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TD Bank approved in Hampton Bays

everyone complains about progress in Hampton Bays. Do you all realize that you all complain about the closed buidlings in town also? All the people complaining in this town have caused the beginning of the end of Hampton Bays. Hampton Bays was a tourist town since the 1930s which attracted young persons out to the area and SPENF THEIR MONEY. You have chased them all away and guess what the businesses have started to close, and i think GOOD. What do you have backfilling the young people, you have 30-40 illegals living in what was group rentals and they are here year round and not just three months a year. Look at the hotels on west tiana they are now all homeless shelters and filled with drug addicts. What you all have done is caused the end of tourism and started the east end version of Brentwood. You will never ever get the tourism back, and you will never get nightclubs back to promote the area so now what are you gonna do? This town does nothing to promote tourism and that is what supports the local buisnesses. I would suggest getting bars for your doors, lojack for your cars, and enjoy what you created" Nov 28, 09 8:57 PM

Hampton Bays Volunteer Ambulance plans to build storage facility on Ponquogue Avenue

you people are pathetic, i read these boards on a reg basis and all you do is complain, why not spend the hours you spend ranting and raving volunteering with the ambulance. if you look at records you will find that the Hampton Bays Ambulance has way below the average response time in Suffolk and if you note that i believe it is 9 minutes for hampton Bays - NYC with a paid service is 12 minutes. I am a volunteer elsewhere but work with them often and i believe they already have the vehicles which are parked outside and not the greatest for the equipment and meds inside. If you people are so unhappy with the ems service which costs you what 150 a year? maybe you want a paid service whci will charge a min of 750 per ride. PUT UP OR SHUT UP- " Jul 25, 10 7:47 PM

44 messages get a life - i am a vol in Flanders and it has been rare that we go to HB on a first call - they tend to have 2 and 3 calls a time thats when they need help" Jul 25, 10 7:49 PM

hey fed up did you happen to listen to your little police scanner this week, just yesterday hampton bays ambulance responded to flanders and east quogue to help them out plus i lost count at 9 calls on saturday i heard Hampton Bays ambulance respond to. Your prices are off on ems "rides" also. In reference to your inference about me living in Hb and riding with flanders, i moved to HB 7 months ago and plan on joining HB also. If you are so concerned get off the computer and go down to the building in HB or flanders and join, and if you dont like the way things are done, then maybe you can start changing things. I have no respect for people that mouth off but do nothing. When you have a "voly" show up to help you its because they want to and when you get a "paid to show up its because they have to. I will take the "voly" over a paid any day." Aug 1, 10 10:39 PM

wow you are ignorant - there are volunteer police - its called the auxillary police which the suffolk county, nassau county, and NYPD also have. Hey Capatin guess what our military is volunteer also lol. Have you ever dealt with a paid NYC emt they go thru the exact training and exact same test the volunteers due, but the NYC EMTs are rude, lazy, and pretty much incompetant specially the ones that work for FDNY as they have the UNION attitude" Aug 8, 10 10:00 PM

East Quogue paramedics recognized for saving heart attack victim

Great job and thank you for your service to Southampton Town. Here are some true hometown heros and a life was truely saved. These people take the time and do the training needed, refresh the course every three years, attend CME classes, update classes every year for nothing. I hope all we see here are compliments and not the complaining and bickering we usually see on this website. Also a big thank you to Police Officers Scott and Gorman you cant get a better team of police officers to help you, and they are both volunteers in hampton bays ambulance and fire department. once again thank you very much the chain of survival has worked again" Sep 29, 10 9:56 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

I get a kick out of this blog. the negativity here is rediculous. the Rechlers purchased this property in good faith and the previous owners of the property Chuck Herman even set up meetings with the town and the town was very receptive in working with them. The town has now dragged their feet for many years and cost these people hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Personally to the people that complain about the building - I laugh - If the people ON THE HILL looked before they purchased property they would have realized that there was a nightclub next door or down the block and guess what i bet they paid less for their property, so live with it.
This town used to provide alot of jobs for young persons The CPI alone provided 130 part-time jobs and 7 full time jobs for over 20 years. Did you know that one of the full time persons wound up moving to HB because he loved the town so much, wound up joining the Hampton Bays Ambulance and became a Chief there. Many of the security personel became police officers locally and throughout the tri-state area. I think it would be ashame to lose these jobs in the area.
I recently looked for a catering hall in southampton town to hold 130-150 people guess what i came up with nothing. I say let them restore the CPI into a catering hall and hotel, let them put an addition on the back with more hotel rooms and a indoor pool. I say the canal property should be turned into a restaurant row with a canal walkway and a maritime museum. Lets make Hampton bays a place where people want to come for a vacation again and not just a place to pick up undocumented workers to work on the mansions. I say put up 4 restaurants with affordable rental apartments above the restaurants, the museum and maybe a carosel or ferris wheel, maybe a small high end ice cream shop. Let us revitalize Hampton Bays before it turns into the next Brentwood, CI, Amityville.
While on the subject we have the decent looking kimg kullen plaza but what about the properties from Katrina strip mall, mulvey, and such lets get these properties cleaned up. Let us all be proactive - building is gonna happen lets make it for the good of all!!!!" Oct 4, 10 5:34 PM

Southampton Town officials revisit idea of charging clubs for additional police presence

Should the HBFD pay for the cops at the carnival? Should the civic assc pay for the cops for the concert at the beach? should the AOH pay for the cops at the parade? Should the movie theater pay for the crew unit patrolling on bikes?" Oct 4, 10 5:49 PM

