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East Hampton pulls CPF funding for lifesaving station

The Marine Museum on Bluff Rd. in Amagansett is a town owned historic building. It was neglected for more then a decade. The bill to repair... 2003 more then $100,000 for a heating system... 2008 nearly $400,000 for other repairs. This paid to outside contractors when in house upkeep would have been about $1000 per year on average. Of course the in house workers are schedueled to be eliminated to save money. Penny wise pound foolish? " Jan 12, 10 10:25 AM

East Hampton comptroller jumps ship for school job

A year ago the public was in a frenzy to install a comptroller, in part, to do a forensic audit so we would never have to see a budget officer facing felony charges and a budget millions in the red. A forensic audit would investigate past practices, indicate the line of responsibility and show who did what. A good idea and it appeared the audit was going ahead. Mr. Bernard, the newly installed budget officer, was a previous budget officer. Was Ms. Verneuille's forensic audit finding the truth so she had to go?
" Jan 23, 10 7:24 AM

I'm sure she left fo a higher paying job. She seems to have been doing an excelent job of getting the answers to how to manage,track, and balance the budget (The real budget is the responsibility of the town board.) And she seems to have been doing it without interference or benifit of a "budget officer". If you want to eliminate an employee you either fire (which might anger the public) or force her to leave (reduce salary,redefine responsibility,etc) thereby having the apperance it was her choice. Why did the town board force her to leave?" Jan 24, 10 9:43 AM

CPF revenues pick up over last six months of 2009, but are still below total yearly levels for 2008

This appears to be a very up lifting story but I wonder if the facts don't fit the optimism. If you ride down any road in any town you see unsold houses. If you speak to any honest real estate agent its all gloom.Speak to any carpenter its hand to mouth jobs if there is one at all. This story masks a hidden reality. In fact the increase in transactions is a reflection of increased foreclosers not good times ahead. CPF gets its cut weather your a jobless builder or a busted broker. " Feb 15, 10 10:03 AM

Leaf pickup may be eliminated in East Hampton Town due to budget crisis

Leaf pickup has been a service provided for more then 30 years. Back in the day even Suffolk Co. picked up on their highways in E.H. but when it became too expensive they refused to do it. The people in town refused to accept that excuse so demanded the town do it no matter what the cost. And the cost is enormous. Wake up. You bankrupted yourselves. Continue to be sellfish, demanding,and pissed and blame others for your stupidity and it will get worse. " Mar 13, 10 9:03 AM

Thiele drafts law for East Hampton school tax equity

This is one of the most important stories in the past few weeks (months--years?) and there isn't one comment. There are, however, many comments about Levy switching parties and deer hunting. Wake up people and get your priorities right. These unfair taxes will destroy lives in Springs. Weather or not you care if your neighbor is a hunter is a reflection of your contempt for people.
" Mar 25, 10 7:26 AM

A push for library service in Springs

Why are we even debating this? Most people consider a library a point of civic pride, a place of learning and solace, and community activities. Springs is the most densely populated area of the town and its being crushed under by taxes with all community services a car drive away. Because of that density Springs contributes most and gets least then any other area of town. I have a radical thought. How about everyone else give a buck or two in taxes to Springs for its library. Consider it equalization. " Mar 27, 10 7:48 AM

The truth is Springs pays a heavy tax. And yes I know except for school tax its the same as everyplace else in town. And yes it would raise taxes if a library was built but the people in Springs pay for a library in those taxes now and get nothing but a 6 mile drive for it. And a long drive to the dump and the town clerk and grocery store and police and it goes on. Its time we all recognize Springs as a community that needs more then a drive to anywhere. A library isnt a bad start. " Mar 27, 10 4:58 PM

It's not the cost of the tax increase when compared to a cup of coffee at the Golden Pear (that speaks volumes about your snobish attitude toword the residents of Springs. At Barns coffee is a buck.) But back to the point. Springs isn't being served. Because of the density in Springs they pay more for services, in aggrigate, and get the least and they have to travel the farthest. It's wrong.
" Mar 30, 10 6:45 PM

CPF revenues are up for January and February

This sounds really great. But the arttical is one sided with good news. One would think the worst is behind us but in fact a look at the bulletin board in East Hampton town hall has TWELVE foreclouser notices on it. A foreclouser is a real estate transaction that benifits CPF but not so much the owners of the properties. Maybe the good times aern't here quite yet." Apr 1, 10 1:55 PM

East Hampton plans to eliminate leaf pickup, sell assets

We should think further before eliminating leaf pick up. It started to help those who couldn't deal with their leaves themselves more then 30 years ago. It was thought only those who were aged or ill and didn't have the means to pay for leaf removal would take advantage of it. And thats what happened. It was a small inexpensive service the taxpayers as a whole gave to those who couldn't. Then selfishness, intitlement, and abuse balooned it to a half million annual tax burden. So now our sulution is to eliminate the program? What about the aged,ill, and poor? To hell with them? If you can't pay, leave town? The Town Board needs to realize their only duty isn't to eliminate taxes and people need to realize they have a responsibility to those who can't. Don't eliminate the program. Make it work for those who need it and help those who can't." Apr 7, 10 2:12 PM

