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Candidates participate in final debate

Tom Demayo is a life long contributing memmber of our east end community how could anyone even consider an inexperienced transplant from Florida who even if she starts now will never be able to equal his contribution ?" Oct 31, 08 12:07 PM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

How can we complain about the Shinnecocks or make suggestions on their behaviour ? The balance sheet shows that it is time to put our own house in order.The only honest way to approach this is to offer them fair compensation:which by the way we alrady owe them." Dec 12, 08 3:54 PM

Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

keep dog send throne holst home!" Mar 4, 09 3:27 PM

Southampton Republican Party chairman says Kabot is not a lock to secure nomination

congratulations marcus! You should change your last name to Borgia!" Mar 4, 09 3:30 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

He that is without sin among you let him cast the first stone" Mar 23, 09 3:36 PM

GOP passes over Kabot; nominates Conservative Party chair

Why is the Southampton republican party so bent on self destruction?What could be simpler than nominating an incumbent to run for office.Marcus Stinchi you should be replaced by a real elected leader like Linda

" May 19, 09 10:53 PM

Duck barbecue raises funds for special needs summer camp

Please tell us the date of the barbecue!" Sep 9, 10 10:21 AM

Sorry I see it now !" Sep 9, 10 10:22 AM

Bill To Extend CPF Tax And Tap It For Water Quality Efforts Could Be Approved By End Of The Year

This is a boondoggle to steal cpf money and use it to pay for sewers tha t will increase pollution and make it cheaper for developers

This is a boondoggle to tap int cpf funds to pay for sewers which will increase pollution .

" Jul 31, 15 1:07 PM