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Southampton Town works out departmental changes

Questions, questions...I did not vote for Paul DeMaria either. I hear, however, that he is a friend of Chris Nuzzi's and lives in Islip. I hear further that Anna Throne-Holst and Alex Gregor both took paycuts. Mr. DeMaria must be some engineer! One might be excused for thinking that this is the GOP's way of hanging on to a reliable cash cow (contracts, jobs for friends), for surely they must fear that Mr. Gregor, who financed his own campaign (look at the numbers) will not tow the line. Yes, ATH voted on this, but watch her expression when Nuzzi turns on her in two years. Ms. Throne-Holst, who took reaching across the aisle to new heights under the brief tenure of Dan Russo, may find that she has to watch her back. Incidentally, I also hear that Dan Russo was jettisoned from the Republican ticket when it came to light that he had contributed to Anna's campaign. Was it love, or foolishness? And can Throne-Holst, a graduate of Columbia as I understand, rise above her emotions? " Jan 11, 10 12:04 AM

Southampton Town Board candidate Fleming receives Independence endorsement

If the Independence Party is a rubber stamp for the Democrats, then how did small-time goon Nuzzi and the Great Legal Scholar Malone of Touro College slither their way onto the town council? " Jan 19, 10 3:50 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

I'd like to hear more about Mr. Malone's "broad financial experience" and "acumen." I know that he received his law degree from a fourth tier law school (look it up). In what financial institutions, and in what capacity, did he distinguish himself? So far all he has shown is the ability to act in robotic lockstep with that other Fearless Leader, Chris Nuzzi. God save us." Mar 3, 10 10:51 AM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

Excellent idea! We need two more spineless buffoons in Washington!" Mar 3, 10 4:26 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

A most entertaining comment, Mr. Flanagan. According to my research, the town has not only created jobs for you, your spouse and stepdaughter, but also provides you, a smoker, with generous health benefits at the taxpayers' expense. Seems to me that a pot banging, Live-Free-or-Die, God and Country First American as yourself would recoil at such socialist extravagance. " Mar 4, 10 12:21 PM

Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Did Bill Hughes congratulate Bridget Fleming on her victory? I'm only asking because Bridget made a point in her victory speech of reaching out to him. All I heard so far was that he was surprised he didn't win. Well, so be it. Let's see how things pan out. My hope is that Malone will take a few seconds away from making himself look like a beefcake (your ties don't always have to be blue, Jim) to actually focus on the business of governing, and that Little-Boy Nuzzi will develop a mind of his own. Oh, but wait, he's off to Washington. Silly me!" Mar 11, 10 11:22 PM

Throne-Holst: No layoffs in 2011 tentative budget

Let's see...Human resources under ATH's control, and the media under the Town Board's "supervision?" Am I the only one who's alarmed? " Oct 2, 10 11:38 AM

Like Richard Blowes, who was "retired" by ATH without his knowledge. Power does indeed corrupt, though it usually takes a little longer. But Anna has clearly set her sights on higher office, so perhaps she may be excused for cutting a few corners as she claws her way up." Oct 5, 10 10:17 AM

Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

Ms. Throne-Holst is a uniter after all: she has earned the contempt of the entire political spectrum." Feb 7, 11 7:33 AM

Town Releases Details Of Sordi Separation Agreement

Interesting. Darlene Troge, whose only apparent sin was not being a buddy of ATH's, gets frogmarched, weeping, out of Town Hall, with no severance package. Meanwhile Sordi, the Empress's bully, runs off with a settlement. I can still remember ATH invoking her good-hearted socialist father at her inauguration. Housing and free clinics for the workers; compassion and fairness for all. Something wrong with this picture?" Feb 15, 11 8:47 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst Delivers State Of The Town Address

