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Mall developer seeks new retail in Hampton Bays and Bridgehampton

How about a Barney's or a Ralph Lauren Polo store, or Bergdorf-Goodman, or Saks 5th Ave ? All of the aforementioned retail establishments can afford to write off the exorbitant rent and all the citiots need places to shop too when they come out on weekends. Heaven forbid they be seen coming out of a Trader Joe's. Llike many others we just keep heading further and further up island to shop as the years go by." Dec 31, 09 11:01 AM

Loewen and Mansir reflect on public life

Brad Loewen doesn't deserve a $15,000/yr job. He was the least productive member of the town board EVER and now rewards himself with a job? There ought to be a municipal law against that. Perhaps Brad Loewen should pay the taxpayers back the $200,000+ that he was gifted over the past 4 years. He certainly isn't worth $15,000 now let alone $200,000 for the last 4 years! GMAFB! " Dec 31, 09 11:32 AM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Forget about Don, he's small potatoes. The real question is; When are they going to arrest McGintee ?" Jan 6, 10 9:31 PM

What is the Town going to do to ensure the public that the next Harbormaster or Bay Constable that stops them isn't stoned ? Pretty scary to think these guys who carry guns aren't given urine tests the same as they test the guys in the highway dept. " Jan 7, 10 9:50 AM

The article states it was an anonymous tip but can we believe all that we read in the news ? I also read somewhere that the person who ratted out Don also knew his social security number so it doesn't sound so "anonymous" to me.

Furthermore, to all the people playing this down on behalf of Don, where in the law does it exempt Harbormasters from smoking weed? On the water there is a zero tolerance law for boaters. You could have your boat confiscated over one joint. So let me see if I get this straight, It's against the law for the public to smoke weed let alone be stoned on the waterway but it's permissible for a public servant, a Law Enforcement Officer to do so? It's not ok for members of the public to transport over 8 ounces of marijuana across state lines but It's ok for Don since he is a well liked Harbormaster?

I for one would feel a lot better knowing the Harbormasters and Bay Constables who's salary is derived from my, and my neighbors, taxes are not stoned on the job when I'm on the water and my life may depend on them. Don't try and play this off as "social" smoking either. A lot of pot heads will smoke throughout the day and, not to mention, it's easier to hide evidence thereof than it is to conceal a drinking problem, quite obviously.

" Jan 8, 10 3:49 PM

"as a law enforcement officer, it is never correct to be stoned on the job"

All I'm saying is to get a job as a LEO you have to pass an extensive background check as well as a drug screening. A LEO is not permitted to smoke marijuana or use other illegal drugs at anytime. Whether on the job or on personal time. Sorry but, that is the law.

" Jan 8, 10 5:35 PM

Despite loss in court, man renews effort to control dogs on beaches

A dog is only as smart as its owner and that's not saying much about the majority of dog owners around here who arrogantly believe the beaches were created by God for their stinking mutt to crap on, chase and instill fear upon little children, joggers and the public in general.

I love when these morons bring their unleashed vicious pitbulls, rhodesian ridgebacks, mastiffs, etc. to the beach and say "my Fifi wouldn't hurt a fly" which brings me back to my original point; A dog is only as smart as its owner.

Too bad we cant euthanize the owner of some of these dogs.

How can we send money to Mr. Norklund's defense fund ?

." Jan 10, 10 9:18 AM

East Hampton is short more than $1 million for historic Town Hall, says new budget officer

Makes me sick every time I drive past town hall and see McGinteeville out front. Can they just pick up these buildings and move them to a piece of town property somewhere and sell it off as a package deal? They moved them in, they can move em out. " Jan 13, 10 1:13 PM

Where was I ? ? ?

The question is; Where were you ????

You are the self proclaimed "BOARD WATCHER"

I merely made a suggestion here.

Blaming everyone but yourself is no way to go through life Board Watcher.

What exactly have YOU accomplished by watching the board ?

Nothing, obviously.

'nuff said

" Jan 14, 10 10:09 AM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

As a registered independent who has voted for Tim Bishop in the past all I can say is I'm very disappointed with Tim Bishop. His positions do not reflect those of his constituents. He is for raising taxes, big government, unions, and providing amnesty for 25 million illegal aliens.

I was very sad to learn that Tim Bishop's aide was caught ripping down his opponents political signs last election. If Tim was so confident in himself he wouldn't have directed his staff to violate his opponents constitutional right of freedom of speech. But is that any surprise ? Constitution, what's that ?

