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Hampton Bays Library Project Now Stands At $15.8 Million; Board Intends To Buy Adjoining Property

$130.00 a year for twenty years? And the Hampton Bays School District will probably break the 2% cap next year asking for more money from us. Are you kidding me? Both the Library and the School district are working together to squeeze every penny from Hampton Bays residents. A library that serves as a baby-sitting service throughout the day should not get one cent from Hampton Bays workers. Ask your kids when was the last time they used the library? Vote NO for this utterly irresponsible attempt to fleece all residents of Hampton Bays. VOTE NO!" Apr 13, 16 11:22 AM

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http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/vote-no-to-15-million-tax-for-hampton-bays" Apr 13, 16 4:40 PM