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Conservative Party Backs Democratic Candidate Julie Lofstad In January Special Election In Southampton

Does that mean you'll be backing Hagen if he runs again? Since you seem to be saying that being a Republican or Democrat doesn't matter AND the Southampton Press did say he had a near perfect resume for the town board..." Dec 16, 15 11:24 AM

Conservative Party Backs Democratic Candidate Julie Lofstad In January Special Election In Southampton

And then again a lot of us that actually know the lofstads and know Julie won't be. Heres the facts guys the Democrats gave us Brad Bender, a federally convicted drug dealer. Now these same guys want to give you Julie who was endorsed by that drug dealer in the last race. And we're supposed to believe that being hand picked by conservative chairman ed walsh (a guy facing a whole bunch of federal criminal charges) is a good thing??? Hypocrites like Turkey Bridge, who bash conservatives all the time, want you to think that Julies conservative endorsement shows some sort of hire worth. It don't. She's the same clueless puppet of these clowns she was in the last race. Criminals picking puppets to replace criminals.

And Jeremy Brandt is in charge of the conservatives in Southampton? You used to live up the block from me. I say used to because you packed up and left for Brookhaven a while ago. How can he be in charge when he don't live here? " Dec 17, 15 8:03 AM

Thanks Blank at least you get it, stand up for what you are and have some conviction. Tiger you are obviously a Democrat so I expect your typical 'if a Democrat does something its ok no matter what' attitude. If someone doesn't agree with you, you insult them. So let me 'open my pie trap' for a second. The reason why I'm conservative is because I have principals and I stand behind them. When I'm out on the water no one is catching the fish for me, if I don't catch my family doesn't eat, and I'm not out begging for some federal hand out like other people running there family's fishing business have. I work for what I got and I don't like to be forced to give it away for some government spending program that goes to someone that doesn't work as hard as me. So yes I have a problem with the conservatives backing a liberal democrat. You want to be a liberal democrat, go be a liberal democrat. But don't lie to me whether you be a candidate or some big shot party boss, and claim to be something you are not. Have some conviction, have some values, hell have some self respect and stand for something. You be the liberal who you are, don't come around suddenly claiming to be something you are not." Dec 18, 15 1:52 PM

Julie Lofstad has chose to associate herself with drug dealers like Brad Bender and Ed Walsh, a party boss facing a fist full of federal charges. CleanWaters is right when you take there endorsements, political lines and support you are one of them." Dec 19, 15 8:09 AM

So because a person doesn't agree with you and just started posting they don't care about the community? Its probably more likely because the truth hurts. Julie lofstad did have the endorsement of convicted drug dealer Brad Bender in the last race. Suddenly she's a democrat and a conservative being the hand picked choice of Ed walsh. And that guy has got federal charges pending. With all your pro democrat posts people would think you were stumping for the democrat committee every race since Al Gore invented the internet." Dec 19, 15 10:56 PM

So every comment that identified Turkey Bridge as the same guy who is the current Treasurer of the Southampton Democrat Committee got erased? I guess that explains why he thinks everything that Julie Lofstad did getting in to bed with the conservatives and that drug dealer Brad Bender is OK. " Dec 21, 15 4:47 PM

The issue is that you have a candidate in Julie Lofstad that this very paper just before the last election said she didn't understand the issues, couldn't express an opinion, and had a shallow grasp on things. So when you see Julie Lofstad being endorsed by Drug Dealers like Brad Bender and people facing Federal Charges like Ed Walsh its a problem.

When you just do whatever, say whatever and associate with whoever you don't stand for anything. She has nothing of substance on her own she just goes along with whatever she is told. Probably by people like Ed Walsh, Brad Bender, George Lynch or Gordon Herr.

I like my candidates to stand on their own two feet, have some conviction and be able to have their own opinions. You want to be a liberal be a liberal but don't lie to me and tell me you are a conservative.

And don't even get me started on that scam the Independence line is running tricking people into thinking that its Independent." Dec 21, 15 5:00 PM

Press Debate Will Focus On January's Special Election For Southampton Town Board

So let me see if I've got this straight development is ok if a democrat wants it but bad if a republican wants it. You Lofstad supporters are the biggest hypocrites around. How the hell is a this person who the press said was clueless on the issues going to be able to do anything the right way? Especially with her buddy Jay Schniederman deep in developers pockets. Read his campaign finance reports. " Dec 23, 15 9:36 AM

Hey on that hills project i thought the side by side comparison shows that the hills project is actually less of an environmental impact then the as of right development. I would rather have a strong powerful bear with conviction in office then an idiot puppet of George Lynch any day of the week and twice on sunday." Dec 28, 15 4:23 PM

Calone Clarifies County Position On Tuckahoe Center

So even though the Suffolk County Highway Department report says traffic will not be an issue, Democrat Calone says he voted against it because traffic will be an issue. There is democrat party logic at its finest. Ignore facts, reports and real data to just do whatever the heck you want. Usually to the detriment of us all." Dec 31, 15 8:05 PM

