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Joe Farrell: How Volume Can Build Flexibility

I too hope he relocates to Siberia !" Nov 15, 16 7:39 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Pierogi's....my favorite Polish food!

Id say he's going for the record Z !!" Nov 15, 16 7:50 AM

Joe Farrell: How Volume Can Build Flexibility

Hey Joe, I hear your operating under a different name now!! I wonder why......." Nov 15, 16 8:00 AM

Lobster Grille Inn Closes Its Doors

This is such a bummer! Best of luck to you Randy and looking forward to finding you at your new location ! " Nov 16, 16 7:20 AM

North Sea Residents Object To Possible Development On Land Slated For Preservation

A map of the area would have been great to include in this article .....

I gotta pick out a nice Atlantic White pine to strap myself to as Kelly wont be alone on this !

Stay far away from North Sea Jay!!

" Nov 18, 16 7:18 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Optimistic After Decision On Truck Beach In Amagansett

Long Live the 1686 Dongan Patent " Nov 22, 16 8:38 PM

East End Community Rallies Around Victim Of Racist Attack In Hampton Bays

YES, lets NOT bash our local police officers!

And have some compassion for this woman, maybe this really actually did happen to her( for those of you who think its a false claim.)Lets show Women that if they are attacked in any way, that they can come foreward without any uneccesary backlash . TY
" Nov 23, 16 7:28 AM

AMEN!!! " Nov 24, 16 10:12 AM

East Hampton Residents Form Committee To Oppose Bus Depot For East Hampton School District

I believe theres a law for that....Buses and diesel trucks can only run for a short amount of time due to the pollution....

If memory serves me correctly SH Bus depot put a restriction on the length of time they can warm up the buses..." Nov 25, 16 7:50 AM

Opponents Argue Against North Sea Camp Proposal At Planning Board Hearing

Mr Jacobs' offers free camp admission to the local , year round children who live close to the camp ...." Dec 14, 16 6:54 AM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

Well said Draggerman! I too can only afford a handful of shops in the village. So I cant see how this will hurt the business' in the village.

The current Stop & Shop building would be a great place to relocate Citarella....This would allow for more parking in the village, not just for shoppers, but all the employees who struggle to find parking. Theres too much traffic on Hampton Road....maybe this is a stupid idea but it makes sense to me ...." Dec 14, 16 7:06 AM

Shinnecock Woman Stands With Standing Rock Protesters Over Oil Pipeline

I have signed a handful of petitions against this Dakota Access pipeline. The existing pipelines in North Dakota spilled crude oil and other hazards liquids at least 85 times since 1996 causing millions upon millions of $ in property damage!

These Ancient Tribal Burial grounds should be protected an remain protected. " Dec 15, 16 7:24 AM

Southampton Town Might Now Open Different Western Beach To Four-Wheel Vehicles

Actually, There IS a need for more 4 x 4 access " Dec 21, 16 5:47 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Vote To Have Seal Placed In Town Board Room

What a fantastic idea ! I love this ! Long live the Dongan Patent! " Dec 21, 16 5:54 PM

Southampton Town Might Now Open Different Western Beach To Four-Wheel Vehicles

There is nothing unsafe about 4 x 4's on the beach. There has never been an injury reported from the "picnic area'" due to a 4 x 4 vehicle. The access is shared by walkers and ORV"s. I believe the same is true for Truck Beach . Theres actually quite a rich history of beach driving here on the East End. LIBBA was started by a group of local men in 1958. A Southampton beach buggy was on display at a past exhibit, 'Beach Bound' at the Long Island Museum of Arts History and Carriages, MUSEUMS: From Sand Castles to Old Gray Mares:Once More to the Beach- NYTimes. And than you have UMAPA, United Mobile Access Preservation Association
protecting ALL the ORV Beaches in North America.

We may drive on rather than schlepping our stuff but that doesn't justify a lack of respect for the beach. I find your comment to be rather insulting as I am one of the beaches goers who makes it a point to pick up any garbage on the beach. And a big shout out to Carol W. as she too is known to walk the beach collecting garbage .

I invite you to visit the Picnic Are to find out what your are missing. PS its the safest place to be on a Sunday...volunteer EMT's, Firefighters and Police officers line the shores on the Picnic area , enjoying a "safe, clean, tranquil" afternoon . Definitely a "time honored tradition". It doesn't get any better than that :)
" Dec 22, 16 7:53 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Vote To Have Seal Placed In Town Board Room

Good question knitter.

