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Baykeeper files petition for no-discharge zone

I remember the storm water drain located imeadiatly east of the East Quogue Fire Dept. on Montauk Hw. The drain went into pools located in the back yard of my parents home. The property is owned by Suffolk County. Many times they would overflo with water. Suffolk County would be called to clean them. These pools did not flow into the bay. Their is a large water drain pipe that flows directly down Bay Ave into Shinnecock Bay. At low tide one can see the pipe opening . It is large enougt that stories have been told how children climb iinside many years ago
I have seen people rake their leaved, ect into these drains. Many times I rake away the leaves from the drains on Weesuck Ave. thus keepint the runoff from going down the road incline into Weesuck Creek.
Do not clogg drains.....

Carol Comes East Quogue born

" Dec 3, 08 5:20 PM


I did misspell my last name.
I never had knowledge of the drain you are referring to flowing into Little Wesuck Creek. The only other story that I heard was several men plugged up a drain many years ago in that area that was flowing into Weesuck Creek from the than Ambassador Inn. This is not the direction you are speaking of.

I have checked with another historian who has no knowledge of this Little Weesuck Creek drain. pipe He and I would be very interested to view it. We both live along Weesuck Creek.

He believes the drain at the end of Bay Avenue no longer is flowing into the bay.
I have a set of the trustees books from the beginning till about 1940. It would be very interesting to see if Little Weesuck Creek drain was ever memtione in the records and if so when. and why.
Or after?????
Carol Combes, East Quogue born.
" Dec 6, 08 8:19 PM

I did feel your answer to me was what I had suspected. The important thing is if this drain is still in operation today? If so where is the best place to report this and have it looked. into.
I suspect you also live on Weesuck Creek as we historians.....

Carol Combes East Quogue born

" Dec 7, 08 2:07 PM

Nice photo. We will also be keeping a watchful eye on bay pollution. Thank for being so concerned.
Carol Combes ,East Quogue born" Dec 9, 08 3:04 PM

Bank sues former Suffolk County Legislator George Guldi, alleges mortgage fraud

"It's about time." What goes around comes around.
Clorac (East Quogue)" Feb 21, 09 6:44 PM

My comment leaves many areas for many to think about.

clorac (East Quogue)" Feb 22, 09 7:23 PM

Storm blankets East End with a foot of snow

Supervisor Kabot said private road would be plowed. Today is Tuesday, Jan 3rd. It is 7 a.m. Randall Lane is a private road located one block east of the Post Office in East Quogue. Help, I cannot find my cat and I would like to get out to buy a Mega Lotto Ticket. for tonights drawing. I can remember a really bad snowstorm in the 1960 when my next door neighbor had a heart attack . The ambulance got stuck. several time. We all got out and shoveled and pushed. Needless to say much time was lost . End of of the story and the neighbor.
carol combes East Quogue" Mar 3, 09 7:14 AM

I telephoned the Southampton Town Highway Dept. Within an hour Randall Lane was plowed . Many thanks. The feral cat is safe. The March 3-5 snowstorm in 1960 I wrote about brought 17.3". to the local area according to Newsday.
Appreciate the lottery ticket wish for lots of luck. "If your not in it you can't win it. "
Carol Combes (East Quogue). " Mar 3, 09 11:42 AM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

I feel the United States has more illegal immergrants willing to work than their are jobs for them especially now.

Carol East Quogue" Apr 1, 09 8:50 PM

Just beforre WW11 a local jobless hungry man came to my Mothers door begging for food. I remember she made him a baloney sandwich . He started showing up daily . Than he brought along a friend who was also down and out. My Mother had no alternative but not to answer the door. What I am getting at is I wonder just how long with the economy and cutbacks will doors again have to go unaswered. Than what?

Carol East Quogue" Apr 6, 09 11:58 AM

Southampton Tire soup kitchen can reopen

Any idea when or if a soup kitchen will become available at the Westhampton 7-11 for these men? At 9 a.m Monday I seen well over a hundred men waiting to be hired. Are bathrooms advailable at these sights? If a soup kitchen t is being done in Southampton why not Westhampton. Same situation.

Dont ask me to get involved I'm too old and my property taxes keep me on a tight budget.........just a suggestion.......
Carol, East Quogue" Apr 14, 09 7:57 PM

Any idea when or if a soup kitchen will become available at the Westhampton 7-11 for these men? At 9 a.m Monday I seen well over a hundred men waiting to be hired. Are bathrooms advailable at these sights? If a soup kitchen t is being done in Southampton why not Westhampton. Same situation.

