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UPDATE: Discovery Land Changes Time Of Saturday Informational Meeting

Only those who want to know the truth care what Al Algieri has to say! Intelligent people need to hear both sides to make an educated decision. Those with selfish reasons to approve the Hills don't want the rest of us to see the facts. " Jun 8, 16 10:07 AM

Since when do 2 wrongs make a right? Fix the farming issue and don't let more pollution into our groundwater just because others do it." Jun 8, 16 11:02 AM

So let's start the conversation with the Town board on pollution: tell them to reject the Hills and begin to put limits on farm pollution!" Jun 8, 16 2:50 PM

Southampton Town Deems The Hills Environmental Impact Study Incomplete For The Second Time

Actions speak louder than words. PDD moratorium does not interfere with the HILLS proposal since it's grandfathered. NOW we will see if the new Town board we elected will step up and REJECT this DEIS. Permanently. Period. Voters have long memories." Jun 10, 16 11:24 AM

It's been 2 1/2 weeks since this report was issued. The public should be made aware. We didn't even know it existed until now. How can one file a FOIL for something we don't even know about? The public deserves to be kept up to date on this issue which has such a monumental impact on our lives. Tell me why I'm wrong on this." Jun 10, 16 11:30 AM

This was just not "any report." It was from one of the "two private firms the town retained to assist in reviewing the application" which rises far above the level of everything the Town receives.

Semantics: A report not accepted and returned as incomplete in my book is rejected.

BTW, I was not the one who refered to what's in the file in Town." Jun 11, 16 9:23 AM

Either way, all the more reason to keep on them to do the right thing." Jun 14, 16 10:12 AM

Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

I have been and will continue to boycott this restaurant and their other one since they opened and started polluting the bay! I prefer to frequent restaurants with socially responsible owners. I am not surprised at their actions. Ridiculous! We are a waterfront community with carribean-like summers. I hope more restaurants like this open!" Jun 18, 16 11:15 AM

East Quogue Civic Association Meeting To Discuss 'The Hills' Turns To Screaming Match

They are against it, as are many east end environmental organizations." Jun 18, 16 11:22 AM

Thank you for such a precise summary of just what is going on with the Hills proposal. I sincerely hope our Town Board rethinks their position on this. It seems thay are bent on pushing this through, when they could stop it right now.
" Jun 23, 16 10:52 AM

Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

Ate there Friday night - excellent food and service! Since when is a quesadilla carribean fare!" Jun 26, 16 12:14 PM

Discovery Land Insists That 'The Hills' Won't Add Any Children To Local Schools

Again, it;s all about the MONEY! Some locals I speak with want the Hills since they think their EQ modest home's value will skyrocket as a result of EQ becoming the place to be. Have you seen the brown water in the bay lately? Jay needs to focus on helping homeowners upgrade their septic systems to reduce pollution, not help a developer create more pollution, which is a given according to all those in the know (who are not compendsated by the Hills developer.)" Jun 29, 16 12:14 PM

Democratic Primary In Limbo After Tight Vote

I don't see how anti-semitism plays into this. You are haters and I am disgusted that 27East allowed this line of comments to remain." Jun 30, 16 11:50 AM

Discovery Land Insists That 'The Hills' Won't Add Any Children To Local Schools

Thank you for pointing out some specifics. Mr. Hissey just said at a semi-public meeting last week that the covenants would be "perpetual" and could not be overturned by a homeowners association. Truthinness????
Thank you to those who comment here....you keep the issue alive, and should not be referred to as lunatics. Those who support the Hills are closer to that category than those who oppose it." Jul 2, 16 11:19 AM

Southampton Town Makes Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE THIS DEAL HAPPEN!!!!!! Restore our faith in our elected officials! Discovery Land Company should know that without a golf course the 5 acre properties will be worth much less. If they refuse the Town's offer, the PDD should be rejected. DLC is not interested in the good of the people, just the good of their balance sheet." Jul 13, 16 9:21 AM

Southampton Town Releases Draft Of Water Quality Improvement Plan

A resounding YES!!!! to conserve our waters - both drinking and bays! " Jul 13, 16 12:35 PM

Alec Baldwin Will Push Pine Barrens Commission To Review 'The Hills'

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the PBC decided the project should go forward? Then you would all be singing the praises of those who wanted their insight! Oh, wait, since you don't want their opinion, you must therefore think they would be against the Hills. But why? Is there something you don't want the public to know? Either this is a good, environmently safe project or it is not! The more eyes we have on it the better!!!" Jul 17, 16 11:12 AM

Alec Baldwin, Local Environmentalists Petition For Pine Barrens Commission To Review 'The Hills'

The Baldwins are life long residents of Long Island and have every right to be concerned about the water quality - this is not just about Southampton, all of LI uses the SAME water supply!
" Jul 21, 16 11:51 AM

