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Sagaponack Home That Belonged To Late Artist Is Sold

I'm glad to be back with the SH Press. just looking for tidbits of info. " May 3, 16 12:54 PM

Cause Of Massive Fish Kill In Shinnecock Canal Not Clear

who should leave? Those that grumble over the least little thing? Those that want the beach all to themselves? I say those that put up the unfriendly hedges should leave if they don't like the people already here. Oh I see, the hedges remind them of the city." Nov 17, 16 2:55 PM

I get the biggest kick out of obvious newbies showing off their knowledge of mother nature, the canal, the inlet, oh foReel your knowledge of the tide cycle is just facinating!" Nov 17, 16 3:03 PM

For $14 Million, Bragging Rights To 'Chester Arthur Slept Here'

I agree totally but I love the idea of telling my guests that Chester Arthur slept here. They might think I was having another affair. But when I start to tell the history of the house I will put them all to sleep!
Nobody cares about the history of our country." Nov 19, 16 9:16 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

slimealive? what an appropriate name for you!
" Nov 19, 16 9:51 AM

Hamptons Summer Colony Well Represented In Trump Cabinet

first things first..... When the majority of the public watches only one news company, even though they watch it thru the many channels it controls, well then this is what you (we all) get The Trojan Horse aka Donald J. Trump.
" Dec 12, 16 9:35 AM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

I am sorry to say but regarding the proposed shopping center in Tuckahoe it has been negated by someone who owns a business that is in conflict with the big box stores.
" Dec 12, 16 9:39 AM

I guess I forgot to read the first paragraph of the story. Sorry ." Dec 12, 16 9:41 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

SlimeAlive, They call me, and like minded folks: if you insist on your blinded mind and refuse to at least listen to what is being told to us as fact from our own FBI and CIA then it is on your shoulders when YOU and your llike minded friends take the USA down the tubes. READ the TRUTH as written by JUNE BUG in the above statement re: what happened to POLAND.
This event with TRUMP is the result of single minded folks who listened only to FOX news in all the many channels they control. I have 73 years of experience reading history and Daily Papers with varied political views to back up my opinions." Dec 12, 16 12:14 PM

Southampton Village And Town Still Dealing With Cleanup Of Decaying Bunker From Fish Kill

I said in a recent post that the Town should put out a Town wide call to all gardners to come and get the best FREE fertilizer you will ever have!!!!!!!!!! All the old timers know about that OH I mean the locals the real locals!!!" Dec 12, 16 5:00 PM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

You know what is so appropriate for Trump and his minnions..."Me thinks He doth protest too much" and another one from a childs story ... "But the Emperor has no clothes on, Mommey!" " Dec 12, 16 5:27 PM

Eyewitness Testimony Fails To Bring Conviction In Two Cases Involving Alleged Day Care Abuse

I am a mother of 5 children. I would ask Kathleen to help me any time. I know her personally and fully believe this was a put up job. Can only surmise a reason for wanting to hurt 2 good workers that have been found NOT guilty by a judge. People should not speak ill of someone unless they have their own proof.
" Dec 31, 16 4:17 PM

Eli Manning Buys Summer House In Quogue For $8.5 Million

At least, by all accounts, he is a nice decent fellow who is a respectable family man. The kind of family man the East End needs. Welcome to Eli from a real true local only the Shinnecocks were here to greet my ancestors.
" Jan 12, 17 4:18 PM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

For a regular (middle income) family out here I fear this incoming president etc. and his plans. I would hope no unexpected injury happens to us because without Obamacare (yes Obama does care) we will not be able to go to the hospital. Cannot afford the huge expenses charged by the Medical Group. I remember when it cost me $75.00 for the Dr. to deliver my baby in Southampton Hospital. I believe that the Health bill passed back in 2010 titled Affordable Health Care is a good one.. Apparently Gov. Rommey and the people of Mass. like it." Jan 12, 17 4:51 PM