From what I've witnessed of Tim Bishop, he has displayed that he has absolutely no regard for the US Constitution, no regard for American Citizens, no regard for America. He votes 97% with Nancy Pelosi one of the most corrupt politicians of all time. We need somebody who can think for themselves and make decisions on behalf of ALL of his constituents and not to consistently vote party line. Tim Bishop is not that person.

Tim Bishop is a LOSER

Tim, you are going to be voted out this time around so start packing up the trash in your 2 offices.

summertime and yearrounder are obvious shills for Tim Bishop and the democrat party

." Jan 15, 10 1:54 PM

U.S. Representative Tim Bishop speaks at Rogers Memorial Library

The current REAL unemployment rate is over 17% and American Citizens need to get back to work. Bishop is for higher taxes and amnesty for 25 million Illegal Aliens. When the economy is in such dire straits and the unemployment rate is exceptionally high the government shouldn't be raising taxes and creating competition for jobs with Illegal Aliens.

Therefore, it is a No-Brainer that BISHOP MUST GO-GO-GO


." Jan 19, 10 9:02 AM

In-home bars, pub rooms and libation stations

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against drinking but I'd rather have a nice boat than a bar any day.

The expenses are pretty much equal. However, you can have a bar on your boat and catch fish but you can't catch fish from a bar in your basement.

." Jan 20, 10 1:33 PM

Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

Fellows, let's be reasonable, huh? This is not the time or the place to perform some kind of a half-assed autopsy on a fish... And I'm not going to stand here and see that thing cut open and see that little Kintner boy spill out all over the dock. " Jun 23, 10 10:24 AM

Keeping fingers crossed when it comes to hurricane preparedness

Guns and ammo to protect your family and property from the looters and survival food (hold the mayo).

I would never evacuate. May seek higher ground and ride it out but wouldn't leave my stuff unguarded. I've rode out a good number of hurricanes over the years and I'm prepared to do it again

Never get out of the boat..........

." Aug 23, 10 9:47 AM

East Hampton Town targets taxis

There was someone in the Talkhouse last night from DAMM


I'll drink to that but I'm not driving either.

." Sep 12, 10 2:49 PM

Water Mill man is a 'Survivor'

I betcha the poser has at least one surfboard (unwaxed because he don't know you gotta wax em down) bungee'd to the top of his hummer while he jaunts from steakhouse to steak house and then to the candy kitchen.

This guy belongs on the Biggest Loser show, not Survivor.

yawn. who watches that garbage anyway ? who really cares ?

Think about it.


." Sep 12, 10 5:17 PM

i feel sorry for ya being that ya know the dude

when they said he was from watermill my initial thought was that he's the gas jockey at the Hess station since he looks just like him

just sayin

." Sep 12, 10 6:00 PM

Hearing sheds light on Dark Skies law in East Hampton Town

Town For Sale: No Permits Needed

(bumper sticker seen around town)

." Sep 27, 10 5:57 PM

Reluctant plea deal for Lester brothers

GMAFB" Sep 27, 10 6:17 PM

Court dismisses Konrad's claims of defamation

What do you get when you take the "A" & "W" out of "LAWYER" ?


." Sep 27, 10 6:40 PM

East Hampton Town Board members denounce interference from advisory committee

I like the idea of an ice cream parlor or a cafe in there or some sort of concession stand that will make some money for the town. A family place to bring the kids.

I'm sure Ms. Quigley will get the job done. The NIMBY neighbors always get in the way.

." Sep 30, 10 10:26 AM

Montauk residents oppose proposed lake access

I don't see the issue here. I'm just looking at a suffolk county tax map of lake montauk, page 12, and there is an access to the lake just 500 feet south of star island on west lake drive. Fact.

I don't believe it is open. Why not ? Do you know why ? At least it didn't appear to be open last time i was in montauk and drove by there.

I still wouldn't put my kids in that cesspool known as lake montauk or eat any clams or oysters out of there. sorry no way. between all the septic systems around the lake and all the boats flushing into the lake. Napeague Harbor is much cleaner and a lot closer too. Plus you don't have to deal with the kooks and the traffic jam on main street in Montauk

" Sep 30, 10 10:44 AM

(Why was my post deleted ? What did I say that was inappropriate ?)

