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Lack Of Evidence Prompts Release Of Four Men Charged In May Double Stabbing Outside Hampton Bays Bar

Everyone mentioned in this article is part of the Hellary Clinton Gang !" Aug 11, 16 8:21 AM

Revised Tuckahoe Center Proposal Submitted To Southampton Town

Like the Shinnecock Golf Club road closure, this super Supermarket project will never happen. Southampton Town could also offer to purchase the dreaded Sandy Hollow Welfare Projects property with CPF funds and end that nightmare once and for all, if Supervisor Schneiderman has the cojones." Aug 11, 16 8:30 AM

Lack Of Evidence Prompts Release Of Four Men Charged In May Double Stabbing Outside Hampton Bays Bar

It would be fair to say you only have one oar in the water." Aug 12, 16 8:47 AM

Zeldin Gun Bill Favors Softer Approach To Background Checks

GOD BLESS LEE ZELDIN" Aug 12, 16 8:50 AM

Crazy for Clinton" Aug 13, 16 2:34 PM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

Bill Murray's character Carl in "Caddyshack" would have a great solution for a problem like this !!!" Aug 15, 16 8:48 AM

Vice President Vacations In Southampton Village

Booooooo !!!" Aug 16, 16 3:51 PM

Zeldin Gun Bill Favors Softer Approach To Background Checks

LONG LIVE LEE ZELDIN !!!!!!" Aug 16, 16 4:41 PM

Though Critical Of Spat With Fallen Vet's Family, Zeldin Says He Still Stands By Trump

Crooked Lying Hillary" Aug 17, 16 8:13 PM

Make America Great Again. Vote for Donald Trump." Aug 17, 16 8:14 PM

She's the Boogeywoman because she's married to the Boogeyman." Aug 18, 16 9:18 AM

Zeldin Gun Bill Favors Softer Approach To Background Checks

Hellary Clinton throws Black American hero Colin Powell under the bus, says he advised her to use private email server. Again & again the Clintons prove they have no shame. Nobody in their right mind would vote for her." Aug 19, 16 10:02 AM

Blue-Green Algae Found In Mecox Bay

Freddie Havemeyer knows how to do it !!!" Aug 20, 16 8:39 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

The fact is that BLM is a tool spawned by cop haters." Aug 21, 16 9:55 AM

One could easily take a stand against BLM based on their signature chant "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon". Other than that , they lack any credible sophistication. " Aug 21, 16 6:43 PM

You promise me that ? Hah !" Aug 22, 16 8:55 AM

Good parents, good ministers and good educators should be able to do something internally about those numbers. Shouldn't they ?" Aug 22, 16 9:18 AM

Westhampton Beach Black Lives Matter Rally Remains Peaceful; KKK Does Not Hold Counter-Protest

Were the demonstrators required to remain within the eruv ?" Aug 24, 16 5:13 PM

Former Southampton Village Trustee Still Owes Money For Health Benefits

The health benefits were either fraudulently paid OR fraudulently received. If its the later, she must step down from the Housing Authority, which has its own credibility issues." Aug 26, 16 10:40 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

In Southampton Town, workforce housing rapidly morphs into affordable housing and degenerates into urban Section 8 Housing in about 3 meetings. The prime example is the Sandy Hollow Section 8 Projects that not one neighbor spoke in favor of (the few supporters, about 3 people, lived 20 miles away) and litigation to cease the project still continues to burden the ill effected neighborhood." Aug 27, 16 8:39 AM

Section 8 Housing is absolutely part of the Sandy Hollow Projects plan. CEHJR may indeed be the face of a blatant "Deceiver"." Aug 27, 16 2:17 PM

To CommunityMinded & CEHJR : 2 years ago the Press reported "The approved project, a partnership between the town Housing Authority and Georgica Green, calls for 28 studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, targeted at middle-income tenants. Government tax credits that would be used to fund the construction require that most of the apartments be offered at varying fractions of open market value, based on income levels of potential tenants. The apartments are to start at about $950 per month". The use of these HUD Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) does not preclude Section 8 Housing at Sandy Hollow but seeks to include it, as was revealed during final Town Board hearings on the matter. Your above referenced "inside joke" between " brothers " enhances the position of nearly 900 local signatories in opposition to the Sandy Hollow Projects and codifies my own position that this project was an elaborate hoax upon the community all along. This project will not be your Utopia of mixed resident volunteers & single parent families but will instead be a place where people end up, not start off. Fact are facts and inside jokes are just that. Now live with your deceits my brothers." Aug 28, 16 8:09 AM

The article refereed to is Neighbors File Lawsuit To Stop Sandy Hollow Apartments Oct 15, 2014 by Michael Wright. And now that your deceit has been uncovered you admit Section 8 Vouchers can AND WILL be used at the Sandy Hollow Projects because it's a HUD PROJECT ! If you think that local born fireman will suddenly co habitate with welfare recipients you know very little local history. The evidence being the Section 8 Easterner & Offshore Apartments on Montauk Highway in Shinnecock Hills, the old Section 8 Shinneconic Courts near Lobster Inn and that other Section 8 place on North Road whose name I can't recall but was fondly referred to as "Losers Haven" by the last of the born locals that occupied it in the early 80's. Locals didn't want to live with Section 8 ers 30+ years ago, why would they now ? Like the other multi residentials, once Section 8 gets in, it's all over for everyone else. Leftys make the same mistakes decades after decades but at least brothers CEHJR & CommunityMinded are now outed as purveyors of deciept right out of the gate, and just like Hillary. There is no community benefit to Section 8 Housing if located over an aquifer across from a major intersection and unwanted by every immediate neighbor and over 800 nearby neighbors. Its one of the hopefully final examples of Obamanomics at its worst, not that there ever was a best. Let the doors hit them all in the rear end on their way out." Aug 28, 16 3:11 PM

Here's a spelling lesson for you : LIHTC spells Section 8. Everything I have posted on the subject is true information, including the environmental issues & MASSIVE OPPOSITION BY LOCAL RESIDENTS to your style of a government inspired hellish utopia. " Aug 29, 16 7:42 AM

Black Lives Matter Rally In Sag Harbor Draws Small, Peaceful Crowd

Cop Haters on Parade." Aug 29, 16 7:45 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

. . . . and he cuts such a wide swath." Aug 30, 16 2:51 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

You think you really know how to try to game the system." Aug 31, 16 7:56 AM

The truth is that undesirable Section 8 housing on Sandy Hollow can & will be jammed down the throats of the local populace even if nearly 1000 local residents are opposed. You've been outed JR." Sep 1, 16 8:21 AM

Southampton School District Reaches Settlement With Reclaim New York Over Denial Of Records

First no Columbus Day and then this ?
If all of a sudden Donny's running the School Board, then its time for him to go !" Sep 1, 16 4:34 PM

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