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Westhampton Library Board, Residents Exchange Barbs Over Vote To Keep Appointed Members

It should be also noted the Trustees provided a handout as to why they are opting to remain a hand-picked appointed Board. The handout stated "Should it elect trustees, it would "emulate" completely a public library. Why could this be a problem?" They then stated the following which totally blows my mind; "Public libraries have to comply with civil service and public procurement laws and regulations. In short, this means that all purchases over a certain dollar amounts must be publically bid and all employees fall under civil service". WOW they have a problem with publically bidding services? Where is the fiduciary responsibility they claim a trustee owes the library they mentioned in their other handout? They also mentioned their "greatest reservation about an elected board" is the possibility of lawsuits. How can it get any worse then the last few months with the legal challenges their management has created. Lastly they they mentioned having an elected board could result in "contentious public elections". Yes the Mayors husband appears to think elections are "contentious"." Apr 14, 16 2:09 PM

Mr Mirell your characterization of the concerned taxpaying citizens as "minions" is an example of how the Board treats people and I see you are now a part of that theatre. Tom Moore's disrespectful behavior toward tax paying citizens has been pointed out numerous times and the article states "prompted yelling from those sitting on BOTH sides of the dais," "visible eye-rolling," and Mendelson "angrily" left the room. When I got home and read the paperwork the board handed out I was appalled to learn "you don't want to comply with the civil service and public procurement laws and regulations". That's the bigger story and the reason some taxpayers are passionate about electing a board. If you attended some of the prior meetings you would have learned I volunteered to serve on any "committees" they offered. I also wanted to volunteer to be on the Board and was told by Tom Moore that was not possible. Get your facts first before you speak. " Apr 14, 16 6:07 PM

Westhampton Library Trustees Say Elected Board Suggestion Still On Table

I am voting "NO" for all the above reasons and the fact the Library has over $4,000,000 in their accounts as cash. They have asked voters for tax increases yet added net gains over expenses of $355,720 for 14-15 and $233,779 in 13-14 alone (see IRS form 990 for each year on the guidestore.org website) Additionally, they have "earmarked" the accumulated millions to spending over $1 mil on a new parking lot and hundreds of thousands of dollars on renovating a building that's still brand new.

Mind you this was as their mis-management has caused the library "substantial amounts" in settled employee lawsuits. Tom Moore has the taxpayers as the "guinea pigs" as how much we will take.

Finally if you review their IRS tax form 990 for year ending 6/30/15, "under penalties of perjury" Joan Levan signed on 9/16/15 stating "NO" when asked on Question #2 "did the organization engage in direct or indirect political campaign activities on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office". My opinion is the DA and/or IRS will decide this one. Plus I am wondering how her appointed new Board President Tom Moore will answer that same question this year?" May 16, 16 8:37 PM

Corrected- "guidestar.org" website" May 16, 16 8:40 PM

First Phase Of Westhampton Beach Sewer District Project Has $16.75M Price Tag

This is movement on cleaning up our waters. The article failed to point out the nitrogen reduction on the 3 WHB bays will only be about 2%. Moniebogue Bay area (and I can point in Dr Gobblers report) will only achieve about 14% reduction not 24 %. So if we as a Village want to spend $16.5 million on a system that will only service 89 condos and 69 businesses can't we focus that spend on achieving more nitrogen reduction? And Ms Schaffers comment on NYS Gov putting all items out to vote- well- if Cuomo was going to spend 1.5 times the annual budget I would expect the citizens of NY to have a say in it. Further Phase 1 doesn't include Seafield House (100 bed facility?, Village Hall, WHB Country Club, the Schools, Best market, and numerous other building that are considered major polluters in the Village. I have found many residents are even upset since the sewer system will run right past their house and the Sewer system is not even designed to hook up to it. There is no one answer that will solve this problem. I do give Brian Tymann a lot of credit for reaching out to me and wanting to discuss the options and try and do what's best for the Village. If any residents (or Press people want to join in on that conversation let me know- my phone numbers in the book) If we are going to make a major investment in sewers lets achieve the most we can and not just 2% nitrogen reduction in all 3 of our bays. I am actually surprised the SHB didn't mention the above as it was discussed in the meeting as well as the Engineers comment- Phase 2 -4 weren't even considered since the cost would be astronomical and the public wouldn't go for it. I am also surprised when the article mentioned the $300,000 in debt service reduction the Mayor pointed out our Mayor Moore failed to mention the new debt service of $6+ mil she is adding by the Main Street Revitalization project and the new Marina project- by the way- all without taxpayer vote. " Sep 13, 17 1:34 PM