Goodness how people misconstru what I "said" I tell you WHEN I had babies back in the 1950's that is what the charge was then. Of course my husband was only making $75.00 a week. Now put that in perspective.. how far did $75.00 a week go. I guess we did not go out to eat in those days. Keep up with the Jones? Oh goodness on a farm on Mitchell Lane in BH? Man are you out in left field! Slime Alive? that's a good name! I bet you weren't born until 1998 maybe!! Oh I wonder if you are a really true local.. born on the east end. My grandmother said no one is local unless their family goes back to the 1700's.
" Jan 21, 17 10:44 AM

David did you go to HBays schools? They have had pretty good teachers over the years. " Jan 21, 17 10:53 AM

All this talk about health care is upsetting .. but razza brought up the discount rate; we are non smokers, non alcohol, don't waste $$ on lottery tickets.. and still do not get discounts on what we pay into the system. For just one of us the pay is $392.00 monthly.. it does not include my husband but his is similar. He goes to the VA (AND before you yell about that, he is a combat veteran from the Korean War) he has more copays than I do. By the way he did not get a pension from the jobs he had while working on the East End. So we are grateful for the Social Security that was the brainchild of F.D. Roosevelt back during the Great Depression in 1938. But that is another subject." Jan 21, 17 11:13 AM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

PW you are not fair! I do not believe Joe is a Leftist. " Jan 21, 17 12:04 PM

Southampton Village Residents Oppose Gin Lane Compound With 17,000-Square-Foot House

Bye Bye" Jan 21, 17 12:05 PM

No they don't." Jan 21, 17 12:09 PM

Mary Diane Westbrook Of Southampton Dies January 22

Sad Goodbye to one of the finest ladies I met in the Hospital back in the 1970-1980's. " Jan 26, 17 9:02 PM

UPDATE: Protesters Say Weekend Rally At Zeldin Event Was Peaceful

A duly elected Representative has refused to talk to his constituents at a public meeting? What is happening to our country? " Feb 2, 17 6:01 PM

I am so glad to see the above comments. Some of you might be descendants of the founders of 1640. They left England because of a desire for more freedom, Eventually breaking away from the mother country. After the revolution they wrote a long standing Constitution that has held us together. The men realized that amendments were needed.. the first was the Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Please remember that because our new government is going to attack that... Thinking of new ways to get $$$ out of the citizens. " Feb 2, 17 9:24 PM

Southampton School Board Approves 'Culturally Sensitive' Calendar For 2017-18 School Year

So sad for me to read the comments above but especially the dig about quality of education. I know that quite a lot (not all) of the new rules come down from the State BOD. But this school used to have a #1 quality rating. I remember when college bound students did not have to worry about getting admitted to the college or university of their choice..the hard part was choosing which one!
The problem seems to have begun when 'they' passed NO Child Left Behind. " Feb 9, 17 4:05 PM

Two Women Petition For Southampton Village Senior Center

Seems like Southampton Village should have a Senior Center; but would the rich retirees attend the meetings etc?" Feb 9, 17 4:15 PM

the owner, 39 Nugent llc. oh yes, one of those newbies with a few bucks wants to make $$$,$$$,$$$ on Southampton. I wonder how much down did they pay and how much mortgage do they owe? " Feb 9, 17 4:20 PM

Mary Diane Westbrook Of Southampton Dies January 22

I met Diane in the SH hospital. The most cheerful person working on that floor. Diane was kind to all. When i left the job she was the one I missed the most. She told me about life in the South. Rest in Peace dear Lady. " Feb 10, 17 3:34 PM

East Hampton School Board Formally Opposes Betsy DeVos For U.S. Secretary of Education

Now y'all have really sank to the bottom for trolling! Have you read the latest newspaper, listened to news from some source other than a Fox enterprise?
Do you realize that the esteemed bimbo has sold our country to Russia? All in the name of Party Politics?..... I wonder just how fast we will go the way of other lost civilizations? " Feb 14, 17 7:45 AM

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