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Deli Owner Challenges Westhampton Beach Village's Decision To Run Beach Concession Stand

I would also like to say thank to Rob & Brian For finally speaking the truth about their view. as I said the village is now using residents taxes & business owners taxes to fund a FOR PROFIT venture in direct competition with the village businesses they govern. that is the real problem not that the hired a co-worker of the beach manager to run their entity or that its sour grapes on my part that I did not get the beach concession. As a business owner in the village I am all about having competition from other business. I do no think I should have to watch as the village proceeds to compete w/ myself @ Hurricane Deli, Beach Bakery, Shock Ice Cream, Ben & Jerry's Goldberg's and many other restaurants. as per Mayor Moore Rogers beach is a great asset to the village All you need to do is look at the revenue from beach permits, daily passes it is huge. That also does not take into account the fines for illegal parking by beach goers. I would also like to think the concession will be fine but if it is not I'm sure i will be making lots of deliveries there as I did last year.I also asked the Mayor why the village would not be running the kayak & paddle board concession at the marina it was explained to me the the start up cost would be to great i believe the village has budgeted $100,000.00 for the beach concession this year. I think you could buy a lot of paddle boards & kayaks for that amount of money plus that would be a fixed cost. the kayaks & paddle boards could probably be use for a 4-6 year period to recoup the cost of the & then generate & profit with no new product being bought it would only cost the village for the employees to operate it. With the point of buying " And the plan is to source the beverages and some food items from within the Village" I ask this question back on March 3, 2016 I was told yes then at the meeting on April 7, 2016 i was told that that was a misstatement but now it is true again buying stuff retail & trying to make a profit just does not work in any business model any where. it is quite obvious the village does not have a business plan if you try and lover prices at the beach concession you will be cutting in to the PROFITS you say the village needs. how bout renting beach chairs or wind guards or umbrellas that might be a profitable business at the village owned beach I Think " Apr 18, 16 7:29 PM