CO2 is tagged as culprit; Shellfish may be latest victims

Congrats to Ms. Talmage for doing research and reaching a conclusion. In fact the shellfish are not flurishing as they have in the past and she has proposed a reason why based on her expertise. Now we all know that experts aren't right all the time and often make fools of themselves (killing a whale in East Hampton). But Ms. Talmage seems to have no agenda or reason to bend the facts to fit preconseptions unlike BobbyH or Lost Tribe. If they have credentials let them state them so we can have a debate and not regurgitate the nay sayers. I, for one, trust the conclusions of Ms. Talmage." Apr 17, 10 2:54 PM

To Lost Tribe. I'm confused. Are you saying that the cause of loss of shellfish survival rates is due to termite CO2 production? It doesn't matter what the problem is now because it was worse during the little ice age?
In fact we don't know what the shellfish yield was then. And then maybe it didn't matter because there were fewer people to feed and the plague was of greater concern then the cost of a dozen half shell clams.
But it's OK with me if you feel the way you do. I just think it's wrong to assert Ms. Talmage incorrect in her conclusions unless you can make a counter arguement based on something other then what it was back then. Because the problem is now.
Congrats again to Ms. Talmage" Apr 19, 10 10:03 AM

East Hampton to state comptroller: No kidding. We're cutting the budget

Maybe we should think why the comptroller ridiculed the town financial plan.What has the Town Board done so far?
They eliminated $375,000 of income from beach stickers and replaced it with increased dock fees of $40,000. Fired only part timers. Sold assets for about $70,000 including a $25,000 boat for $13,000. Discovered there are fewer then a dozen real estate properties to sell rather then scores. Consolidated departments with no decrease in personell. Begged the State for $30 mil. for a bail out. Pushing a retirement incentive with no money to pay for it. Got next years insurance bill at one mil. increase. And only the Sup. and Mr. Bernard are privy to any of the plans in the making. And theres more and more to come.
In fact it can't be surprising the comptroller was unhappy. If anyone thinks their tax bill is going to be less next year they are going to be as unhappy as the state.
" May 9, 10 10:28 AM

Nope, not a Conservator. Wish I were that rich. Not a town employee. Wish I was civil service and union protected. Not a member of ANY political party. I'm a retired guy living on the edge who, in the last 35 years, has watched the inmates take over the assilum on the streets as well as in town hall.
The report to the comptroller is only a wish list and he believes it won't work. He used politically correct language to describe it but he really means he thinks its full of it. And its his opinion that will have weight in Albany.
So no hand out from the state. No real fireings. No real budget cuts. No lower taxes. Just fewer services. And the cost of benifits will rise about a mil. Check it out. Facts " May 10, 10 9:40 AM

Come on guys. The publishers of 27 East are giving you the chance to debate. Take advantage of it. I'm stating facts as I understand them and reaching conclusions based on those facts and my experience. Also I'm who I said I am. I'm not a Dem.,a conservator, McGintee, Foster, an unelected official, or related to Rattray. Nor any other boogyman you have hiding in your closet. Go ahead make me look stupid, its OK. Because right now your just calling me names and your the ones who look dumb. Fact" May 14, 10 10:57 AM

Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

I read in Newsday the Sup. withdrew the idea to sell the fishing docks because his lawyers said the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan prohibited it. The real question is how could he be so sure of himself and propose an action that causes so much anger and anxiety while not understanding the facts. It can only be the pinacle of arrogance.
But to give him his due it's not unreasonable to seek ways to save tax dollars by lowering subsidies. However one must consider what those subsidies return.
In the case of fishing it seems to be tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of jobs, tradition, and good press. In the case of affordable housing it seems to be young families. For open space and parks it's recreation, a healthy environment, and peace to the soul. For the airport its a 3 mil. tax bill, 2 fixed operators, a mechanic, advertising for Ralph Loren, and a few hangers on.
Not much of a return. Lets sell that for 30 million. Facts" May 22, 10 1:58 PM

East Hampton Planning Board rebuffs Wilkinson's request for streamlined review

Just a thought. Isn't Ms. Quigley a lawyer who has practiced in town for years? Hasn't she sued the various town boards on behalf of her clients, arguing against the zoning codes many times? Yes. In fact a number of those suets have been for her own benifit concerning properties she or her family has owned. I wonder if her motovations are more personal then public. Fact." May 23, 10 8:49 AM

Allegations of physical, verbal abuse target East Hampton Town highway superintendent

Hooray lets all pile on Scott King! He's guilty because the mob has decided! What fun! What hippocrits. If you all remember last fall the blood lust to fire employees was at a boil because they aren't anything but lazy leaches. (yes some of you said essentily that in this same publication.) And you voted in a town board who promised to throw them all out nomatter what. (Civil Service and union be damned.) And now your hoping that same union will crucify Mr. King on the nearest post. Also you reelected him to a second term, I would hope because he was a good Hwy. Sup during his first term. ( One of only two Dems. to win who were opposed by Reps.)
I hope Mr. King didn't do as he is alledged to have done but its up to authorities to decide. He's doing a good job with the problems and personel he was handed. (Compare the town highways to the state and county systems.)
I assure you the comment youve made here are just wrong and they make you look very bad. Fact
" May 27, 10 12:17 PM

