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Southampton Village Residents Oppose Gin Lane Compound With 17,000-Square-Foot House

Oh no ! The flowering Pear trees will shade his pool.....rich people problems! " Jan 14, 17 7:42 AM

East Hampton Community Mourns Death Of High School Student

So very heartbreaking. I pray this family is sheltered with an endless support system of family, friends and love.

Spotting these situations is extremely difficult. Its still happening bc we haven't broken the stigma. And the health care system IS failing those who are stricken with depression. Again, I am praying for this family's strength.

" Jan 19, 17 7:36 AM

Westhampton Man, 22, Battling Rare And Aggressive Form Of Testicular Cancer

Stay positive Mr Ospina and Ms Beecher!! Power of the mind is important. Healthy eating right now is also very important. You can go online to find the foods your body needs right now. It will make a difference, just as sharing your story will make a difference in someone else's life. Most people are unaware that the age for testicular cancer is between 15 and 35 years old. I hope by sharing your story, it will encourage parents to teach theirs sons about this, or schools to teach this in health class or gym class. You have already turned a negative into a Positive by sharing your story . I wish the both of you well" Jan 24, 17 4:54 PM

Wow chief! I find your remark rather rude and insensitive for this article! . Mr Z's comment was smart actually and helpful.
Have u ever heard of Dr Max Gerson?? According to his research , he cured 50 terminally ill cancer patients with diet !! And his work was banned from the US. We may spend billions on cancer research but..." Jan 26, 17 8:53 AM

Schneiderman Skeptical On Approval Of Tuckahoe Center Proposal

So many supermarkerts to to chose from .....in the surrounding hamlets. Doesn't that seem odd....having to travel to another hamlet for your food shopping needs in this prestigious wealthy village?! The one store here is a joke. I dont have time to visit Stop & Shop 3 times in a week bc they dont have the basics I need. It would be amazing to make only one trip to the store each week. 9 times out of 10 , I leave Stop &Shop without everything on my list. So I will travel to Bridghampton from now on as I dont have the time to play the food shopping game. I wont order from Peapod anymore who delivers foods very close to their expiration date. Fresh Direct only delivers during the summer months. But its not like I have the time to wait around for a delivery. Than theres delivery charges that will add up . Some people are on fixed incomes.
We need an exceptable grocery store. We dont need a shopping center. Please" Jan 27, 17 7:45 AM

Very WELL said Dragger!! Im confused as to how some ppl from other hamlets seem to think they know whats best for our hamlet and our food shopping needs!

Hey TB... how about food shopping in our Stop & Shop for the next month , the experience will certainly change your opinion! As for the traffic, good luck getting past Southampton and the bottleneck at Flying Point Road... THAT is what will cause the extra traffic congestion in Tuckahoe! Yes, it will back things up that far. If you dont take this route during peak times,and dont understand it , than you have no business commenting on it. Draggers view is far from narrow. " Jan 28, 17 8:06 AM

Stop & shop has been wiped out of regular Arizona Iced tea since it went on Sale last Friday! I've tried 3 times this week. Good luck finding Natures Pride Half & Half in a half gallon container.( also tried 3 times ) You have to buy the small ones and spend more $ . Dont go shopping at 8am ! Even if u have a full cart, you will have no choice but to check out at the self check out! Be prepared to merge and rub the aisles when passing other shopping carts. The aisle are tight. And watch out for the woman scanning her items in the middle of the narrow aisle. Are you looking for something an cant find it? Still looking? Me too! Im leaving and going to finish my grocery shopping at CVS . OH! Thats not our grocery store?!?! Hmm I hear the grocery store in WH is nice...." Jan 28, 17 8:31 AM

Yes, they will deliver to my door . But I'm not interested in paying for groceries that are close to their expiration date. Besides that, having groceries delivered is not the solution to an inadequate grocery store. " Jan 29, 17 7:52 AM

Share The Harvest Farm Starts Young Farmers Training Initiative

This is GREATt!! Farming is such an important part of our history here on the island. I hope to see more of the schools adopt programs such as this. Kudos to you Ms Miller ! " Feb 1, 17 7:25 AM

UPDATE: Stony Brook Hospital Officials Confirm Death Of Woman Injured In Hill Street Accident

2 people were seriously injured in this accident. Lets all wish the victims an families well rather than put our 2 cents in!

This comment above...gross! Passing judgment on tributes from a past accident where those involved lost their lives...just down right inappropriate.

Kindness Matters....Pass it on!" Feb 3, 17 7:28 AM

Two Pit Bulls Euthanized After Attacking, Killing Family Pet In Hampton Bays

Dogs are dogs an they can bite! ALL of them. Big or small. Pitbull or Cocker Spaniel. Its the OWNERS responsibility to understand their dogs temperament , wether its a pitibull or a shitszu. And it should be the owner who gets a bad rap and not the breed of dog. I do not own a pitbull. Nor do I judge them. I COEXIST with ALL.

