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The Hampton Gardener: Feed the Trees Part II

I wouldn't trust anyone who said you had worms in the branches. Borers maybe but not worms. Sounds like you need to contact a certified arborist or get in touch with the consumer horticulture office at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Riverhead and ask them for a diagnosis. 727-7850

Andrew" Oct 29, 08 4:27 PM

Remembering Vivian Walsh, The Original Merry Maker

Vivian was one of a kind. And yes, he and the Marry Makers were the highlight of my wedding some 40 years ago. I actually met him years before I know his Merry Maker connection because I had been travelling to Dominica to study the flora during winter breaks. A friend who worked with him at the local Chevy dealer turned me on to him knowing he was from that tropical paradise. I will hear those steel drums forever." Apr 1, 14 9:12 PM

There's No Place Like Home In A Train Station

What a wonderful tribute to the Kirwin family and their house. It was and is a testament about how Bob and Ellen wanted to live and the simplicity that surrounded them. We were always concerned that one of the kids or dogs would get hit by a passing train or that we'd hear one day that their old wood burning stove had ignited the house one night. It never happened. I'd often go over to visit only to find Bob fast asleep on the threadbare couch on the porch which was the original platform for train boarding. Bob was able to sleep though every single passing train as well as my bad humor. The family and their home had truely been blessed. Ellen has clearly continued the tradition and her love of the house." Aug 5, 14 9:49 PM

Schmidt's To Setup Outdoor Market For Memorial Day Weekend


I need my salad bar.

AM" May 26, 16 4:59 PM

Friendships Bloom At Horticultural Alliance Of The Hamptons

Some of the impetus for the formation of the Alliance came from the dismantling of the Southampton Horticulture Society that was a group of local men who were the gardeners for the old estates and several of the local nursery owners who have long left the east end. It was felt that a more serious group of gardeners and horticulturists was needed and in late 1985 and early 1986 we had our first meetings with an initial name of suggested to be the South Fork Horticulture League. At our February 2nd. 1986 meeting we adopted the name Hampton Horticultural Alliance and we had 32 members.

On February 10th, 1986 a draft of the initial charter stated that "The Alliance will present a lively outlet for new ideas and practices in garden design and horticulture. Through this exchange, it is hope the Alliance can contribute to the strong horticultural tradition of the South Fork."

And now, more than 30 years later, it certainly has.

Andrew Messinger" May 9, 17 1:39 PM

Toxic Blooms Spur Calls For Emergency Approach At Georgica Pond

Doesn't seem like there's an easy solution for anyone. Not the pond, not the plovers and not the property owners. But with all the resources that seem to be available on the part of the property owners why not set up a temporary system that will simply pump pond water out to ocean and ocean water into the pond until the salinity level reaches a point where it will kill the algae? This could be done until the cut can safely and legally be made. Yes, the pumps will make noise and no it's not what the property owners bargained for when they moved on to the land that was once stewarded by the farmers (who were not blameless), but the blame game resolves and solves nothing.

And what a novel idea to ban fertilizers in environmentally fragile zones. And how creative to think that better septic systems may lead to better tidal and coastal wetlands. Now sell it to town hall, the county and the DEC. Oh, and the comment about phosphate fertilizers...lawn fertilizer containing phosphorus have been off the market in NY and many other states for quite a while now." Jun 13, 17 9:16 PM

If Marijuana Legalization Comes To New York, Should Gardeners Grow It?

Unfortunately there were news reports today that a number of 'special interests' want their piece of the $300,000 to $1,000,000,000 marijuana tax receipts that NY may be able to pull in. These interests may inadvertently slow down the legislation for several years. However, if common sense prevails the legislature should decriminalize simple possession and allow home growing as a first step them move on to the more complicated slices of the tax pie as a second step.

Andrew " Jan 28, 19 6:20 PM