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Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

I have read every article and every post linked to this story. I have waited until all the testimony has been given, and the jury is deliberating, to post my opinion. I find it a very sad world when one person can draw conclusions based only on newspaper reports, and state their opinions in such a black and white manner, especially if they were not witness to the event. Some of the consistent commentators on this site have lost sight to the fact that a man was killed, and the one who committed the act has to be held responsible. The supporters of "Tony" have a right to stand up for their friend, but if he was killed, what would they be doing? Would they not want justice? Would they not want the party who killed him be held accordingly for their actions? I sit here right now, listening to Andrew's little girl play ball with my daughter. I am thinking back to "friend4life" 's earlier comment - about how she is "praying for the jury who is making a decision on the future of a young man's life." Does "Tony" ever think of the impact on the future of David and Mary Grace?
" Dec 2, 09 6:03 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

Too bad the defendant never took the stand....maybe some of the comments you are making, username1, would be taken back. IF the defendant had taken the stand he would HAVE to answer questions about his past criminal behavior; do you know about his past? It's TOO bad the jury never got to hear about his previous convictions, since it doesn't bear on this case. But it seems like he has had anger issues in the past, and he has confronted more than just Andrew Reister in a bar before. So........what it boils down to, I guess, is that it doesn't matter how much training one has, how intelliegent a person is, or sometimes even where you are, when you turn your back on someone, you don't know if you're safe or not.
Thank you, friend4life, for your kind words and standing up to the "cyberbullies" on this blog. You are one of the few who understand that BOTH sides have lost in this situation......
And, username1, you have absolutely NO right to pass judgement on Andrew's widow, Stacey. She has been through hell and back, is still in a state of shock, has not been given the time to grieve because of this trial...and you criticize her for playing cards, having an occassional laugh, and snacking while waiting for this verdict to come in. Much of the sunshine in her life was taken away from her when her husband was murdered, and when there is an occassional ray of light, she should be able to grasp at it. For you to knock her down simply states the lack of compassion you have for another human being. As my mom always said, "Think before you talk.", or, in this case, "Think before you write."" Dec 7, 09 8:10 PM

I stand corrected...true, he could have plead the fifth...it still stands that he has been in trouble with the law before
And, PBR, good will towards men...." Dec 7, 09 8:53 PM


No, the SCPD or DA did NOT try to "Infect the jury with false rumors." I actually have read AND remembered the history of this case.

If you're interested in the TRUTH, look back at previous articles: The August 19, 2008 article in 27East states: "The judge also ruled that some of Mr. Oddone’s criminal history could be discussed during the trial. Mr. Oddone was convicted of petit larceny in 2004, after he and another man were caught stealing electronics from an upstate WalMart they worked at and selling them on eBay. Ms. Kedia said that if such criminal history were admissible she may have to refrain from calling Mr. Oddone to the stand, to prevent the subject from being broached."
In addition, the article continues: " The judge, however, disallowed discussion of Mr. Oddone twice violating his probation—once for receiving a summons for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor, and again for moving to Long Island when he transferred colleges in 2005—as well as his arrest in 2005 for destruction of property when he threw several tables and chairs off a patio at a bar and an incident in which Mr. Oddone was accused of striking another man with a beer bottle while Mr. Oddone was working as a bouncer in a bar."
So, there you go "EQUALIZER" - yep, the defendant himself worked as a bouncer in a bar, hit another man with a beer bottle....hmmm....what were the earlier comments about bouncers? Oh, that's right - YOU stated, "In my former career I have been witness during and after the fact where bouncers have beaten people senseless and the cops turned a blind eye to it. In at least two occasions I knew that people were killed from those beatings." SO, does this characteristic fit ALL bouncers? Including the defendant?
INS and username1 seem to agree with you, too - they stated:
"username1 - You nailed it! "Real bouncers with brains difuse situations, not attack people inside a crowded bar."
This one of the most sensible things I have seen written here. A good bouncer always uses his head to try to diffuse the situation. "
Did the defendant use his head when he acted as a bouncer upstate? Did he continue to use it in the same manner in the Publick House?
Do some accurate research, gentlemen, before you go around accusing people with slander. Unlike others, I would never post something that I could not back up with a fact.