I printed a letter in the SHP and they left out all my references to Dr Goblers report so below is the letter with the specific table references and quotes from his report that is available on the WHB Village Website.

Westhampton Beach Village’s coastal bays have some of the worst water quality on Long Island per Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences professor, Christopher Gobler, PhD. He presented his report to the Village on September 7. The report is on the WHB website and a video of the meeting should be available.

Of the three Westhampton Beach bays, nitrogen sewer discharge from homes contribute 49% to East Moriches Bay, 62% to Moniebogue Bay and 53% to Quantuck Bay. Westhampton Beach’s Main Street wastewater contributes only 10% nitrogen (Figures 11, 12, and 13). Overall the installation of the new Main Street sewer system will decrease the nitrogen in all three bays a mere 2% (Table 13), and in Moniebogue Bay only 14% (Table 15).

At a cost of $17 million, the proposed Phase 1 Main Street sewer system will service 67 commercial and 89 residential properties and will exclude 2,272 taxpaying Village homes and businesses (Table 4) yet those 2,272 homes will be taxed for decades to pay off the system.

Of the 4 Phases of water pollution control in our Village only Phase 1 is being considered since Phases 2 and 3 are too costly as stated in the video (H2M presented Phase 1 costs).

Dr. Gobler explains Phase 4 which would most significantly reduce the nitrogen loads in all three bays by 70% by installing residential state of the art denitrifying septic systems likely subsidized by federal, state, and local tax breaks at a significantly reduced cost. Task 3 in the report states Phase 4 “targets nearly 5 times more systems than phases 1-3 combined and would remove the largest amount of nitrogen”. Yet Mayor Moore and the trustees continue to appease the Main Street business owners at the expense of the rest the community and WHB will still remain a major polluter of our bays.

Detractors of the individual homeowner plan point to the risk of destabilizing these systems due to the 50 year sea level rise but they fail to recognize the limited amount of homes in that zone (see Figure 2). If the 50 year sea level rise is a problem why are they even considering the low-lying Main Street $17 million system in the first place?

Mayor Moore and the Trustees don’t want to put this $17 million expenditure out to taxpayer vote just as they didn’t put the $6.5 million marina and Main Street revitalization projects out to vote.

Mayor Moore, why do you continue to appease the builders, developers, landlords and business owners on Main Street at the expense of every taxpayer in this Village and not attack the real problem of our polluted waters?" Sep 14, 17 6:06 PM

Gabreski Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades Expected To Cost Village $2.6 Million

I think it important Ms Riga (author of this article) mention the "Grant money of $5 mil is actually the lower of $5 mil or 25% of the project cost so max grant money "possibly available" is $4,187,500. Also per the last Village meeting Mayor Moore is not set on a 70/30 split between the 2,272 Village taxpayer and the 156 parcel owners on Main Street. Of course anyone who wants to check these facts can view the Village website of the last meeting or view the "official documents" the Village posted with the grant application on the site. A separate Facebook page will be set up shortly outlining all the facts on this sewer project if Village taxpayers are interested." Oct 11, 17 1:07 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Advances Sewer Plans

G you sure have all your jabs and criticisms as I read through many of your current and past comments. Sounds like you need to get out behind screen name and see the world a little. " Nov 17, 17 11:21 PM

