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East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Oh, this was a set-up alright. His loony ex did this to him. I'd like to see a petition go around to let the authorities know that while Don effup up mightily, he was under some serious strain from this ugly divorce and also that he has always been a righteous dude.

BTW, my inside source says that he was followed by a paid priivate detective residing in East Hampton who received some serious coin. Nice going, scumbag." Jan 6, 10 12:44 PM

For your further information, the ex-wife is a multi-millionairess who has no care about spending or pissing away money. She has litigated this man into near bancrupcy.

She did this once before with her first husband. Also, she likes to litigate and has done so many times even when it was clear she was in the wrong. Still, she prefers to litigate in order to break the other party and exact some sort of satisfaction.

Anyone who ever met this woman for more than five minutes will attest to her lunacy. Except poor good natured Don whose love was blind." Jan 6, 10 4:14 PM

Yes, INS, that seems obvious. You know, if you have the money, you can manipulate the system to your own ends," Jan 6, 10 5:59 PM

They won't arrest McGintee. They always go after small potatoes. It boosts their numbers." Jan 6, 10 11:23 PM

It is to bulletheads." Jan 7, 10 2:52 PM


No one ever said that the man was stoned on the job or stoned off the job. All that was stated was that he was stopped on an anonymous tip saying that he had marijuana in his automobile. Period. Don't expand on what is known thus far I think everyone will agree, including Don, that as a law enforcement officer, it is never correct to be stoned on the job, nor should it be tolerated....or on any job requiring responsibility..

I, for one, would like to participate in his defense fund. I think the whole thing stinks and I am angry. Sometimes, when I am angry, I say stupid things. This is not one of those times.

" Jan 8, 10 5:04 PM

Wow, lulubelle, what a great idea!" Jan 14, 10 12:22 PM

Right on." Jan 14, 10 12:24 PM

East Hampton harbormaster resigns after marijuana arrest

Ain't that the truth." Jan 14, 10 12:28 PM

Yup, it's a bad mug shot, alright. The comment by Chief Sarris (“There was no reason to believe that it was a set-up, and also any accusation of harassment is unfounded,” he said. “The arrest was made by established police practices heard by the court for years. The fact is that the information was so detailed that it gave us probable cause to inquire to whether it was factual.”) is a perfect example of convoluted logic, disrespect for the Constitution and self-protection. There is no sense in his last sentence. I'm sure that as far as he's concerned, he made the bust, got his headline and now it's time to move on to the next poor sucker. The whole thing with the anonymous tip stinks and is utterly shameful. I hope the same fate befalls Chief Sarris (and Don's ex) one day. Then maybe he'll get it." Jan 14, 10 12:35 PM