" Dec 7, 09 10:39 PM

Thanks, maryb123! :o)

IN addition, PBR, I was NOT the one who stated that a good bouncer uses his head to diffuse a situation. When quotations are used, and another source is cited, those are that person's words. So, go back, and reread, it was username1 who first stated that, and then INS agreed. When I referred to them and that statement, I was trying to bring home a point - they have consisitently inferred that Andrew Reister used brute force, and that a bouncer should not do that. By quoting prior articles, I was hoping to show that the defendant, who was a bouncer as well, had used physical force that ended up being arrested.
I know the jury can only consider the testimony, PBR. I'm well aware of that fact, and of the fact that Mr. Oddone could not take the stand to defend himself, or the jury would gain knowledge of his past. Public record has it that there have been prior arrests, PBR, I just went back and quoted 27east for time purposes. I'm sure 27east could not post such information if it were slanderous. Perhaps if you have the time ( and with 80 comments under your belt, I'm gathering you do) , you can do further research and enlighten us tomorrow.
Sleep well, and you, too, have a most blessed Christmas!" Dec 7, 09 11:17 PM

There was only ONE witness, a defense witness, who stated that she saw Andrew physically touch the defendant. I spoke with Andrew's widow regarding this persistent issue last night. Only ONE person, out of dozens , saw that from their vantage point.

And there is also an error above, PBR stated, "- Did you see FOTO's post that the ADA has accepted as fact that Mr. Reister pushed Mr. Oddone off the table? [I assume this is accurate -- no one has challenged it.]" Consider it challenged, asked Stacey about that, too, and there was NEVER any such occurance. Just felt like I needed to clarify that point.

Shamrock also states, "Alwayslocal - Mr. Reister was the bully - i wonder who else was dancing on that table - Oddone is about 180 lbs - Reister about 285 lbs. Why pick on Oddone, someone a lot smaller. - Reister as a correction officer was use to people obeying him - Oddone didn't know who he was, bouncer or drunk." Shamrock, many witnesses testified that Andrew DID identify himself - he was wearing a shirt with the words "Publick House" written on it. I saw that shirt, as it was being held up as evidence, with Andrew's blood on it. In addition, Andrew's blood was also on the defendant , a smear across his wrist. I like how the words "about" were used to mention weight. No one has argued the point that Andrew was taller and heavier than the defendant. However, when I saw Andrew at Stonybrook Hospital, on a respirator, there were many machines around, some on his bed. There was testimony that there was an initial weight that was much heavier than Andrew because the machines were not taken off. His weight was recalculated - I do not remember what it was, but it was significantly lower than 285.

Sorry this post is long and verbose, I know it went over the limit many wish to have on here.

" Dec 9, 09 5:59 PM

Mall developer seeks new retail in Hampton Bays and Bridgehampton

A Trader Joe's would be an awesome addition to this community. Many, many friends have petitioned for one in Riverhead - Hampton Bays would be even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dec 29, 09 6:25 PM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

Curious, since I live in Hampton Bays and have NEVER "encouraged" or "welcomed" this type of behavior, who do you know in my town that does? As a matter of fact, you should become acquainted with the Concerned Citizens of Hampton Bays and read about their activities and views! At the present time, Boardy Barn is open on Sundays, and the Beach Bar is open, too. Both Summers and Neptunes has been closed, as have other numerous establishments that were frequented by many of us, in our youth. Hampton Bays does not revel in this type of activity, and gets a bad rap by many who live east of the canal.
" Jul 14, 15 8:32 PM

Hampton Bays Wrestling Coach Arrested On Drug Possession Charges

That's very kind that one individual wrote about how religion has played an important role in Mr. Hoshyla's life. Perhaps those who are passing judgement can learn not to slander, and, instead, why not try to help others and lift people up in their time of need? Everyone has made errors in their life, some more heinous than others, but to condemn a person who is having serious issues right now is wrong! Each one of us has challenges, and while they may not be as great as those obstacles facing Mr. Hoshyla right now, you probably know someone, or are related to someone, who has faced demons like his. Cultivate kindness, not hatred - reach out to those who need your help and don't judge - you can be the next person who may need the help of others in our wonderful community! " Dec 8, 16 5:43 PM

Sounds good, but why limit it to schools? How about veterinarians? cab drivers? office personnel? garbage collectors? psychotherapists? knitters? It is a nationwide epidemic - just look the daily news! Parents drive with their children while being impaired; who is going to drug test them? " Dec 8, 16 6:31 PM

I am sorry to hear that your experiences with Paul have been negative. I have known the family personally for decades, and can honestly say they have been there for my family and me in good times and sad ones. They all have, including Paul, been great friends. So I do have history with them, and feel the need to try to bring out the positive. And you are right, facts are facts, not slander, and our country is wonderful that we can post our opinions and not be afraid. When I wrote my original post is was not directed totally towards you, or I would have replied directly to your post. The sarcasm in other posts irked me, which prompted me to write. And you are correct, a phone call and asking for help is needed. Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they ask for help and admit there's a problem. In the spirit of Christmas, I do hope you and yours have a great holiday!" Dec 9, 16 10:00 PM