Are you serious ? Have you seen the water in lake montauk lately ? expecially after all that dredging? you would actually let your kids swim in there let alone think about eating clams outta there? i'd rather take the kids to gin beach or navy road where the water is much cleaner and as far as clamming, napeague harbor. thats a no-brainer. besides who the hell wants to go to montauk anymore anyway.

and iirc facts man the area on star island was private property that peter kalikow purchased and HE closed it off to the public. mcgintee could've purchased the property with cpf funds but we all know where that went.
" Sep 30, 10 10:47 AM

talk about knowing ICE, I know a lot of commercial diggers sell to Wainscott Seafood and another thing I know ICE is the correct spelling of the Gosman family name.

How can a guy named Montauk Man, from East Hampton, tell me not to come to montauk EVER ?

Sorry fella if I struck a nerve but sometimes the truth hurts. Don't blame me for the huge cesspool you got there in Montauk

Just sayin

." Oct 1, 10 9:57 AM

Human Services takes brunt of East Hampton Town budget hit

The Town can cut the budget immediately by $92K by eliminating Larry Penny's position.

Just what exactly does that political hack do to earn almost $2K/week ? Does he even posess a degree ? in anything ? He did graduate High School didn't he ?

Larry went from an Environmentalist you could rely on to a Politician when he ran for council in 1994 on the Republican ticket.

We need competent and qualified persons working at a salary that high.

The town could probably get 2 people who would work circles around Larry PEnny for $45k/yr each.

." Oct 2, 10 12:40 PM

Montauk residents oppose proposed lake access

Ok I get it, you don't like the message therefore you kill the messenger, right ?

Typical Montauk Mentality.

Btw, are you one of those "chosen ones" who's ancestors came down from Nova Scotia in the 20's who think they own the place and can do whatever they want ?

." Oct 2, 10 12:45 PM

Here we go again with the personal attacks. now we got a guy mrmako chiming in, from southampton no less [talk about carpetbaggers]) attacking my picture. thats very manly of you by the way. and if you 2 "men" actually think that is a picture of me you are much more stupid than I originally gave you credit for.

" Oct 3, 10 8:30 AM

Now your calling them "diggers" too. If I said the diggers scratch up the clams is that what yer gonna say next too ?" Oct 3, 10 8:33 AM

My little secret ? Its no secret, believe me. The data is out there. Go and find it.

You make it appear that you are so smart and well versed on Lake Montauk so you should be aware of the present fecal coliform and enterococci parameters MPN/100mL in Lake Montauk

Do tell us MrMako, exactly when was the last date samples were collected in Lake Montauk, in what locations, specifically where and how many, and by whom was the testing performed?

What were the results of the testing ? Please elaborate Mr. Lake Montauk expert.

" Oct 3, 10 8:55 AM

ICE, actually, large portions of land (estates) around and into great pond or lake wyandanee a land locked body of water (now known as Lake Montauk) were owned by private interests for over 250 years before fischer opened the lake to navigable waters.

because fischer opened the lake to navigable waters he did not change, nor could he have changed, the character of the land.

therefore, based upon long standing case law in the state of new york, those people who own property around Lake montauk and underwater land therein, by law, own the fish in the column of water above their land while the fish are swimming through it.

The fish however are still subject to State laws and possibly federal law.

Therefore, although fischer changed the body of water from land locked to navigable by opening the channel, ownership rights were not effected.

The ownership rights are still the same as those as if Lake Montauk were still a land locked body of water. the only thing fischer changed was to convert lake montauk into a navigable waterway.

which means, anybody has the right to cross over the surface in or on a watercraft/vessel but they don't have a right to fish, clam, swim, or step foot on the property. That is of course based on long standing new york state case law (multiple cases).

based upon the above, lake montauk is a very unique body of water. possibly one of a very few in the entire united states where a privately owned land locked body of water has been permanently opened to navigable waterways.

" Oct 5, 10 9:02 AM

I'll agree with you too Mr. Mako i guess you're right the town can and will do whatever they want.

you can't fight city hall

'cest la vie" Oct 5, 10 10:49 PM

East Hampton Town's tentative budget 11 percent less than 2010

"Well Noah, you still need police and people who safe guard the public"

simple answer; just allow citizens to protect themselves

" Oct 5, 10 11:13 PM

i like pete, he's a nice guy and all, but he's been in waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, too long

sorry pete but sometimes the truth hurts" Oct 5, 10 11:17 PM

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