Is there any chance that maybe some local artists could submit a new design? Maybe let the community vote on it? Just a thought...." Dec 22, 16 7:57 AM

Southampton Town Might Now Open Different Western Beach To Four-Wheel Vehicles

I understand where you are coming from . But change is happening all around us and it is the inevitalbe, wether we like it or not. We have had change forced upon us and we dont like it. Nobody wants their traditions ruined by greed. And that greed has forced us to look to our neighbors to the West to support us local people. Many people come from Hampton Bays to enjoy the Picnic Area....when there is no room left for our neighbors from HB to frequent the Picnic Area, well, where do they go? Off to a different beach to cause more overcrowding and another need for change. So , as I said , we look to our neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar......" Dec 23, 16 7:54 AM

Took U long enough , I was waiting. My comment is perfectly clear. Misconstrues nothing!! I am very well aware of the entire picture. I would ask that YOU look at the big pic! Happy Holidays ! See you at the Beach !! " Dec 26, 16 7:38 AM

Some people are so predicatble. " Dec 27, 16 7:39 AM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Who Died In East Quogue Fire; Say Blaze Does Not Appear To Be Suspicious

The family is in my heart during this difficult time . Such a beautiful soul , such a tragic loss :(" Dec 27, 16 8:10 AM

Southampton Town Might Now Open Different Western Beach To Four-Wheel Vehicles

Certainly NOT a substitution plan. Just a BF said, the Town is looking to open additional areas. The People have asked for this. We have attended countless meetings re: Picnic Area and options for more access.

Shinnecock East is no longer an option as they reach full capacity in the summer months. And with the erosion, about 40 camp sites were closed this past summer! Prior to this past summer, a large part of the Picnic Area's congestion was due to the overflow from Shinnecock East. The Picnic Area also sustained some erosion .

It would be great if our neighbors from Flanders and West Hampton had a 4 x 4 access beach in Hampton Bays to help alleviate the congestion at the Picnic Area in Southampton.

Nice to see some thoughts on how to solve the issues... hopefully you can see that we don't have many options. " Dec 28, 16 7:28 AM

Imo, the vehicles driving on the beach at 10 mph have the right of way to walkers....When walking to the lavatory, I move out of the way of the vehicles , just as I do everywhere else, roads, parking lots etc. The tire tracks make the long walk to the lavatory less daunting.

One freak accident with a dog shouldn't mean that we are ALL bad apples. Join us for a Sunday on the beach. I promise u the BEST Sunday ever! Dont knock it til you try it.

" Dec 28, 16 8:52 AM

Wow, we actually agree on something!!! And you are correct, it would free up some space. But sadly , The Village allowing them to operate has brought too much attention to the Picnic Area. Its not so much a hidden gem anymore! FOIL Request shows that the largest increase in stickers sales was when the camp was LEGALLY allowed to operate and continues. Local Beachgoers petitioned the Camp.

If you become a member of Saba, you will know which Village an Town meetings to attend ....Hope you can make the next meeting.." Dec 29, 16 7:49 AM

Yes, the Picnic Area is just East of Shinnecock East, at the end of the County park. 4 X 4's can easily access the PA. The Access road is NOW at the back end of parking lot at the Heliport and technically it is NOT an alphabet road. The area has become rather eroded, sadly. And its a good 20-30 min ride, even for ppl coming from North Sea. And yes the the mcmansions dont want us. Its equivalent to people buying a home next to an airport an than trying to shut it down! We have beach access rights dating back to the 1686 Dongan Patent. I promise you this is NOT a bait an switch. The Village, Town , and Local People are simply looking to add another drive on beach bc the need IS there. I cant expect you to understand this bc you dont frequent this beach to see for yourself. We are also NOT getting thrown out of SH. I urge you to attend the meetings to gain more perspective on this. There is so much more to this and a Public Forum would be so beneficial.

I hope you would consider a trip to the Picnic Area with your family this coming summer :)
" Dec 29, 16 8:08 AM

I am not familiar with the beaches in HB. I am however pleased to see a local HB resident trying to offer an logic solution to this problem. I do hope your suggestion makes sense to the Town Officials and this beach you mentioned could be a happy solution. Its all about compromise with a little love thy neighbor added in. " Dec 29, 16 8:19 AM

Westbound County Road 39 Traffic In Tuckahoe Redirected After Accident Tuesday Morning

Please tell me this is joke! That intersection is the absolute worst for traffic!" Jan 5, 17 7:48 AM

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