I was there and the number was around 200. Another example of skewed reporting. Maybe the reporter should have counted how many people signed the petition that was later brought to the Pine Barrens Commision meeting at 2pm. You won't be laughing when brown water comes out of your tap. This is not a joking matter." Jul 21, 16 11:55 AM

You are sadly misinformed. Most supporters are local businesses who think they will profit from the develpment. Follow the $$$. You are all very shortsighted. " Jul 21, 16 11:58 AM

Does golfer think he will ever get to play on this PRIVATE golf course? Check out the position of the developer about allowing non-members to play. Maybe at an annual charity event? Unless golfer is plannig to become a member of the Hills. Then he can spend all of his extra $ on bottled water. He'll need it." Jul 21, 16 12:02 PM

Thank you for adding another voice of sanity to this discussion. Town Board members: please use your common sense and listen to the scientific facts. They speak volumes!" Jul 24, 16 10:07 AM

Neighbors Fear Pair Of Pit Bulls That Attacked Small Dog In Hampton Bays

I have had the pleasure to own 2 English Bull Terriers (not pit bulls) at different times over a period of over 20 years. These are the "Spuds Mackenzie dogs." I can't tell you how many times they were confronted by unleashed labs, mutts and even small dogs, one of which attacked my loving dog from behind and bit her on the ear. Many small dog owners will tell you that small dogs think they are great danes. My dog was always afraid of small dogs after that even though she weighed 60 lbs. This happened on my property. Many boaters pull up to the sandbar beach in Eastern Shinnecock Bay to let their dogs swim to the beach to relieve themselves (disgusting) with no owner present at all. They stay on their boats. It got to the point that we had to always be vigilant if relaxing on the beach even though our dog was always leashed and at our side. So it's all about the HUMANS. Many show no responsibility when they commit to an animal. As for Dr. Meekins, she was our vet and we found her to be extremely caring and professional. Please don't disparage this wonderful woman over one incident. I'm sure those of you who are dissing her don't even know her. Focus on the bad owners, not the dogs." Aug 5, 16 10:13 AM

Southampton Town Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue Is Rejected

It's time for the Town board to reject the PDD out of hand. That is, if Schneiderman et al are serious about preserving the pine barrens. Stop this insanity already!

Those of us against this project are only more determined to stop it. David will kill Goliath!!!!!
" Aug 6, 16 10:19 AM

I understand there are still some homes in Southampton Pines that haven't been finished. DLC should have accepted the Town's offer. How many 5 acre homes will be sold in a development near the railroad without a golf course, miles from the bay and ocean? That is, of course, if there is no understanding on the part of DLC that the TB will approve the PDD. ??? What's really going on here? A political strategy to offer CPF funds to placate the citizens, and then an approval of the PDD????
You can't have it both ways. Either protect the pine barrens or don't!!! Where are the promises made by TB members last November when we elected them?????" Aug 7, 16 12:13 PM

Where is our elected Town Board? Cat got their tongue? Are they still seriously considering the PDD? Isn't it clear the Discovery Land Company cares not for our community, they are risking our drinking water and bays for hundreds of millions of dollars in profits and throwing us a few cents. How naive are those who believe that they are "invested" in our community. Laughable if not so seriously sad." Aug 12, 16 9:48 AM

Environmental Study For The Hills In East Quogue Expected To Be Rejected For Third Time

So what now? They get a fourth shot at getting it right? Who does the Town Board work for??? 3 strikes and they're out. If their scientists and planners, who are supposed to be so advanced and experienced, need our Town Board and consultants to correct them THREE TIMES, then how can we trust anything they come up with? TB gave them opportunity to get out of this gracefully with a $35million offer, and they passed on it. Now the TB should pass on the PDD! PLEASE REJECT THE PDD NOW. ENOUGH OF THIS INSANITY." Aug 20, 16 11:52 AM

Enviros Say County Is Letting Developers Slide On Clean Water Act Requirements

All enviros should boycott this restaurant as I have been for years! $ talks." Aug 28, 16 9:41 AM

Special Needs Student Will Be Able To Attend Westhampton Beach Middle School Under Agreement

YAY!!!! The parents are the ones who decide what's best for their son, not the school administrators!" Sep 2, 16 12:24 PM

Judge Rules That Canoe Place Inn Lawsuit Can Move Forward

Town Board - take note when considering the "Hills" in EQ!" Sep 3, 16 9:35 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor To Meet With Shinnecock Hills President, Michael Bloomberg On Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal

This is what the democratic party brings you: private golf course roads and private golf courses (East Quogue Hills.) Vote against the establishment: VOTE TRUMP!!!!!" Sep 9, 16 9:39 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

Ok. Right after Hillary releases transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street.
" Sep 9, 16 10:18 AM

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