18 10:21 PM

I agree. Helicopter noise is the number one problem on Long Island in every legislators office. Folks all over Long Island and especially the North Fork are Tortured and Tormented by helicopter noise, Rep. Tim Bishop and Senator Chuck Schumer coined that term. Zeldin's office in inundated with complaints. It's been the number one complaint at the Wainscott CAC for well over 10 years. If the helicopters are not banned the airport will close, mark my words. It's not a few people anymore, it's thousands, a revolution is about to erupt." Jul 5, 18 10:29 PM

You aren't a "local" if you were you'd be concerned about how the noise is destroying the bucolic nature of our area. You would be concerned about the environmental impacts of the most inefficient type of transportation, spewing particulates to all the folks below. If you were local you know there are more jobs here than people who work them. If you were local you'd know we don't care about your money. Locals simply want to live in peace and quiet and enjoy the beautiful beaches and nature surrounding us that folks like you are destroying. You are nothing but a New Jersey Carpetbagger who wants to spew your NJ garbage on the East End. You are the careless, reckless, cowboy bush pilots who are torturing and tormenting all the locals who love this place. Go back home, you aren't welcome here. We don't want you. Take your flying carpets back to NJ." Jul 10, 18 9:29 AM

If you were local you would know the airport property is located in the East Hampton Water Recharge Overlay and the Suffolk County Groundwater Protection District. Nothing can be developed as you suggest. A benign solar farm was squashed. All your economics are fake. The $10M in lost salaries came from a New York State report that includes all jobs in NYS, not East Hampton jobs. It included jobs at the Sikorsky plant in Wappingers Falls, NY and Elmira, NY. You know this but spout fake news. It's all propaganda. You are not credible, the public should know. There is no viable development plan for the airport property. If the airport were to close the property will be preserved for groundwater protection, especially what we know about the PFOS, PFOA and Hexavalent Chromium contaminants already found in the groundwater around the airport. We believe airport operations cause the contamination. It has been declared a state of emergency. Suffolk County Water Authority has two major wells adjacent to airport property. The sole-source aquifer will need to be protected since it's water is even sent to Montauk due to saltwater intrusion in their wells. The beneficiary to airport closure is all the folks who live in East Hampton who rely on public water for their fresh water supply. There are a lot of issues impacting the closure of the airport, fresh water is very high on the priority list, more important than aircraft operations. Sorry, that's the reality." Jul 10, 18 10:21 AM

I object to 27 East's censorship to further localEH's personal attacks. I am a pilot and owned a single engine airplane based at KHTO for 10 years. I never called for wholesale closure as localEH falsely claims. My comment was not duplicate, off-topic or inappropriate. localEH's comment is inappropriate. You cannot hold a comment section and censor an entire response to false personal attacks." Jul 10, 18 10:32 AM

Erosion Exposes Montauk Sandbags In Summer For First Time

Replenishment is literally shoveling sand against the tide and a foolish waste of taxpayer money.

Increasing ocean temperatures and rising sea levels are not disputed, only the cause. We must accept the inevitable, the sea level will rise.

CPF funds should be approved to be used to begin purchasing the most vulnerable properties and the buildings demolished to allow a new landward dune to form naturally from rising sea levels. If folks aren't willing to make a deal with CPF then let nature take it's course. Inevitably nature and the power of the sea will prevail. " Sep 13, 18 12:20 PM

East Hampton Town Petitions Feds, Voicing Concerns About Two New Players At Airport

Close the airport, localEH and all local pilots will go down with the helicopters unless they join the cause to end helicopters and help save the airport. If they cut off their nose to spite their face, they will loose, there isn't enough of them, there are thousands of noise affected residents who have had enough and we vote." May 30, 19 9:34 PM

Serial Vandal Defaces East Hampton Airport Sign For Third Time

Is it a coincidence that a spoof article by Dan's Papers appeared also this week about the Hamptons Police Cold Case Squad seeking the "Virgil is the Frog Boy" perp? Locals remember that phrase painted on the RR overpass on Rt 114 in the '70s. Since most folks understand Virgil to represent the Locals, the "V" might represent local control, perhaps localEH who is so vocal on casting blame on others is the perp, looking to deflect blame on airport opposition. This theory is just as crazy as his prolific paranoid posts above and those in the past." Aug 15, 19 8:49 AM

Talking about that low fence at the airport, it was sold as a deer fence. The designer of that fence has to be the most evil, sadistical person in the world. It is nothing but a deer trap. The public will be appalled and all those who supported it will be shamed when the first horrific photos or videos of a fawn with its broken legs stuck through the horizontal wire fence is dangling and thrashing from that fence. Law enforcement will have no choice except to put a bullet in the deer's head. Deer are not the brightest creatures in the forest and have been known to get themselves all tangled up in fences, even clothes lines. Talk to law enforcement, they have horror stories of unbelievable messes." Aug 15, 19 9:09 AM