Southampton Town Attorney Post Is In Play

Well theres your backroom dealing at its finest. Fred Thiel gives you Brad Bender, a special election, and then his wife gets the town attorney position. If the average voter cant see the corruption you are blind." Jan 5, 16 7:36 AM

Dont these people have to put in resumes? What about interviews? She s telling people she applied. I know the town board has to vote on hires. So why doesn't the supervisor just disclose who has applied? Then we'll all have back up. Hey press you should ask those questions and update us. I would think political back deals would interest the press." Jan 5, 16 9:30 AM

Southampton Town Attorney Tiffany Scarlato Officially Resigns

You are wrong again CleanWaters. Ive read your posts and all your rah rah democrat rantings. The reason why you got lucky in the last election is because you ran a supervisor candidate in Jay that was formerly a phony republican (but had always been a liberal regardless of the party registration) and people were fooled. I am just glad that this January 26th we can vote for a real republican in Rich Yazstrzemski." Jan 13, 16 11:34 AM

The other issue I have is why is the only applicant that we hear about is Fred Thiel's wife? Why will the press confirm her application but no one else's? Isn't this a public job? Shouldn't the list of applicants be public knowledge? Why would the supervisor only confirm the Thiel application and no one else? I guess the fix is in and the Southampton Press is helping it happen." Jan 14, 16 7:51 AM

Southampton Town Board Candidates Participate In Press Conversation Saturday

I cant believe Julie Lofstad said we dont need more cops. With the overcrowding in housing in Hampton Bays and the crime in Flanders you would think that she would be in favor of more law enforcement." Jan 16, 16 4:56 PM

What i don't understand is why n.tiger seems to know who's applied for the town attorney position but the supervisor won't tell the Southampton Press? Shouldn't the town have to give us the list? Its a public position. I shouldn't have to look at the rumor mill on here. The Supervisor should be more forthcoming." Jan 17, 16 9:51 PM

Im impressed. NTiger posts something on here at 12:18 pm and Jay is quoted saying it to Newsday at 10:50pm. With backup quotes from democrat leader Fred Theil. (i know what you are going to say but if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and gives you his party line) Are you sure you arent Jay? Why can't we get the whole applicant list? Or heres a question for the Southampton press why is Jay/Tiger giving a local story in your backyard to Newsday? I had to read about Brad Bender when newsday broke the story. Now to learn what goes on in my town i have to read blog posts and then follow it up when tiger says its on Newsday. Why wouldnt Jay give you the applicant list when you reported about it a week ago." Jan 18, 16 8:35 AM

It was a post you made in response to draggerman. Its the one you wrote that starts "Well as long as you are here for the nonce" and ends "You have no idea how much fun you and are cohorts here are providing this senior citizen."
By NTiger (431), Southampton on Jan 17, 16 12:18 PM
Its right above.
What annoys me is why does The supervisor not just give the list of applicants. All we had last week was fred thiels wife. Its a public job. The applicant list should be open. We should know them all. What other closed things is the Supervisor hiding? Like what was the payoff to the conservative leadership for giving a liberal democrat my party's line?" Jan 18, 16 12:23 PM

UPDATE: NancyLynn Ferrini Thiele Appointed Assistant East Hampton Town Attorney

Wait so a vote for Yastrzaemski is also a vote for Hagan ? If thats the case then I really like Yaz even more than I did before. Thats two great choices for the price of one!" Jan 20, 16 12:56 PM

Tiger, I thought Bill Wright was the Republican Chairman. Although i have to hand it to you, you break more stories on here then the Southampton Press does. " Jan 20, 16 1:34 PM

Tiger your hypocrisy has no bounds. On January 17, 2016 at 1:52 when you were supporting Jay picking Fred Thiel's Wife for Town Attorney “Bottom line is for the most part its to the victors go the spoils - jobs jobs jobs. Sometimes we get lucky and the spoils recipient has the right qualifications, other times we simply get the spoilee.”

Now you say that if Yaz wins he shouldn't have a vote for who the Town Attorney is. So because Jay won he gets his choice but if Yaz wins he shouldn't even vote. Why because it may be Hagen? A lot of my friends here in Hampton Bays liked him in the last race and would like him working for us in the Town Attorneys office. I guess so long as the guys on the Democrat line he can do whatever he wants. A republican not so much.

You keep saying that a vote for Yaz is a vote for Hagen too. That sounds like a good thing to me.

