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Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

This was a tsunami brought on by "W"

While Andrea Schiavoni ran a great campaign, Pope didn't. The dems could have elected a peanut butter and jelly sandwish to that spot. " Nov 6, 08 11:00 AM


Care to document that claim, foodie? Where was he "ungracious"?" Nov 24, 08 1:44 PM

Following hate crimes, a new town policy

Is there any real evidence of a hate crime NOT being investigated by the Town PD? Or is this just Mr Ware going for more camera time?" Dec 5, 08 11:48 AM

Sally Pope introduces her first resolution

Now if this isn't a specacular display of leadership................where do I puke?

Come on Sally, I thought you were going to provide health insurance to FD and ambulance folks, reinvent the wheel, draw and quarter anyone who ever voted for a Republican and in general just bless us with your good grces. Not a good start." Jan 8, 09 8:38 AM

Closing time nears for local coffee shop

Diane and Lindsay are two real nice poeple. It's just a shame that town leaders have allowed Main Street to become the ghost town that it is.
I wish them both health and happiness in future endeavors." Jan 22, 09 2:14 PM

Blowes to focus on town finances; Jones named deputy supervisor

After a few days of thought on this. Is it REALLY to much to expect that the Town Board know, at ANY given time, how much cash is on hand, what liabilities the town has and what the capital budget is? Seriously folks, doesnt EVERY GDed business owner do this on at least a monthly basis?
This is unforgivable. This is why people think so low of elected officials and bureaucrats ( read that as Mr. Blowes) For years he has managed to convince those we elect to office that this is HIS town and the politicians are just bothersome aspects of the job. Enough is enough. Time for the board to grow some and get rid of him." Feb 4, 09 1:15 PM

Town capital budget discrepancy is downgraded

Discrepancy downgraded? SAY what???????" Feb 4, 09 1:16 PM

Southampton Town Board places road construction projects under microscope

Everyone wants to be the first to have their leaves picked up. It can't work that way and with the numerous snowstorms that we have had, it is only reasonasble to see that there were delays in picking the leaves up. WIth all of 6 weeks on the job, it would behoove Ms Pope to get to know the Town Highway workers and get their outlook on things. Ripping into the Superintenant may look good in front of your NYC Dems living in the Hamptons, Sally, but they don't vote for you. They just fund your election. It may behoove the town to consider NOT picking up leaves in the future. Homeowners should be encouraged to compost them at great savings to the town. No overtime for highway dept from October through Jan or so. " Feb 18, 09 1:28 PM

Southampton Town Justice Court relocation to go forward

“It’s unacceptable for administrators to make these funding determinations without Town Board approval,” Mr. Nuzzi said.
If by administrators you mean Sir Richard Blowes putting his fingers in yet another project over which he has no "can do" knoweledge, why don't you just get rid of him? The roof at Town Hall, the Flanders Senior Center, whats next for Richard to screw up? I got it, his lack of control over his comptroller will cost Linda the Supervisors seat. Might not look too good for you either Chris." Feb 18, 09 1:35 PM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

Village Board member Bonnie Cannon, who said she envisioned a farmers’ market as a way to bring residents together at the Parrish Art Museum grounds after church on Sundays and foster a sense of community.

So we need government to "help us socialize" with friends and neighbors?
When did this become the role of government?
Do we really need government to enter the business field?
Clear out the cobwebs in your head." Mar 14, 09 8:57 AM

Citing hassle and expense, East End police departments ignore seizure law

There is NOTHING that will prevent an unlicensed driver from driving other than locking him up. The vehicle that he is driving may well be insured.
You can be critical of the cop on the street, but , for whats it is worth, the Chief sets policy, not the guy in the patrol car.
So you got a parking ticket David, get over it. And how do you figure the woman spoke about above has a lawsuit? Do you know how many times the driver was cited for operating without a license? Do you know if the car he was driving was his or not? Keep talking out yer wazoo, makes you look like a genius.
Mike Hartley, got any data to back up your claims of the Chiefs not having gone to college, or did you get a ticket too?
Just for giggles......you folks really want the Suffolk Legislature setting policy for the East End? That being the case, just close the local police departments and you will get your wish.Then triple, (yes triple) your police taxes." Mar 27, 09 6:42 PM

Southampton Town officials: Capital budget is short $4.9 million

Any chance theat King Richard will assume ANY responsibility as a former Comptroller, and "have to keep my fingers in everything" guy? Maybe he was busy spending 4.5 mil on the Flanders Senior Center. 4.5 mil? Yep thats right folks, just drive by and see what you can do for 4.5mil!!" Mar 27, 09 6:45 PM

Citing hassle and expense, East End police departments ignore seizure law

"Police taxes? Educate me, where and when do I pay "police taxes"? says davidf.
Well dave, try taking a look at your tax bill. Plain as day in black and white.
"And yes, getting a ticket is a bit galling when honest citizens are hit and crippled by unlicensed drivers that the Southampton police can't be bothered to apprehend" and they can be apprehended by cops seeing the scarlet letter tattooed on their forehead? And I guess the cops should stop writing any other tickets until a person driving without a license is drawn and quartered?
" Mar 29, 09 10:43 AM

And why would he have been stopped and his vehicle taken? Because he has a tan?" Mar 29, 09 6:59 PM

Yo dave, did you look at your tax bill yet? Yup THOSE police taxes. Piece of humble pie coming your way. " Mar 30, 09 2:18 PM

Ridiculous, FWIW, the comments on this thread started by referrring to an "unlicensed" driver. Not "revoked" or "suspended"
Now, please tell me how, by visual observation, an "unlicensed" driver should be stopped by the police?
Even the cameras mounted on SOME PD units scan only for the revocation or suspension of the plate or registered owner.
The topic here changed from the point of the story to illegals, to a gent who doesn't realize that a portion of his property taxes are specific to police taxes. I can tell DMV they can have my license back and cancel it, I can still be a registered owner of a vehicle. I just can't drive it. Therefor the question remains how are the police supposed to know that someone behind the wheel of a car is unlicensed, unless they are stopped for some other infraction than driving while hispanic?" Mar 30, 09 8:00 PM

Kabot claims bad record keeping led to financial mess

If, as you claim it was Kagel all along, why didn't King Richard get on this last January?" Mar 30, 09 8:04 PM

East Hampton man arrested, charged with fleeing scene of fatal accident

ridicupous wrote:

Hey littleplains, since this guy is unlicensed...I would think involuntary manslaughter could be applicable. Perhaps you can educate us as to why it would not be.

The fact hat he had no license has NO bearing on the possible manslaughter ( involuntary, vehicular, or otherwise), charges. Intoxication would change the charges, but that does not appear to be an issue here.
Stop thinking and google instead.

Now, if he had a moustache, THAT would mean.........." Mar 31, 09 5:07 PM

Venerable radio host Paul Sidney, 69, dies

Via con Dios, Paul. He was large part of the East End, and what is a special way of life. " Apr 2, 09 1:58 PM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

I'll be buying my next set of tires there, even though I would normally go to someplace closer. " Apr 2, 09 1:59 PM

Capital budget error bolstered budget surplus, which was used to cut taxes

That is exactly the case Mr Rodney, so shouldn't Mr. Blowes bear some accountability?
Doug, do you agree?" Apr 3, 09 10:09 AM

Councilwoman closer to deciding on supervisor

Run Anna, run!!! :)" Apr 7, 09 6:54 PM

Southampton Tire soup kitchen can reopen

How do you figure your property taxes have ANYTHING to do with Catholic Schools?" Apr 15, 09 8:06 AM

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