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Hampton Bays Residents Question Library's Proposed Bond Referendum As Vote Nears

Time to tell sandpebble thanks but we need a design that supports the needs of the library staff and patrons. It is obvious that they are more concerned with trying shove a custom heating and cooling system down our throats at a cost of 1.4 million .I urge the library to stop having a builder design and budget a project and retain the services of architect that will design to our needs rather than to sandpebbles checkbook. 2.4 million in the budget for professional services says it all" Mar 9, 17 6:05 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Taxpayers Reject $9.9 Million Library Referendum

1.4 million dollar custom heat and ac, 20,000 sq ft building, equals $70 a sq ft. Average 2000 sq ft home x $70 per sq ft to replace heat and ac $140,00 !!!!! does the board look at anything NO" Apr 4, 17 4:37 PM

Dump sandpebble builders " Apr 4, 17 9:51 PM

Work To Raise Dune Road To Begin Next Week

Is this being done by highway crews, if so do they know how to install a road bed? Is the town going to be liable for any traffic accidents that are caused by faulty. Du installation? The highway department employees are are a joke,shorts, no ear protection ,no safety glasses and I have never seen one with a hard hat! Let competent companies do the work Dump CSEA and sub work to true union experienced crews." Jul 26, 17 11:01 AM

LIRR Could Start Offering Additional South Fork Service Within Two Years

sounds like the visitors are are going to have more choices but us commuters to the city,still have to drive to Speonk No Good." Aug 2, 17 12:01 PM

Takes care of visitors but us commuters still have to drive to Speonk or west to get to the city for work Not good!" Aug 2, 17 12:04 PM

Workers Start Removing Dying Trees Along Main Street In East Quogue

Did nailing signs about breakfast kill them?" Sep 26, 17 7:02 PM

Southampton Town Considers Litigation Over Hampton Bays Well Contamination

The head of the water department was to busy doing side sprinkler work with the town owned truck to care. Check the water department records to see how much sprinkler pipe and fittings the taxpayers have had to pay for to keep the good old boys in beer money, enough clean house HB get involved " Oct 10, 17 7:59 AM

Community Members Speak Against Town Purchasing Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays

pull the CO.they do not have a CO for 365 days a year apartments. then force the owners to remediate the site to town requirements.this should not fall on taxpayers . HB was a summer destination and motel rooms are needed for short term vacation rentals." Sep 26, 18 3:45 PM

pull the CO.they do not have a CO for 365 days a year apartments. then force the owners to remediate the site to town requirements.this should not fall on taxpayers . HB was a summer destination and motel rooms are needed for short term vacation rentals." Sep 26, 18 3:56 PM

Ponquogue Beach Facility Parking Lot To Be Closed For Several Months

The bridge fishing pier was to be ready for summer 2018 It looks like a long summer 2019 for residents" Nov 5, 18 5:59 PM

After Heated Debate, Southampton Town Board Again Tables Bel-Aire Cove Decision

To remove it from the tax roles is wrong, There are laws in this town and the town has dozens of lawyers dealing with exsisting cases. The property is being used illegally as a apartment building not motel , does rhat mean I can turn my residential property into a bus depot.. Deal with the problem! That is why you were elected! HB needs family summer lodging,like they had when I grew up summers here in th 60s and 70s." Dec 17, 18 4:49 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Speak Out Against SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water

Mr king used the town owned truck on quail run in hb doing one of his side sprinkler jobs ,and was"t he part of the fire department that polluted or wells . as for the vacation time and insurance how many of us have therse benifits NONE! it is time to eliminate the insanity, there is no task a town csea employee does that can't do with private contractors. the town workers work unsafe. how many times have you seen any hightway,park or capital crew work with eye ear and head protection again never. sub out every thing we can" Dec 20, 18 4:13 PM

Southampton Town Planning Board Searches For A Consultant On East Quogue Golf Proposal

political flunkies no true knowledge or expertise.. get rid of these inept boards and hire knowlegeable consultants as needed." Jan 2, 19 6:34 PM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes Against Bill To Block Trump's National Emergency Declaration

He is such a good little lap dog." Feb 26, 19 1:59 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Bel-Aire Motel Purchase, 4-1

will the sale price to a developer be the purchase price plus clean up cost including adminastrative cost or will someones cousin get the deal of the century!" Apr 10, 19 7:05 AM

Southampton Town Looks To Prevent The Dumping Of Household Garbage At Beach Trash Cans

bid out contracts to carters who already have the expertise. Those of us that already pay would be happier to pay a lower rate with the whole town as a customer base. we don't need csea employees nor do we need to buy trucks." Jul 11, 19 12:56 PM