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East Hampton Town to hold deer summit after wildlife group protests

Iwe live off oak view hwy and there are gunshots going off all the time, called e.h police and they told me that the hunters were not to close to the house and it was legal.
I fear walking in the early morning or evening with the dogs for fear that one of us will be SHOT and found in the spring!" Jan 6, 10 9:26 PM

New Town Hall, finances, top early East Hampton Town Board discussions

why not ask Adelaide de Manil to help us save this building and fund the other projects too,she is well conected and loves this town!" Jan 7, 10 9:21 PM

UPDATE: Police Say Man Found At Napeague Beach Died From Self-Inflicted Injury

How sad no matter where this person came from, that they felt so overwhelmed by life that they felt they had no one to turn to for help. This affects their family, friends , and those who loved them and they will always wonder what did I miss , what could I have don to help.
We all need to take a moment and be more caring , loving, understanding of what others may be challenged by and not judge but guide, support , and give unconditional love .
Jeff huettner" Nov 19, 14 12:05 PM