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Chefs prepare holiday meals for East End single moms in need

This is a really wonderful idea! Certainly would like to know how to help." Dec 23, 09 4:50 PM

MTA to hold public hearing in Riverhead over service cuts

Don't forget the recently imposed Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Tax levied on employers - for profit and not for profit -- as an added payroll tax to recoup the massive loss incurred by the MTA. To begin with, it is an outrage that East End employers are burdened with higher payroll taxes to pay for a commuter transportation system so inefficient to begin with that few if any employees are able to take advantage of and it is even more outrageous now that train service will all but disappear! Anyone want to take odds on the disappearance of the payroll tax employers are forced to pay when the MTA cuts off the East End? " Feb 1, 10 1:14 PM

Southampton Town residents express opinions on leaf pick-up program

Well, something needs to change! Its pretty clear what the Town is doing isn't working. Follow the rules and pile your leaves in front of your house and some unscrupulous someone invariably comes along in the dark of night and dumps on tons of debris. Never mind the Town usually doesn't finish the job and we're left with unsightly heaps of rotting leaves all along the roadways, sometimes blocking the road and too often plowed into neighbors' driveways for others (me) to deal with. Suggest Mr. Gregor poll all taxpayers not just those able to get to hearings. " Apr 4, 10 7:31 AM

Man injured in fireworks explosion in Westhampton

Excuse me, did I read this correctly? A fireworks storage facility at Gabreski Airport! Really? Does the Gabreski Community Advisory Board know its there? How dumb an idea is this!" Jun 6, 10 2:28 PM

East Hampton Town poised to adopt airport plan

Condolences to the people of East Hampton. Everyone's in favor of a well thought out plan to manage safe aviation activities but unfortunately noise control is most often treated as an afterthought and its the noise that so negatively impacts residents quality of life. Amazing that the FAA pushes for growth of small regional airports yet still turns a deaf ear ( pun intended) to the plea from residents for a codified form of relief from the constant noise. Some advice from one living under the drone of Gabreski Airport aviation traffic, keep vigilant and push for cooperation with noise abatement procedures even though recommendations are voluntary and easily ignored with little or no consequences. We've made some progress here, but we have a very long way to go." Sep 1, 10 2:37 PM

Near Gabreski, as aviation traffic grew, concerned residents impacted by the increasing noise pollution established community action groups to try to preserve what was left of a peaceful quality of life. The biggest surprise was learning that the FAA has a choke hold on a community once an airport "accepts" federal money. Basically, the Feds makes the rules and the heck with residents. Easy bet that everyone of us living under the constant noise from the charter jets, a zillion helicopters a day, the banner tow planes and the rest, would vote down a master plan that accepts federal $$$ without a provision that seriously addresses noise abatement. The argument "what do you expect living near an airport" is just silly. The entire population of the East End lives near an airport or helipad and is or will soon be impacted by noise pollution. Don't be fooled, noise abatement is not something that can be "dealt with on a daily basis" as suggested in the above article. A successful noise abatement program must be a well thought out document that takes the needs of all under consideration and has the cooperation of all involved. Shame to see this happen to another community." Sep 3, 10 8:37 AM

The argument is not get rid of the airport or suck it up if you happen to own a home nearby. The argument is before expansion and improvements are made, require airport officials and pilots do everything possible to mitigate unnecessary disturbances to the community and involve concerned residents in the dialogue. If the FAA has their way, there won't be a community in the USA that is not impacted by the transformation of a sleepy little air strip into a Gabreski or East Hampton. As it stands now, pilots can fly their planes any place, at any time they want to regardless of the disturbance. By contrast us ground dwellers better have turned down the music and brought the dog in by 11 p.m. or risk a visit by the police. Its way past time to even the playing field. " Sep 4, 10 7:37 AM

Critics respond to airport plan

West of the canal, we fought hard to bring attention to the need for noise control. There was virtually no consideration given to the impact increased aviation activities was having on area residents and plans were being made to expand airport use that would have led to the destruction of the fragile eco-system and ruined our quality of life. We did it the old fashioned way, formed a civic association, mobilized the community, packed hearing rooms, demanded an audience, got the message to the press, stood on street corners passing out petitions and faxed hundreds of signatures to the powers that be, and it isn't over, we are still watching. One of our biggest disappointments was learning the power the FAA holds once an airport accepts Federal monies. Now is the time to get a full scale noise abatement policy into the master plan. Don't think there is a airport in the USA that doesn't have a noise abatement policy - don't let it happen here. Its safe to assume that a good deal of the jet traffic that now comes to Gabreski will be heading your way once improvements are made. This is everybody's problem, not just the few who happen to live closest to an airport. Anyone who thinks this won't eventually happen at Montauk or Mattituck is fooling themselves. " Sep 9, 10 9:22 AM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

Taken directly from the above article "The new machines saved the paper ballots, and they spat out long rolls of paper with results after the polls closed on Election Day; poll workers transcribed the results onto worksheets before calling the results in to Board of Elections headquarters," Its hard to believe in this day where technology is king that some one actually thought up this new voting system and even scarier that it was adopted by the powers that be! Even the lowly voter could have predicted the system was fraught with the potential for error. What was the point if automation ends at the most critical point and workers must transcribe results by hand then phone them in! I'd say rethink the system if I thought they could come up with anything better. What a shame! " Nov 13, 10 7:21 AM

To make myself clear. A newly created system that has not been designed to correct the fundamental flaws inherent in the system it is intended to replace is a failure. No matter what. " Nov 13, 10 10:09 AM