Dont ask me to get involved I'm too old and my property taxes keep me on a tight budget.........just a suggestion.......
Carol, East Quogue" Apr 14, 09 8:02 PM

Stop & Shop will open its doors Friday in Hampton Bays

I am an old timer that has been shopping for many years. The King Kullen's Stores in recent years have had the highest prices aside from the Wild by Nature Store in the area. When Stop & Shop opened in Riverhead I tried it. I went back to shopping at Waldbaums. Than to Best Yet in Riverhead for my fruits and vegetables. A yearly big savings.

Carol, East Quogue " Apr 15, 09 4:52 PM

This morning I did my own survey from the supermarket sale ads for my weekly purchases. Riverhead Waldbaums 16 items, Best Yet 9 items for fruits and vegetables. King Kullens 3 items and the new Grand Opening Stop & Shop ad 2 items . Needless to say even with the new Stop and Shop I will have no reason to shop for groceries in Hampton Bays.

Carol, East Quogue Senior" Apr 16, 09 10:37 AM

Southampton Tire soup kitchen can reopen

I still wish someone would tell me where all these men go to the bathroom while waiting to be hired? I had new roofs put on last week. The first day there were 15 Latino's workers and the second day 8 Latino workers. I'm sure all were legal. Aside from the boss only one spoke a small amount English that he learned from his children. He said after working from dawn to dusk their is very little time to go to the English classes to learn. There was no porta potty on the job and they didnt' use my house. Got to be something I don't know or maybe knot want to know.

Carol, East Quogue

" Apr 16, 09 10:57 AM

Reply to Privateer Matt. Answers to question no. 1. How did I feel that I thought the Latino workers were legal. on my roofing job. You are right. I could not of known for sure. I understand one does not have the right to ask if one is legal or not. I don't even believe the police have the right to ask. They were so efficient that I just figured they have been doing this type of work for several years for the local roofer we hired. I could not belive they were just picked up at a hiring sight.
The second question being why am I concern about their bathroom habits. I dont think it takes a rocket scientist to figuer that one out. Hopefully there are porta potty at the Westhampton sight and a place to wash their hands. This being for the safty of them, you, me and everyone.
Carol East Quogue" Apr 16, 09 8:06 PM

Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

I am terribly concerned about the swine flu pandemic. Illiegals are coming over the border daily than packed into vans, whatever, Not good . Who are the ones driving them? Since they come here illegal we have no way of knowing if they are ill. or have had shots for communicable diiseases. This is something that should be of more concern than them standing on the corner. Wake up government officials and those that hire the illegals. C Combes East Quogue" Apr 29, 09 10:07 AM

people first. I believe the swine flu first started in Mexico from a young lad. .According to CNN New today the Mexico gov't knew of the case but had to wait over a month for the results. After it was discovered in the U S that is how it was found out. from students ect. on Spring break to Mexico.
I see you said I and other people are ignorant looking to blame the immegrants. I noticed you did not say illegal immegrants. My grandparents were immegrants but they were legal. I think it is time for many to look up the word illegal........ How do we teach our youth the mening of this word if it is allright for some and not others. My biggest concerns are the health issues today and for tomorrow for all humans. Latino's are the hardest workers I have ever seen in my lifetime.
I've never seen one leaning on a shovel.
This 27 East comment is really super for all.
C. Combes East Quogue" Apr 29, 09 8:40 PM

Peoplefirst. I never said the illegals are the ones who carried the diseases.

Sorry if you wanted to read it that way.


C. Combes E. Quogue" Apr 30, 09 9:50 AM

East Quogue School Board adopts $21 million budget

I would like someone to explain the after school homework program. It apears that this is for many children who parents work and pick them up after. IIs this program paid for by the parents or all taxpayers? Also I see that Target donated almost $4000.00 to the E.Q.School. What fund does this go into? I wish I could attend the open meeting May 5th. but Westhampton Beach is having open house the same night. cclorox (East Quogue)" Apr 30, 09 12:46 PM

Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

davidc HB Out of all the comments on 27 East I feel you really have written a very exceptional one. Carol East Quogue" May 5, 09 10:24 AM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

Try and ride a few shifts with a police officer. I took the STPD Citizen Academy Course. A police officer has to cover a wide area. in Southampton Township. On a typical 4 hrs. daytime shift the officer was busy dealing with drug and alcohol problems at lunch time. Those children pleading not to tell or call their parents. The paper work involed taking them back to headquarters . A trafic accident in Southampton. A heart attact victim throwing up blood on the oficer. Than he has to shower at the hospital return to work and go back to the heart attack victims home as someone stold the ambulances helper pocket book. All in a 4 hrs. time frame. My night shift of 4 hrs. was much scary as it involved domestic violent. We had to cover from Speonk , Flanders,Hampton Bays into Southampton. This was 1999. Ten years later not a job I would ever think about . Yes they deserve a cup of coffee now and than. I never got one. as we had no time..... Carol Combes , East Quogue " May 25, 09 9:40 AM