A telling photograph. Gone is the girlish demeanor, the doe-like gaze that never fooled those of us who didn't drink the koolaid. Instead, hubris, arrogance, self-regard and cold blooded calculation. I am reminded of the radio ad, aired on WLNG the day before the election, when the Supervisor swore, in the dulcet tones she employed to such effect against the admittedly shriller Linda Kabot, that she never received a phone call in the middle of the night from the police. She could have won clean, but she just couldn't take the chance, and ever since, not to mention the way she carried on when she was a Town Board member, she has conducted herself in a manner that diminishes herself and her office. Amazing no one has the guts (or the stomach?) to run against her. Has ATH made so man Faustian pacts that she is now untouchable?" Apr 2, 11 4:10 PM

Which is why it is so perplexing that ATH has cozied up to him. Skip Heany in a skirt? Now there's a terrifying prospect!" Apr 4, 11 10:14 AM

Tom Corrigan Of East Quogue Loses Fight With Leukemia

So terribly sad. Our thoughts are with Mr.Corrigan and his family.

" Jul 5, 11 10:43 PM

Scalera Gets Independence Party Endorsement In Southampton Over Fleming

Maybe we'd get more Democrats on the Town Board if the so-called progressives in our midst didn't keep hitching their wagons to the Independence Party. Ever heard of a Faustian Pact?
" Jul 19, 11 10:12 PM

Or a Bananna Republic?
" Jul 19, 11 10:17 PM

Kabot: Throne-Holst Contributions Violated New York State Election Law

Why all the circumspection? You mean Dan Russo, whom ATH ate for lunch and whose political career was subsequently destroyed? Standard cougar antics. What I find hilarious are her aspirations to European refinement, as well as the bizarre intimation, made in the equally hilarious Southampton Project, that she is kinda sorta an aristocrat. Unfortunately, draping a sweater around your shoulders does not magically transform you into the Marquise de Merteuil, and doing backroom deals with anybody who's willing pretty much exposes you as the political equivalent of a Gotti wife. What is more surprising is that Bridget Fleming, whose Indy endorsement Anna traded in for her "unchallenged " run, keeps tagging along like a good poodle." Oct 25, 11 10:14 AM

Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

Wow! I'd forgotten how absolutely fabulous Anna is! Dashing from her waterfront villa for a brisk jog on the beach, zipping around in her little European sports car, looking totally put-together at town board meetings! How does she do it??????? And I'm even more impressed that, for all practical purposes, she's the daughter of a Swedish knight. So cool! Only in the Hamptons could we find a person of her immense caliber and charisma to run for office! Anna, thank you for your sacrifice! " Oct 26, 11 12:00 PM

Interesting reference to old Leni, as I heard somewhere that ATH is related to Quisling. " Oct 26, 11 5:20 PM

Well, Christine Preston Scalera is a politician, too, but she does not seem to have compromised herself so far, I'll give you that. Whereas a persistent unpleasant odor wafts from the Supervisorissima, an odor that no amount of jogging in her skivvies or posing prettily for the camera is going to dispel. The waterfront cottage? Ah well, that's her business, maybe she's independently wealthy. Other rather more disturbing issues:

The sweetheart deal that threw Bridget Fleming under the bus in exchange for Anna running unopposed. Guess that didn't work out so well, but still.

The statement, made on the radio, that she never received a late night phone call from the cops, even though Pat Aube testified in court that he called her the night of Linda Kabot's arrest, and phone records show they had a 20 minute conversation. At 1 AM.

And last but not least, an approach to government that suggests not so much a degree in public policy from Columbia as repeated viewings of The Borgias.

None of which should prevent her from clawing her way to Washington, which she clearly has set her sights on. Let's hope she gets there soon!
" Oct 27, 11 10:46 AM

Or a Dem Aparatchik under a new moniker, all of a sudden getting kind of nervous. You can't blame them: It's hard work making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. No mention, meanwhile of the Elephant in the Room: Anna's little deal with MacKay and the Republicans. Does anyone REALLY believe that ATH got to run unopposed just because of her pretty face?

And you can spin it any way you want, but she lied through her teeth about getting a call from the cops in the middle of the night. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean from her friend in the workplace.

