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Wilson Receives Another Inquiry About Leaving Southampton Town

dont think the Chief needs the life ring.......im thinking the politicians , those present for meeting and those who decided to be a no show.

" May 9, 12 6:52 PM

Sag Harbor Releases Bids For Police Protection, Southampton Town Lowest

alot of wasted time here , they are getting alot of press but thats about it . get back to the bargaining table , and hammer this out like men. no threats, make it work. doesnt sound like the mayor had alot of support at the meeting, sounds like the few were all for keeping the force....." Oct 11, 12 5:03 PM

heard 50,000 for meditation or whatever its called, divided by 12 4.166 per cop, doesnt seem like a bad raise. maybe the pba prez should start looking at these numbers and other villages/towns budgets, no where is the bottom lines of a cops wages and benfits and retirement plan 182,000. either we are being mislead by the local officials or maybe time for sag to do an audit like i just read westhampton is doing. and why isnt 27 east going out to interview the supervisors of the towns that have bid on services, and why not poll the local politicians ( county level) and the county exec lets hear what his take is on this whole big drama thats got the whole east end talking......ahhhhh maybe thats what the locals want..a little fall winter stir in the air....pba prez lets hear from you time to chat it up grab some supporters and go to the local papers." Oct 14, 12 11:39 AM

and PS to the Chief : im guessing the taxpayers dont want to hear your "hurt."..maybe pissed off, tired of the bs, disrespected,micromanaged, something but hurt is something you get in 4th grade when your friends take your lunch... " Oct 14, 12 11:48 AM

UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

damn shame, thats all i got......now who ? County PD ? " Nov 6, 12 10:57 AM

well, good luck in whatever you have planned, we are sure you will succeed in whatever you chose chief. " Nov 6, 12 11:00 AM

Southampton Town Police Chief Wilson Retires

Did anyone check with the chief ? Was this a planned vacation , doesn't a good leader put people in places or positions where they can be trusted and knows their jobs well , and don't need the chief micromanaging the whole dept . Lets see how many retirements Come outta this . Wish he stayed to see some of the head AH's get voted out of office next yr ! " Nov 11, 12 9:47 PM

Captain Robert Pearce Named Acting Chief Of Southampton Town Police Department

lets see how long it takes the new Chief to get more cops and people promoted, unlike Chief Wilson who the board for some unknown reason disliked and didnt give him anything to work with....Hey at least he bettered himself with a more comfortable retirement then he would of had, so the real question is whos laughing now.....Good luck to the new Chief, and sorry to the boys in blue, it appears through the posts on here you will be going backwards once again....." Nov 14, 12 10:41 AM

'Queen of 114' Quits Job At Harbor Heights After Nearly 30 Years

I think I remember her not being to loyal to the past owners also, after they had carried her for years... anyone else remember this? " Dec 10, 12 12:56 PM

Prices Released For Watchcase Condos At Bulova

at these prices, these things will sit dormant for a while...why wouldnt the rich and famous continue renting the homes south of the highway instead of owning something like this, they love to entertain while they are here and hold fundraisers for benefits, with these prices for a mere condo they will have to hold fundraisers to pay the taxes, and commom charges.....for what someone else to clean my pool, or cut my grass .im applying for the job as the doorman. " Dec 13, 12 1:07 PM

Bylaw Bars Local College Undergraduates From Joining Sag Harbor Fire Department

Sounds like someone is getting old and losing their juice , time to retire . When is he out ? Going after the trustees son who wants to volunteer . Low very low . He has hit rock bottom ! " Feb 14, 13 11:10 AM

Female Southampton Town Police Officers File Sexual Discrimination Claims

Wow , a lot of issues and drama within this dept . Maybe time to look at county police to take over . " Feb 26, 13 7:00 AM

Sag Harbor Fire Department To Change Bylaw Barring College Students; Member Accuses Mayor Of Political Payback

And who brought this to the attention of the mayor ? Could it be the gentleman that lost to the elder Duchmin in June ? I'm not political but this is a no brainer , a blind person could see how this works . Hope the young man gets a shot in the fd soon . Good luck to him. , shame on the others involved . " Mar 8, 13 2:02 PM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

Sounds like its time for a few retirement incentives , call in suffolk county and put this to bed . Tell the town board that McDonald's is hiring and to go practice in front of a mirror " would you like fries with that shake " . Wilson tries to do the right thing by boosting the morale , then the cash stops. , the political bull starts , and then a planned vacation , and we lose him. He wins . Time for Anna to call Scpd and get a price ! " Mar 8, 13 2:20 PM

Drugs, Money May Be Missing From Southampton Town Police Headquarters

Can anyone confirm new rumor just heard in a local deli in the village , retired chief Wilson considering a run at town government . Hope this is true , he will have my support , chief , need any help getting signatures ? Anyone else hear this or have his contact info ?
" Mar 24, 13 12:05 PM

UPDATE: Sickles Returns To Duty; PBA Blasts Board Members, GOP For Making Him A 'Scapegoat'

Is the town ruled by the state as in " fiscal distress " ? " Mar 24, 13 6:34 PM

Tearful East Hampton Elementary School Principal Addresses Board

Sounds like Gina should take over Soriano's spot and the district should send him packing . Kids being bullied , and all they are doing is getting the kid who did all the bullying , harassing , and discrimination, and getting him help ? What about the VICTIMS ? Soriano comes across like its all about him and doesn't want anyone to rock the boat , cause waves , and when they do , he shuts them down with the same as Rich did the other night. " has been addressed " shouldn't the victims and their parents know how it's being addressed ? And who is replacing Gina ? Someone from the ol lindenhurst school district ? To much nepotism going on in these school districts . Lets see some locals earn our tax dollars not the replants we have been getting . Good luck Gina , and just remember KARMA. Is a bitch . It may take some time but it will rear it's head . It always does in one form or another !!! Soriano, look at taking the early out incentive if I was offered to you , probably your best bet ! " Apr 3, 13 8:55 PM

Southampton Supervisor Calls For Investigation Of Police Department

Wash rinse repeat .....Suffolk County Police 8th pct . " Apr 7, 13 9:32 AM

Sag Harbor Mayor, Police Chief At Odds Over Police Staffing

oh "gipper" you sound like a former disgruntal board member, who may have had some dealings with the local police dept. Possibly a retired teacher . maybe you can shed some light on how one double and triple dip , you seem like you know alot on this topic and frankly im not sure which way you are taking this. Please fill us all in. article reads that maybe all the councilmen were opposed and the mayor the only one for it...well, it appears it got tabled so I guess the council people have won. maybe time for the mayor to rethink that election seems like it has turned to a 4-1 town board. sounds like the 4 are all in favor ironing out some village issues that have been under huge scrutiny for years. such as the PD . " Aug 31, 13 10:14 AM

Think this out again taxpayer , a new officer learning his beat , unfamiliar with area and your loved one is having a heart attack, choking, just walked in on a robber in your home , at the bottom of a pool . And the new beat cop is sitting in an RMP getting the call and either putting the address in a GPS , or grabbing his hagstrom . You decide and then maybe make a intelligent comment . I'm sure the town has a budget line for overtime . Where does that stand ? " Sep 1, 13 1:06 PM

A pole turtle ? Similar to a snapping or box turtle ? Is this a political cliche ? " Sep 1, 13 1:09 PM

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