Our police are not hired to be baby sitters while on duty... They are peace officers. The cost should not be on the taxpayers to have a policeman and a car stationed outside of bars , ect, on taxpayers time. The costs should be paid by the owners of these establishments. I understand the BoardyBarn pays for the extra police protections and hopefully for the police car engines running full time in the parking lot..... This type of work should be done on non taxpayers and non police duty work time. Carol East Quogue" May 25, 09 1:13 PM

Study raises questions about how soon East Quogue School District needs to expand

I feel the Board of Education should move forward and purchase the Oliver land to the South. Why? It is a sound investment for the future if needed for class rooms/ or just being there for an uncertian future. One it is sold to others it's gone. I think we have about 3,500 home owners in E. Q... That is only about $100 plus per home. Snce they are replacing 4 retired teaches now here is a savings already. Therefore it should be less on each taxpayers home. spread out for a few years. .... The existing school is now within 25 feet from this property line. I am a retired Senior but I think due to the location it should be purchased.

Carol Combes East Quogue" Jun 17, 09 8:01 PM

East Quogue Historical Society finds a home

This article is now a year old. Carool" Jul 19, 09 7:44 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

How come mone of my comments get printed? I never write nasty...
clorac" Dec 21, 09 10:50 AM

Now I will try again. I am concerned as to how long a feral cat will be able to survive this amount of snow. She lives in the woods or under a shed somewhere. I have been feeding her for 4 years. I am more concerned about kitty than not being plowed out or the leaves that sit here to spring anyway. We can complain but kitty cant.
Clorac" Dec 21, 09 10:55 AM

Privateer Matt. Not all feral cats are downright killers. You will never understand the joy I get daily when she polks her little face in the storm door every morning. Yesterday and being 70 years of age I shoveled a path over 40 feet to clear the bird feeders so they did not starve.. I have know you for many years and cannot believe your hatred. It really breaks my heart to think of any animal encaved and starving and I cannot do anything about it. I guess it is more important for some to complain about the police, town officials and town workers. I wouod take 100 cats over some I have met in life....clorac" Dec 21, 09 7:55 PM

East Quogue church seeks donations for new paint job

I am not a member of the EQMC. However I am willing to support their fund raiser The first small church/meeting house was build in 1848. The present day church in 1882. East Quogue has never has had a community center. This church has opened its door to many different organizations so they can have town meetings. I look at this fund raiser as a community
effort to save what has been the backbone of this hamlet.
I feel strongly that no one should knock or name any church members or their business saying they have deep pocket .
clorac East Quogue" Feb 8, 10 7:45 PM

Matt, It would be so kind if you let me know who my friends splinter. wattssuo and OctoPie are. I feel this is in relation to what kind of work you do. I really do not give two hoots and never said anything in my first writing about this or if you are a man who gives a lending hand. I just dont feel you or anyone should name names of business on this 27 east websight. I feel this is a second apology I deserve from you.....carol " Feb 11, 10 6:43 PM

East Quogue Historical Society finds a home

Every year the board of trustees for the East Quogue Historical Society formed in 1995 keep geting older. We have so many donated articles that are being stored in our home and a room in the Methodist Church. We need a permanent home. that many can enjoy. We really thought we were going ahead with the latest home on Bay Ave. . BUT that one has also come to a standstill. I'll keep intouchl
Carol East quogue " Mar 2, 10 11:12 AM

Federal government makes mistake, declares East Quogue historian dead

You are correct. The results in the computer say over 23,ooo people have been declared dead by human or type error by the Social Security System in less than two years. I do not understand why the SS systems does not check out addresses ect. than just a number. The Freedom of Information Act allowes SS to post deceased social security numbers. I can't believe how much the Federal Gov't is involved in every aspect of our lives.

Carol Combes, East Quogue " Aug 1, 10 7:15 PM

East Quogue author braves fear of the sea, publishes young adult novel set near it

Tricia, This article will be added to my East Quogue Historical Society book I do on people from or in East Quogue. . I will look forward to reading Siren. Carol Combes " Aug 3, 10 7:38 PM

Westhampton Beach reaches settlement with East Quogue over tuition refund


Earthquake Reported Tuesday Morning Offshore Near East End

I was hoping it was not a plane. My husband thought it was the UPS truck delivering his Cabelas order on our bumpy road.
My son who was working in Tiana Bay on the water, He said he heard a slight rumble but thought nothing of it. My house did shake but nothing to write home about.
Carol C. East Quogue" Nov 30, 10 4:01 PM

I sent my sister in Plainfield, Conn. this article. She wrote back it shook her house and pictures on the walls.
Carol C. E. Quogue " Dec 1, 10 1:29 PM

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