State Legislature passes financing bill for East Hampton

Borrowing this money just extends the time of higher taxes and diminished services. The money isn't free. I think I heard the debt service on the original 15 mil. would increase the tax burden by 6%. So would 30 mil. make it 12%? If so the board would need to lower the tax load by 12% just to keep the taxes where they are. It doesn't appear they have come anywhere near that percentage. I'll admit I'm not a CPA but it seems obvious we're in for higher taxes not lower. We need to get it in our heads we had 20 years of high living and its going to be a 20 year pay back. Fact " Jun 1, 10 1:20 PM

East Hampton makes harbormaster consolidation official, more streamlining is in the pipeline

Let me get this straight. A while ago Sup. Wilk. tried to destroy the fishermans way of life. Then he and Ms. Quigley tried to strong arm the planning board and Mr. Stanzione tried to stuff the citizen advisory committees with his partisans. And now the're putting some of the most important town depts. under the oversite of Mr. Bernard, the town budget officer? As if Mr. Bernard doesn't have enough on his plate trying to fix the fiscal mess we're in. Is he a superman, a scapegoat when it all fails, or fulfilling the fantasy of being the defacto Sup? (He already lost that election.) But in fact the assessors aren't answerable to anyone but the voter and the rule of law. The assessors are an elected position not appointed nor are they answerable to the town board or the budget officer. Yes, the Board can fire the staff,shut the office, cut their pay, make them work in the trunk of their cars, or any other cruel thing, but they can't make them subordinate to Bernard. They will be here till the next election no matter how it irritates the Board. This isn't in the interests of the town. This is the most obvious attempt at grabbing power in the most political way imaginable. The assers are much to important to treat badly. this is really stupid. Fact " Jun 6, 10 8:32 PM

East Hampton to solicit bids to sell Fort Pond House

It's too bad the board hasn't figured out the best laid plans (or campaign promises) can't all be fulfilled. Weather you like it or not there is a rule of law that MUST be followed. Weather you like it or not there are other people who disagree and will insist that rule is followed inspite of the so called 70% electoral mandate. Weather you like it or not some people don't care what names you call them or how pissy you get. Weather you like it or not some people don't want to see the town destroyed so you don't have to pay taxes. And weather you like it or not taxes will rise not get lower. Fact " Jun 16, 10 5:40 PM

Grand jury details financial disarray and disaster in East Hampton

The law has decided. McGintee is free and Hults is gone with a scolding. Time to stop scapegoating them. Time to look at what we all demanded that put us here. Stop living the good life when we don't have the means. Stop listening to promises and blaming employees who serve us. Time to stop rewarding incompetance because they suck up and punishing those who do good jobs because they speak the truth. Time to prioritize and stop being selfish. But we most certainly won't because its so easy to hate someone if they failed even though you asked for what they failed at. Fact" Jun 23, 10 5:22 PM

A one-woman plan to save sea life from fishing line

Congratulations to her for actually doing something. In the past number of years the environmental movement in town has gone from being pro active to nothing more then a group of whining complainers demanding that somebody else (gopvernment) does the right thing. I hope these things aren't treated as all public garbage cans are, recepticals for house hold trash. But good idea. Keep at it. Fact " Jun 30, 10 4:03 PM

Peconic baykeeper calls for stricter county septic regulations

I'm not saying we shouldn't do something. I'm just sure the things we're doing aren't working including stricter septic regs. Whats really wrong is there are too many people. Just look at the hwys, houselots, swm.pools, and crowds. We really need to get a handle on the people and face the fact that things are finite. But we don't want to hear that and that won't happen. Because good times and big bucks today is what count. Too hell with tomorrow. " Jul 5, 10 8:01 AM

Contractor, marina owner cited by DEC for dredging

Theres alot of confusion here. The trustees can't get a dredging permit after Apr.1. Even the great Larry Penny can't get it for them. If a clammer has one under size clam the DEC nails them. You can't pee behind a bush before CCOM whines to the town board. Every neighbor screams if you even set foot on PUBLIC property and they claim private property as birth right. Rick Gibbs has been in the planning process for all things on this property for more then 10 years. He didn't know he needed town permits as well as DEC? Larry Penny has been in charge of the Lake Montauk study saying don't dredge, spray, build, pave or install catch basins unless I say its OK. He thought this would help the eel grass and maybe the wetland too? Kieth Grimes needs a place to go now he can't buy the fishing docks. And its in Montauk. Do you think its all political? You better believe it. Fact " Jul 10, 10 1:58 PM

Theres a lot of stuff going on here with a lot of people and a lot of hippocricy. Look at the past stands and statements of the players. Larry Penny, for one, made statements aplenty about eel grass that contridict his statements here. The DEC is the only agency who didn' t find it convient to look the other way even though late. Its not a question of dredging but a question of who you know who can ignore the rules for you. Who were they? Fact " Jul 12, 10 7:00 AM

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