Sewer Plan Irks Some In Westhampton Beach

I am not "irked" by the sewer system. I am concerned the correct info is being reported in the SHP and by the Mayor. For instance, the project value is $16,750,000. Not $12.8 million. If the Village meets the stringent requirements of the Grant it will receive a "maximum" subsidiary of 25% of the project price equating to $4,187,500. So let's say they get the full Grant even though the net reduction in nitrogen is 2% for the WHB Bays. Now you will have to add another $1.25 mil for the Marina job and an estimated $6 mil plus for the Main St Revitalization Project. So the most "conservative plan" for the sewer system is actually a $19,812,500. The "$12,800,000" as reported in this article fails add the two other projects that will precede the sewer project (The Marina project is already complete). If the grant requirements are not met then the true cost will bring the price tag to $24,000,000 or twice what is being reported in this article. I know the commentary of this paper is pro sewer but let's face it they will not be straddled with the bill for decades to come. Bob Trager" Dec 11, 17 9:21 PM

Also lets remember the 2016 annual expenses of WHB were $8,314,800 as of the 5/31/16 financial statement. The sewer project, marina project, and Main street add up to triple that number. Now take that a step further and look at what our tax/revenue receipts in that same year were- $10,229,906. In 2017 they budgeted $10,102,543. In 2018 they have budgeted $10,359,285. Is anyone besides me wondering where the surpluses are winding up? I don't see those aforementioned expenses changing that much. Is our Mayor and Village Officials being "transparent" with their tax policies? Don't the taxpayers deserve an answer? If those "excess funds" are for these "special projects" why isn't an account set up with that money sitting there for the projects? Look at the recent articles on Massapequa and Quogue. How about some "Transparency" Mayor Moore?" Dec 11, 17 9:53 PM

Westhampton Beach Can Start Applying For Sewer District Grants

Some of the buildings on Main Street are decades old and sitting on basically swampland. The Village needs to photograph and document the condition of all foundations of the buildings on Main Street both in front of the buildings for the Main Street storm drains, sewer pipe, road reconstruction, sidewalk replacement, tree removal, and burying of electrical lines work to insure there are no pre-existing cracks or compromises in the foundations, walls, ceilings, or roofs of those buildings.

This documentation should also include the rear of the buildings where the ultimate sewer pipe and connections to those same buildings will be performed. Replacement or repair of old foundations will surely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and we need to make sure the Village doesn't get sued for that bill. You can bet any responsible contractor doing the ultimate work will do this themselves so they will not be saddled with the bill.

Also, the Village in their due diligence should identify the property owners who will have sewer pipe run through their private property. There are quite a number of these private properties. Is everyone on board? If not, the Village needs to be financially prepared for potential eminent domain lawsuits. Let’s quantify the potential costs of suing those property owners so we know the costs upfront. " Dec 12, 17 7:30 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Police Put Forward Plan To Station Armed Officer In Schools

I agree with Chief Gonce and a contingency plan should to be in place and applaud him for thinking strateglically . Any officer or SRO at the school should be the responsibility of the District and not solely the responsibility of the Village of WHB. WHB students probably make up less then 10 to 20% of the population of the School District. Any incident could cause a catastrophic lawsuit upon this tiny Village. " Mar 1, 18 8:00 PM

Suffolk County Legislature Approves Westhampton Beach's Use Of Gabreski Sewage Treatment Plant

Why wouldn't the County Legislatures approve? We WHB taxpayers are paying for it. Phases 2, 3, and 4 are not economically feasible and H2M has publicly stated that. Consequently, those phases aren't getting approved. Anyway Phase 1 for $16.75 Mil is not being opposed by too many in the Village so the sewer system (which will decrease the pollution in all 3 WHB bays by 2%) continue to move forward. " Mar 8, 18 7:43 PM

