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East End still digging out after record snow

State and County roads will always be the first to get plowed/treated, and then you are left to the mercy of the towns. This is why you see 27, Flanders Road, and so on getting cleared first. That doesn't explain why 27 can be clear from Southampton to the town line and then it gets really bad from that point east though.
" Dec 21, 09 6:25 PM

You would be shocked at how often the politics of an area CAN sway which roads get plowed first. I am not saying it is an issue for this particular situation, but there are several very clear problems....

When News 12 covers an unplowed road, and the road is plowed within 1-2 hours after the story goes live, you KNOW that negative press coverage has more of an impact than people calling the town to complain.

" Dec 21, 09 6:34 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

In the same way that many people did not trust the results that showed Tim Bishop was in the lead because they voted against him, I have not trusted that the machines properly recorded my vote. When you can insert your ballot in either direction, and all you get is a message that your vote was accepted but without showing what was recorded, that strikes me as something prone to error and potential fraud.
" Nov 6, 10 6:24 AM

Highway Dept. Floats Ideas To Fix Troublesome Water Mill Intersection

Another solution would be to just level Water Mill and eliminate the curve in the road that slows everything down. The demolition work might cost a bit of money, but it would help more than any other solution.

Ok, on a more serious note, the big problem is that there are no routes left through that area that have not already been developed for residential traffic. Widen the road to two lanes in each direction would be the solution, but there isn't enough room to do that, and there is no budget to do it.

The intersection in Bridgehampton for the Bridge-Sag Pike isn't the problem, but people needing to go slow through Bridgehampton is. Scuttlehole Road could be widened a bit to make it a decent bypass for those wanting to bypass 27 for a fair bit, but it ends too soon. If a way to continue it east of the Bridge-Sag Pike were put forward, that WOULD help quite a bit.

The 114 end at Main Street in East Hampton could be made into a traffic circle, which would be the only good solution there IMO, since traffic lights or stop signs would not really help for those trying to make a left from 114 onto Main Street in East Hampton.
" Nov 6, 10 6:35 AM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

If we NEED paper backups and manual counting is needed as often as it is across this country, then the system is clearly flawed.
" Nov 6, 10 3:19 PM

In the same way that the race was too close to call before the latest numbers(due to absentee ballots), this is an even closer race at this point, so why jump to conclusions about which way the absentee ballots will go?

I will say that having someone from Manhattan who has only lived in the district for four years really doesn't sound like someone who knows and really represents the people of the east end of Long Island. As a result, many people may look at THAT as their reason for voting one way or the other.
" Nov 6, 10 6:14 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

When it comes to taxes, most people feel that an income tax should be balanced when it comes to percentage rates. This is where the problem comes in since the very wealthy have the resources needed to hide their actual income and pay a much lower amount in taxes than they should.

Most of the middle class will pay upwards of 30 percent of their income to taxes, yet the wealthy HIDE their income in off shore accounts so don't claim income made from those accounts and as a result do not pay taxes on income made from those offshore accounts.

It is no question that the wealthy should pay more in terms of dollars when it comes to taxes, the real key is keeping the percentages the same, and that means a total revision of the tax code to eliminate ALL tax loopholes. At the same time, there is a problem where the government can run at a deficit, which causes problems. Stop government(federal, state, county, local) from being able to run at a deficit, and suddenly the government would be FORCED to cut back in times of financial hardship in the country.
" Nov 22, 10 7:24 AM

What, you don't agree that EVERYONE should pay the same percentage taxes on their income, wherever that income may come from? Those who hide their income by using off shore accounts should be audited.
" Nov 22, 10 5:56 PM

Mets fan, you clearly don't understand what that would do to the woman! So, the most horrible thing that could be done to a woman happens, and now you suggest she be reminded of the fact for nine additional months?!? " Nov 22, 10 11:10 PM

If you really want to get into a debate on that issue, I would be happy to, but it would be off topic here. I am all for the death penalty, or to set up a penal colony in Antarctica for those who have a life sentence without giving these people a college education and TV rights and such. It might be reserved for people who have been caught in the act(so no chance of the wrong person being falsely imprisoned), but honestly, I don't understand why dangerous criminals are treated as well as they are. Is it really cruel or unusual punishment to treat scum like scum?
" Nov 23, 10 6:47 AM

You ask a good question, in 50 years, will it make any difference. The question is what will happen going forward, and will it be a good or a bad thing. From that, someone who tries to change things for the better will ALWAYS have some impact that will have long lasting effects.

I agree that there is a LOT of anger, but that is very typical when an economy is in trouble on both sides. Until the economy clearly starts to move in a positive direction HERE, people will be stressed out and worried about their income and that also affects those around them that are not having problems themselves.
" Nov 23, 10 7:01 AM

When you are required to pay for health insurance, and you can't possibly afford it, that isn't the sort of choice any of us want. Have you even looked at how much health insurance costs if it is not subsidized by an employer?

What most people really do not understand is that the insurance companies want so much each year that many employers just can't afford to provide it these days. What do you do, have only three employees with health insurance, or 10 without? That is what employers are faced with these days. " Nov 27, 10 7:35 PM

When people drive under the speed limit, that DOES cause road rage, and rightfully so. In California, they have a law that says that if there are four cars behind you and you are driving slow, you are REQUIRED to pull over when possible and let the others get around you. It is one thing to be driving 40 in a 35 zone, and quite another to be doing 30 in a 45 because you don't know where you are going.
" Nov 27, 10 7:38 PM