" Feb 9, 17 8:28 AM

Also, I learned that when theres a dog fight , grabbing the dogs hind legs and pulling hard separates them. Ive seen it done and have had to do this myself on one occasion. It worked. I dont know if this is an unconventional method to use but Its what I was taught . If this is wrong, I hope someone will say so. TY ! From what the article states , its doesnt sound like that would have made a differerence in this situation , ;( But I think its worth sharing for those who own dogs. " Feb 9, 17 8:34 AM

Southampton School Board Approves 'Culturally Sensitive' Calendar For 2017-18 School Year

Do you to have anything better to do? This comment sounds like a true sociopath...its sad. And its creepy. KINDNESS...Pass it on!!! PLEASE! The bulk of your comments are not nice. If your looking for a "special project", maybe go volunteer somewhere rather than suggesting "27east better remove" someones comment that bothers you. Dont make threats on this site. 27east would be wise to monitor your comments. " Feb 9, 17 8:53 AM

Two Women Petition For Southampton Village Senior Center

Bravo ladies! Bravo! I would love to sign this petition................" Feb 10, 17 7:28 AM

Rally Held By Supporters Of Tuckahoe Center On Monday; Supervisor Skeptical Of Who Turned Out

We need a new grocery store . We dont need a shopping center. All I want is to be able to make one trip to the store for all my basics. I guess thats too much to ask for. Off to Bridgehampton KK to buy groceries....." Feb 10, 17 7:40 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Officials Work To Clean Up Icy Roads

WOW!! I know some of those people who drive the plows. They are GOOD local people!!! They aren't using METH you A****** I give them alot of credit for what they do! Ever snow plow during a blizzard pal? Yea I didn't think so ! You couldn't handle it! Instead you choose rude snide instigating remarks (like some few other select special people on this site). Please take your rude comments to another site! Your rear end wouldn't get very far on the roads if you didn't have these people, you just insulted, doing the daunting task of plowing the snow. Show them some respect ...they earned it!!

Maybe just maybe , if people stayed OFF the roads during the storm , there wouldn't be 2 inches of ice packed onto the road! It called common sense. one in which you seem to lack there buddy." Feb 11, 17 10:02 AM

THANK YOU to ALL the people who worked so hard to clear the roads as best they could. You all did a great job considering there was too many people out an about on the roads making your job a more difficult. " Feb 11, 17 10:06 AM

Morris Studio To Close After 125 Years

Will truely miss this lil gem of a mom an pop store. Main St wont be the same." Feb 16, 17 7:21 AM

Local Businesses Close For A Day, Join Nationwide 'Day Without Immigrants' Protest

The SH Press should have included the unbelievable flier advertising this disrespectful protest!! The pink flier read " To the President: Without us and our contribution this country is paralyzed" It instructed the illegal immigrants NOT to go to work yesterday! Not to buy anything! Not to send your children to school. And NOT to open their business' !! So , what kind of message does this send to America? I see this as a slap in the face to the country who welcomes them with open arms , provides free healthcare and food an so on.... What if America repaid that favor and shut down everything today!! What if we told the illegals, sry no free health care today. Sorry no food or gas for you . I wonder how they would respond! I have less respect for the illegals now bc of this protest an the fliers that were circulated ." Feb 17, 17 7:58 AM

Local Lawmakers Say Immigration Enforcement Is Not The Job Of Local Police

Ill be sure NOT to spend my $ in EH Village anymore!!" Feb 18, 17 7:39 AM

Southampton African American Museum To Be Renovated

Congrats on this wonderful project Ms Simmons and best wishes!! That building has sat empty for a long time. I look forward to visiting the museum when its completed!" Feb 18, 17 7:48 AM

East Hampton Village Mayor Makes Statement On Immigration Enforcement

You just hit the nail on the head!!" Feb 27, 17 7:29 AM

East End Employers Say Immigrant Workers Pay Taxes, Provide Foundation For Local Economy

Your not the only one to come across this.....Day laborers who stand across from McDonalds in SH wont budge for less than $20- $25 an hour!! From what I understand, the "Coyotes" set the rate for these immigrants seeking work. The farmers in SH cant afford to pay that rate so it sounds like they have migrated to u . " Mar 3, 17 8:10 AM

UPDATE: Springs Homeowner Arraigned On Child Endangerment Charges

I would imagine it has to do with how big these guys wallets are. If we can't post on Mezo and Ludwick, same rule should apply to this article.

There was an article in the NY Post , Feb 24, 2017 about a local luxury home developer in BH who broke the law an now has to tear a roof off of a luxury home. One would think that would be local news in the Press, but it appears it all about who you know around here ....." Mar 4, 17 4:05 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley Will Not Seek Reelection After 12 Years In Office

12 years too long. GOOD BYE! " Mar 5, 17 8:55 AM

Oh only one could hope, pray an celebrate Shane would be losing rights to the Picnic Area. Only fair seeing as how someone should not be rewarded for breaking the rules and the laws. Hint Hint Mark! Long Live the Picnic Area!

Out with the old , in with the NEW ;)" Mar 7, 17 7:59 AM

Hampton Bays Woman Shares Personal Battle With Colon Cancer On Dr. Oz. Show

Johanna you are such an amazing, strong young woman !!! Bless your heart for the awareness YOU are bringing to younger people!! Keeping you close in my heart as you fight this terrible disease . And wishing all the best with Dr.Oz !" Mar 9, 17 6:43 PM

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