Why not allow the clubs to hire police officers like in other states, most club owners would love to be able to do this" Oct 4, 10 5:52 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

I think that comment is funny also as #1 I am sure the parking lot is like that, cause the town will not allow a paved parking lot if you remember the arguments in town about 9 years ago, and as this town continues to put businesses out of business guess what we lose more jobs, and create more homeless. If you drive by the building on a daily basis you are probably one of the persons someone mentioned before calling noise complaints at 1001. I lived on newtown road about 3 or 4 houses from the railroad tressel and i never heard any noise from the club - i did however here noise from the restaurant across the canal 5 or 6 nights a week. the only problem i had living on newtown road is when the town closed the property to the club patrons to park, then they were left looking for parking and that was an issue. If i owned that building i would paint it orange, purple, and other obnoxious colors and maybe the town would let me do what needs to be done and buldoze the building and negotiate the project i mentioned above." Oct 5, 10 11:41 PM

Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

I say this is the perfect time for the Rechlers to stick it to the town like the town has been sticking it to them. Sell the CPI property to the indians and lets them build a 18 story highrise hotel, casino, convention center. We will have many year round jobs, we will annoy the anoying up on eleanor road and such. If we let them build in the original spot off of Newtown rd we could have had entrance and exit ramps right into their parking lot. Hats off to Riverhead town who have nutured the business areas and tourism. Thumbs down to SHT for chasing businesses and tourism away. I find that i may have to move aout of this town shortly as there is no affordable housing for young single people, and with people on this site constantly complaining i hope it turns into a GHost town - its half way there anyway. You can live with all the homeless and undocumented and the RICH because that is all that will be left. You all can start paying for a paid fire and ems department as there will be no volunteers left as they had to leave and find affordable places to live. your taxes will be going sky high with the newly paid ems and fire and empty businesses and deserted houses not paying taxes anymore. _ ENJOY the new hamptons, because all you whiny complaining persons completed it. VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBANTS FOR ANY POSITION - ITS TIME FOR CHANGE" Oct 6, 10 7:24 PM

The Fate of the Canoe Place Inn still hangs in the balance

what income - they have closed up the building and changed the locks suttering out the nightclub operators. The club did virtually no business this year and i doubt they paid any rent. I dont think the Rechlers care about preserving the building they have gotten jerked around by this town for about 6 or 7 years. Dont be surprised when the bulldozers arrive and we lose this piece of history. Let them and encourage them to restore the buidling and turn it into a restaurant - catering hall and maybe a small museum with the history of the property from the original stage coach stop it was - to the place for the rich and famous to stay - to the OBI east and then the CPI ( Canoe Place Inn ) and all the famous Rock, Country, Orchestras, and DJs that have performed there or maybe they could include this in the decor of the facility. The current building itself may not be historic but the property sure is and i would hate to see condos or townhouses built there." Oct 21, 10 6:05 PM

Riverside Man Dies Hours After Being Shot Outside Hampton Bays Nightclub

how dare anyone question what Uncle Carl was doing at the club. He was a family friend and at times has helped out at many of clubs in the hamptons, he was a gentle giant and would help anyone who needed anything, A very very generous man. Many people here love to shoot off their mouths here with no information. I guess we shall close the Movie Theater, dunkin donuts, and deli in hampton bays for the stabbing last year? This stuff happens more often than you whiny people know. Did you know that you are surrounded by Bloods, Latin Kings, and MS13 gang members in this ghetto know as Hampton Bays, and in the rest of the "Hamptons". The town of southampton created this when doing away with the group rentals for the seasonals and now we have houses full of day laborers with sheets hanging dividing rooms into sleeping areas, you have homeless in the woods. Yes welcome to the Ghetto Bays bet you all did nor know that is what we are known as up island or Mastic bays. So shut your mouths and if you have nothing good to say about Carl than dont say anything. This town had lost a great man" Oct 31, 10 2:44 PM

Housing Director Back In Town's Cross-hairs

It is really ashame that we do not create affordable housing for young single people and young families to try and keep workforce in the town. The town has chased away many businesses from the area which has caused me to start working further west and NYC. I love living in Hampton Bays and have been a resident for over 25 years but find it harder and harder to make it out here. I make about 3,200 a month and pay 1750.00 in rent for a small apartment. It is a nice but small apartment. I have looked around for other apartments that are more affordable but they are usually shanties or rotted cottages hidden in the woods. or illegal basement apartments. I would love to see affordable housing projects for persons other than seniors. I wish this town would wake up" Nov 4, 10 4:35 PM

Woman Struck By Car On Montauk Highway In Hampton Bays

they need a traffic light and crosswalk at the entrance to town and country with the camera that spots a car then changes the signal this way it will not change unless necessary and the button to push for the pedestrians. This all makes sense so the town will never do it" Nov 16, 10 3:30 AM

Southampton Town Department Heads Raise Issues With Preliminary 2011 Budget

I say lay them all off - cut back our huge police force that could patrol a borough of the city alone they are so big, yet they cant solve crimes but they are good at writting parking tickets, Cut the parks dept in 1/2, cut the fire marshals office in 1/2 cut the code enforcement to 2 persons as we dont have the share houses anymore for the most part. Charge special events for police prescence, cut back to 2 judges, cut the highway dept in half considering that the pot holes from before last winter are still here so obviously they do nothing. Cut the board members wages to 35,000 each so they can live in our shoes in this town. Vote for me and i am sure i can cut the budget by 25% very quickly. I hate waste i demand efficiency in my businesses - Lob off the dead weight" Nov 16, 10 3:38 AM