Where is the outrage that the supervisor hasn't ever said who has actually applied for the position in full? The only person who seems to know who has applied is you and we only get them in these posts before the press does. " Jan 21, 16 5:56 PM

Why can't Bouvier have Hagen work for him? Is Jay and him not effective enough leaders to work with people regardless of their political party? Does that mean that if I need help from town hall and I am a conservative I'm screwed because Bouvier and Jay didn't have the conservative line in the last race. Because I don't agree with them 100% of the time they can't work with me? I thought our elected officials are supposed to be able to work together with everybody. Thanks a lot I guess we all see what you Dems are all about." Jan 21, 16 6:01 PM

UPDATE: Lofstad Wins Seat In Southampton Town Board Special Election; Yastrzemski Concedes

I said it before and I'll say it again NTiger breaks more news on here then the Southampton Press. Did she actually apply for the job? I ask because Tiger seems to be the only guy who knows. I'm still waiting for the press to let us know who applied because we only seem to hear after NTiger posts it here. Is the a separate Tiger Talk news line I could subscribe to?" Jan 27, 16 10:26 AM

Pending Southampton Town Attorney Appointment Leads To Political Squabble

How can Jay expect us to belive Hagen doesn't have experience? So people in Smithtown and Brookhaven are better than someone that was quized on local issues in a ton of debates. It's pretty obvious that it's just more of the same democrat garbage they have been serving us." Feb 24, 16 12:55 PM

So then TurkeyBridge is confirming the Republicans are right. The Supervisor is only interested in party politics because he won and if you are a Republican from Southampton then you are not welcome and ineligible. The Supervisor should just admit that and skip the dog and pony show?" Feb 24, 16 2:41 PM

Proposed PDD Moratorium Advances To Public Hearing Scheduled In April

The Democrats ran on the basis that a moratorium was needed because they wanted to stop bad PDDs like the Hills, but the Hills project is exempt. SO ITS STILL GOING FORWARD. Its amazing how these guys openly lie to the voters and the democrat voters keep buying in hook, line and sinker." Mar 9, 16 1:13 PM

James Burke Appointed Southampton Town Attorney Tuesday

I get more of my news from NTiger's posts than anywhere else." Mar 10, 16 12:13 PM

Wright Steps Down As Southampton Town GOP Committee Chairman; Hagan Elected To Post

Hagen for a first time candidate was almost in town hall. Now he'll be fighting the Dems in every race. I wouldn't want to be someone going against him." Mar 11, 16 1:00 PM

Southampton Town Board Members Clash On Execution Of CSEA Settlement

What's the point of having a contract if these politicians are just going to change it? If I go down to the Town and ask them to lower my taxes I get laughed at. This union goes to the Town board says they want more money then what they are supposed to get in there contract and they get it. Now I am going to get stuck paying for this in my taxes. I got school taxes coming out the ying yang in Hampton Bays. I can't afford more." Mar 24, 16 10:46 AM

Gregor Argues Against Use Of $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

I guess it's not an election year. Turkey Bridge is turning on everybody he's backed in past races. First he kicked ATH to the curb, now it's Gregor. But certainly not the big democrat donors on Dune Rd. There checkbooks, I mean support is always welcome. Often at the expense of us the taxpayers. " Mar 28, 16 9:41 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Shares Vision For New Ponquogue Beach Restaurant

Didn't the Town just blow a ton of tax payer cash to buy Neptune's? Now my kid doesn't have his bar back job in the summer. What a waste?" Mar 28, 16 9:48 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Explores Idea Of Buying Farmers' Chemical Rights

Jay stop spending our money. Hey Julie Lofstad and John Bouvier stop letting him do it. It's not your money it belongs to the people of this town. And just because your family got in to office you ain't the Kings of the docks." Mar 29, 16 8:21 AM

Jay Schneiderman Explains Reasoning Behind CSEA Settlement

"Correct Long Standing Inequities"? You mean like the length of the contract and the agreements made inside of it? The union made a deal. The town made a deal. We should be following the contract in place not giving kick backs to Julie, John and Jay's political buddies. And the article talks about several employees getting put under a new step pay raise system where they will be making more. How much do you want to bet the president of the union is one of the people Jay is stepping up." Mar 31, 16 3:39 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Issues State Of The Town Address

NTiger I don't agree with you most of the time but I do appreciate your making us aware of this. Wrong is wrong. Why is town hall being used as ATHs sound stage? Of course Turkey Bridge will say it's OK but I appreciate a Democrat saying corruption is corruption. What I want to know is what will the Republicans and their new Chairman do about it?" Apr 17, 16 9:29 PM

If super lover of all things Democrat Turkey Bridge says Republicans should vote for anyone but Trump that's all I needed to hear. I couldn't decide for a while but sorry Ted my vote just went to Trump.

NTiger do you honestly think the Independents or Conservatives are going to do anything? ATH is Fred Theil's girl and the Conservative Party has been sold out to Jay over the Julie Lofstad endorsement. Why do you think the Town Attorney is a Conservative? This whole Schiederman, Bouvier, Lofstad crew just does whatever they want regardless of right or wrong. " Apr 18, 16 2:55 PM

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