Mayor Moore. Let's please stick to the scientific report we WHB taxpayers paid for that's posted on the WHB Village website-Nitrogen Loading & Mitigation Report by Dr. Gobler. The report states in Table 13- Phase 1: The combined reduction in nitrogen load for ALL 3 Bays of WHB is 2%. Moniebogue Bay is a minuscule piece of the bays that surround our Village. Also note Figure 12 of report- the total nitrogen load from Main St waste is 10%. Please don't continue to cherry pick the report. State the facts. Would you invite Dr Gobbler to attend another Village meeting- closer to elections where more Village taxpayers are available to attend and ask questions? Allow a vote on this? Have you counted the open restaurants on Main St lately or the vacancies of stores? Do you think this is a result of not having a sewer system or the simple fact that no one is occupying their summer homes during the winter months 9 months of the year? Possible this can be a topic of discussion at your Monday evening meetings?" Mar 8, 18 9:42 PM

Ms. Schaefer, I’m glad you have finally addressed the 800 lb gorilla in the room by your statement “elected officials wasting taxpayer dollars”. Like Mayor Moore you are cherry picking half sentences of the report and not addressing the final conclusions of the report. Please read the whole report. My opinion is a $16,750,000 sewer system that will have a net effect of a 2% reduction of nitrogen into the bays is a total waste of money.

Question- if you really are interested in cleaning the bays why aren't you fighting for some year round polluters to be included in the Phase 1 project? For instance, there are 6 employers in the Village that have 695 year round employees that flush their toilets into the Main Street Water Shed (see 2016 Village Financial Statement). This doesn't include the 100+ occupants of the Seafield Center who also flush their toilets daily. Why aren't these businesses part of Phase 1? Many sit in the scope of the project “shovel ready”as you state. We already know Phases 2-4 are not happening.

Another question- it has been mentioned that as a result of the insignificant reduction in nitrogen, this Phase 1 project might not even meet the metrics that are required to qualify for the funds you mentioned in the shovel ready grants this Mayor and Trustees have been touting. Surprised? I am not.

Finally, it’s important we all just don't talk the talk but we also walk the walk. If you are still so interested in clean bays when was the last time you, the Mayor, or any of the Trustees got their home cesspool treated and cleaned? Mine was done 4 months ago. Have you seen the mansions going up around the Main Street water shed? Renovations being done? Go down to Dune and Beach and see the new antiquated cesspool system that was just installed that will flush into the bay and the ocean all summer long. Disgusting. Why hasn't this Mayor required every cesspool be cleaned every 1 to 2 years? New homes or renovations required to have state of the art systems?

Yes, Ms. Schaefer I want clean bays, responsible spending, and the truth from my elected officials. Do you?" Mar 11, 18 9:31 AM

Bellone Authorizes Westhampton Beach Village To Utilize County's Sewage Treatment Plant

Bellone should be smiling. This will not cost the taxpayers of Suffolk County a single dime- The $2.6 mil upgrade cost is being paid for by the taxpayers of Westhampton Beach Village. Construction- maintenance, and future compliance. " Mar 20, 18 8:20 AM

Westhampton Beach Could Break From East Hampton and Southampton School Resource Officer Funding Model

It's amazing the School District would argue over "splitting the costs" with the tiny Village of Westhampton Beach. The District should make a full commitment to the budget of the School for this expense considering Westhampton, East Quogue, Remsenburg-Speonk, East Moriches, Quogue, and Westhampton Beach are all sending districts. After all Westhampton Beach kids probably make up less than 5% of the total school population. " Mar 26, 18 8:10 PM

Theater Review: 'The Boys Next Door' Offers Deft Portrayal Of The Intellectually Challenged

In typical Quogue Theatre style the acting here was again superb. I mean amazing. I will say I was very disturbed by some in the audience belting the laughs out.The reporter on this story states "who's to say people on the other side of the spectrum can't be funny? not I." I totally disagree. " Mar 30, 18 6:05 PM