" Oct 28, 11 5:12 PM

Obbservant, I'm all for European royalty too, but if you're going follow that route, I say go for Elizabeth I over Stephanie of Monaco." Oct 28, 11 8:15 PM

And we all know what happens when she doesn't get what she wants." Oct 30, 11 11:51 AM

Fleming, Scalera Win Southampton Board Race; Throne-Holst Reelected

Mr. Tiger, you can easily pick out the Aparatchiks on both sides by the bombast, humorlessness and self-regard that waft, flatuslike, from their every posting! " Nov 10, 11 3:25 PM

Press Columnist And Author Reynolds Dodson Dies Following Battle With Cancer

Ren was a gentleman. A fine man, a thinker and reader and questioner, a Midwesterner in the best sense, and such fun to be around. Farewell, Ren, may you be going to a place where they mix a decent martini. You will be sorely missed.
" Sep 8, 12 7:26 PM

GOP and Throne-Holst Talk, But Cross-Endorsement Is Not On The Table

A re(?)reading of Goethe's Faust might indeed be in order for the Supervisorissima, as well as, perhaps, The Portrait of Dorian Gray. As she slinks from back room to back room, ATH puts me to mind of Silvio Berlusconi: The desperate clinging to youth, the snug tailoring, the ruthless cunning of the small town Mafia boss. It never ceases to baffle me how the Democrats cling to this tarnished provincial upstart when Bridget Fleming could win a clean victory in ten seconds. Or has a deal been already made?" Feb 28, 13 8:27 AM

Suskind Eyes Return To Town Board

And the deals are already being made. See link at top of article to "GOP and Throne-Holst talk..."
" Feb 28, 13 9:12 AM

Town Board, Supervisor Candidates Debate Code Enforcement In Hampton Bays

The incident in question was extensively covered by the Southampton Press, Western Edition: 9/11/1997, 10/2/1997
Eastern Edition: 9/11/1997 (front page), 9/18/1997, 10/2/1997, 10/30/1997
Dave Bett's then wife lodged a criminal complaint against him after what is described in the paper as "a serious domestic dispute." Lieutenant Betts was made to relinquish his weapons and then took what is described as a "vacation." The criminal case was subsequently and mysteriously sealed. Any woman should have have serious misgivings about voting for Mr. Betts. " Oct 19, 13 9:24 AM

Yep. And very curious how the details of Dave Bett's "serious domestic", serious enough for the cops to take away his guns, and for him to be made to undergo psychological testing, were subsequently buried....It was all covered by the SH Press, in the issue I referenced above, but only a couple of the articles are in the online archive. For the rest, you have to either got to the Hampton Bays Library, where they keep physical copies of old SH Press Western Edition issues, or to the Southampton Library, where old Easter Edition issues are on microfilm. But it's all there." Oct 26, 13 11:19 AM

Once again, any woman should have GRAVE reservations about voting for Dave Betts. It's frankly amazing how far he's gotten with all that baggage." Oct 26, 13 11:21 AM

Sorry, that should have read "serious domestic dispute"." Oct 26, 13 11:22 AM

Resounding silence on this issue. Interesting. Why did it get buried? Who's covering up for him?
" Oct 26, 13 9:11 PM

Tribute To Slain Nun Is Flash Point For Southampton Town Officials

George, George, why are you still shilling for Anna? Can you really not see through this two-bit provincial arriviste - and, I do believe, borderline sociopath - who has, by the way, stabbed poor Bridget in the back so many times it's amazing she's still standing. And how fabulous do you feel about Christine Preston-Scalera being Anna's new BFF? You do realize she's grooming her to be the next supervisor, don't you? Little back room deal with the Republicans, perhaps? Oh, sorry Bridget. Sucks being the only Democrat on the town board. Used to be the Dems stood up for the 99%, which you know as well as I do the good citizens of Rose Hill Road who want the sign removed are not. But hey, I guess it sucks when you have to explain to your weekend guests from the city that a woman who devoted her life to helping others was run over on your road and left to die alone. Yeah, bummer. You do know the nuns were never polled, don't you? A rather crucial bit of information. Alex did the right thing in the face of callous indifference from all sides. Check your moral barometer, George." Aug 3, 14 8:41 PM

Big article about this on p 7 of today's NY Post.
" Aug 5, 14 7:59 AM

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