UPDATE: Westhampton Beach Village Board Adopts $10.6 Million Budget For 2018-19

As a taxpayer in the Village is would be nice if Mayor Moore skipped the smoke and mirrors and presented a better picture of the tax increase of this Village. For instance the % increase is over adopted 17/18 year. We will not know the actual for 17/18 for some time. So lets take the proposed Real Property Tax Revenue above of $8,478,171 and compare it to the "actual revenue" of 16/17 of $8,087,209 that looks like an increase from the last actual year of $390,962 of almost 5%. Meanwhile the "fund balance" accounts have reach $8,197,967 surpassing the actual real property tax revenue for 16/17. Fellow WHB Village taxpayers the Mayors term is up in June. Time for a new Mayor in this Village. " Apr 3, 18 7:06 PM

WHB taxpayers if my name is Bob Trager. What's yours? I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this budget in a public forum with you. The 2018 tax year will not be finalized until 5/31/18 so how can you know the real revenue now? Also, the reserved accounts have millions of "inflated" dollars in them yet this Mayor and Board is still giving us taxpayers a tax increase. Lastly, they should make these meeting after work hours so more of us could attend. What are they afraid of?" Apr 4, 18 1:49 PM

Correction on first sentence- my name is Bob Trager" Apr 4, 18 1:51 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Adopts $10.6 Million Budget For 2018-19

Smoke and mirrors by Mayor Moore and the Trustees. Just like the grant money of $5 mil which they were called out on and finally had to lower by almost $1 mil because of their lack of attention to detail (or as I say "smoke and mirrors"). Then there was the cleaning of the bays which now we know will only be a 2% nitrogen reduction to our WHB bays (remember they have reported 24% reduction yet they failed to take into account the other bays that border our Village- "smoke and mirrors"). They have significantly inflated reserve accounts and refuse to schedule meetings at convenient times where the taxpayers can attend to ask questions ("smoke and mirrors"). This budget is an insult to all us taxpayers. They also refuse to give taxpayers, both year round and seasonal, a vote in the reconstruction of Main Street and sewer district but they fail to realize we might not have a ballot vote but we do get to decide where we spend our summer dollars. If Main Street landlords and two private condominium complexes want to sewer their buildings let them foot the bill. It would be interesting to see which Main Street merchants actually support this project and which don't. We have seen some chime in with support yet I don't see them advocating footing the bill themselves. Main Street- If you "talk the talk you should walk the walk". Pay your own bills!!" Apr 10, 18 9:07 PM

East Quogue School Board Adopts $25.1 Million Budget for 2018-19

Absolutely. Its called due diligence. Getting alternate quotes, hey even something foreign to government like "doing without". PLANNING- yes looking at your local population trends, inflation projections, health care costs and doing what's right for your districts, students, taxpayer. Its also the possibly administration giving something up to benefit all in the long run. Possibly combining districts to cut administration costs- but too many people don't want to think outside the box. And, unfortunately the "Hills" would have been a home run for this district on every metric but they voted it down. " Apr 20, 18 12:06 PM

Greater Westhampton Chamber Of Commerce To Hold New Board Election After Members Complain

It would be interesting to see how many of the local business owners want the revitalization of Main Street and the construction of the sewer system? Look at Riverhead now where a recent article in another paper talked about the cracking of walls and foundations as a result of some of the new construction. Some buildings on Main St are very old. Some appear to be lawyering up. Will the demo of Main St and the digging up of the sidewalks result in the shutting down of their businesses during the construction and any problems with their walls and foundations? What will the store owners' and/or landlords' legal expenses be? What will the store owners do if the cracked foundations create a situation where their store can't be open for business until the construction problems are corrected? What about construction delays for the project? The roundabout in Riverhead was in a partial state of disrepair because of the winter weather and construction just started up again- albeit at a slow pace. How about the Jessup and Beach bridges still not completed? Delays. Do they think patrons will be OK with walking on unsteady, partially constructed sidewalks for an extended period of time? Have to park a distance from their store as a result of construction equipment or partically completed sidewalks and roads- all vying for any empty space with the real estate offices? And will the tax increases from the street construction and sewer system (which if you do the math might double for some building owners) be passed onto the business owners, not to mention the additional taxes for the operation of the system when it's in place? Are they asking these questions? The Mayor, Frano, and Urban are up for re-election. Time for a change of leadership that will listen to Main Street and will give the taxpayers the truth and a vote! " Apr 28, 18 6:31 PM

Hambone we had a couple of B&Bs in town and they have since closed. Restaurants, even the best one, close in the fall and winter months. There is no draw to this Village like the other Hamptons and Greenport have and guess what- many of their business also close their doors in the winter. Also, every other Hamptons Main Street (besides Quogue, and they're doing fine) is on a main thoroughfare, easy to find. I supported the firehouse. Any group of people who are on call 24/7, will get up in the middle of a winter nights to rescue someone or answer a fire call can have whatever they want in my book. Great you support the sewer system and vibrancy on Main St BUT Main Street (or anyone else who supports it) can pay for it. Matter of fact they can start a fund so individual citizens can start paying for it. I don't have my hand in Main Street's pocket they shouldn't have their hand in mine. Question- who on your side is stating the Fund?" Apr 29, 18 12:01 PM

Local Restaurants Ditch Plastic Straws As Part Of Surfrider Foundation Campaign

I commend Mambo Kitchen for there efforts on eliminating plastic. The issues of plastic in our oceans is so under-reported and in many ways a more provable issue then global warming (albeit I am all for clean waters, air, and land- lets strive to eliminate all sources if only for a better environment no matter what your views). The depletion of fish in our oceans as a result of over fishing, man made pollution including the waste fields of plastic and other garbage is destroying a food source and natural resource for so many people. Plastic should be recycled and eliminated wherever possibly." Jun 8, 18 7:46 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Residents Concerned About Ice Cream Truck Approval

Hey TomJulie, hiding behind your anonymous name. Im sure if god-forbid something happened to you and a bystander didn't report it you would be the first ones crying!!! Also refer back to your Dec 2nd posting- Quogue Police Force Investigates Rash of Break-ins targeting landscapers. Does "hypocrite" ring a bell!! It takes a community and as a son or a former Federal Law Enforcement officer- If you see something say something!! What FRAUDS!" Jun 9, 18 5:13 PM

Hambone, you have a lot to say and I know its easy for you and so many others to hide behind your anonymous names. Its safe and its easy to hurl personal attacks that way. You have a choice of moving out of the Village if you dislike it so much or speaking up and bringing value. Myself and my wife like having a home in the Village and we speak up publically and in the newspapers to bring our voice and opinions to the forefront. We are not afraid of any backlash, negative posts, personal attacks, etc. We always base our conversations (and any criticisms) on facts and never do the personal insults. Quite frankly some of our politicians also take the same risks and should be addressed the same way without personal attacks, anonymous letters in the mail the days before elections and rumor and innuendo. I also see you wrote a piece back on 2/5/10 stating "there are 200 homes in zip code 200 in pre-foreclosure- frankly this is dumb and someone needs to stand up and say so". Yes this is one of the things we fight for- an affordable community for all. Time for you to come out and have your "constructive" voice heard in the community." Jun 11, 18 8:13 AM

:Toes in the water- you should reflect back on your 2/9/17 and 8/10/17 comments. Summers here- get outside and enjoy the weather. I sit to the right of the lifeguard stand. Come by and say hello!!" Jun 11, 18 8:46 AM

New Restaurant Planned At Site Of The Corner Restaurant In Westhampton Beach

Actually the smart one is the new restaurant owner. Think of it. Although this restaurant will be a mere 12 feet from the new sewer line and he will have to pay for the construction of the sewer system (That only removes less then 2% nitrogen from the bays) will never have to pay for the cost of the actual operation which will run into the thousands each year. Additionally this restaurant will never be able to hook up to the system even if he wanted to since the system will be at capacity the day it goes into operation. Building outside Main Street is smart! Business's and homes outside the system will still get to pollute our drinking water and bays. Nice Job Mayor Moore!! Keep up the Great Work! " Jul 11, 18 12:55 PM

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