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Allegations of physical, verbal abuse target East Hampton Town highway superintendent

if I were Ms Q.. i'd keep quiet, she herself should had been charged months back...by the way where does that stand ?.....all got quiet in a hurry......Can 27 east look into that for its followers?" May 24, 10 4:30 PM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

this is a total tragedy, one that lies totally on the shoulders of the driver/operator of the motorcyle. A little respect for his finace, unborn child, law....My heart gos out to her family, she wasn't in control at all. I doubt the order to take off came from the rear of the bike. 27 East can probablt eliminate half of these stupid comments, if those who comment would only read the artile and NOT read INTO the article. Where did it say the PD pursued till the crash......I didnt see that part maybe not showing on my computer, very good chance it could be a deer, chances are at 19 he was NOT a talented rider/driver. And if he ran from one PD why would he stop for another, bikes can easily get around certain obstacles. I think in summary, Condolences to her friends and family, and Pray the DA sends a message to him and those like him, immature reckless KIDS, and hand down a charge of vehiular manslaughter.
and some of you should stop and think......How does that poor Officer feel when he awoke this am, or ...did he even sleep . I doubt anyone signs on to go thru that scenerio in a career........ Sucks for all involved....." May 25, 10 9:27 PM

again... what article are you reading....? where dies it say the pd chased until the crash? i must be missing a paragraph.and as far as power over jkids in community, maybe you should start tonite ( if you have kids or are close to some) and start teaching then respect for the law... this could have been avoided..yep..pull over , oh wait you have a suspended licesne, and a warrant, and you are driving your fiance, and oh yes , today you found out she was with child.... and oh yes she was scared of the damn motorcycle ..( newsday web site)..so drive like an jerk and not pull over... sorry gansetteer, you see it as different.....hopefully you are able to teach some kids respect for adults, teachers, other parents, firemen, police officers, ems.... maybe this 19 yr old didnt get that talk.....look what he got instead..close your eyes and try to sleep after this friggin mistake" May 25, 10 10:26 PM

Two students hospitalized after Route 114 crash

Now trucks arent allowed on rte 114...a state road...when did this start? also if he was heading north im sure the bright sun , may have had something to do with it........esp in that area. ps - not the village of anything in that area....." May 26, 10 9:09 PM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

1. this was not a SCPD Police Officer.
2. He did commit a felony when he decided to flee from a Police Officer attempting to make a legal stop.
3. he had a warrant out for his arrest
4. he had a suspended license
5. he knew the girl was scared and hated the damn crotch rocket he bought
6. and most important .......she was his fiance , high school sweetheart, and was with HIS CHILD.....nothing short of vehicluar manslaughter please MR SPOTA." May 26, 10 9:21 PM

wrong again, i ran in the middle school race this past week, and they do have motorcycles.....such BAD and mislead info by alot of you.." May 28, 10 1:48 PM

i would love to know who you are, and you must watch reruns and reruns of law and order, adam 12, mod squad, tj hooker, and you must be a wanna be cop... there are two plate readers in east hampton, and as soon as one goes past the operator does NOT know who is that vehciles registered owner....( i have a good friend from Montauk who is a cop) >>> stop spreading all your false knowledge.....you are full of it ....dont think youve gotten anything right on here yet" May 28, 10 1:57 PM

terry you seem smarter then fish, dont get sucked in...the plate readers do not tell the operator all the piticulars on the registered owner.....fish is free lancing" May 28, 10 2:02 PM

Two students hospitalized after Route 114 crash

thats not at all accurate, check you boundaries again....stephen hands path ? not village, swamp road, not village, airport road, not village...help me out here" May 28, 10 2:07 PM

i believe they are exempt......could be wrong, check the law" May 28, 10 2:10 PM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

Correct me if I am wrong...you said they (cops) know in an instant who the registered owner of the vehicle is when it passes the License Plate reader...and ummmmm...oh yea YOUR WRONG !!!!!!!!! again." May 30, 10 11:37 AM

heard manslaughter indictment..............can anyone confirm ? 27 east????" May 30, 10 11:40 AM

McGintee to sue Town of East Hampton

And when was Tom Spota a cop ?????? and where did that come from?" Aug 6, 10 6:58 AM

Oddone Appeal Will Be Heard By Brooklyn Judges On Friday

Danced on table, asked to get off table, goes into a drunken rage and strangles the security guard, now children without a father, wife without a husband, brothers without a brother......let him decorate his cell, he will be there for a while...( dont we remember he has a history of bar fights, and anger issues, he is where he belongs) ." Apr 28, 11 1:36 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

it will be a much needed change..I have alot of friends working in that pd. I believe they called it a sigh of relief, the dept needed a morale boost, and if they promoted from within everything would have stayed status quo. I think the PD will now be a job sought by many new hires. Obviously Mr Wilson advised the board of his "future plans" and the way he would like to see the department move into the future, and it was liked by 4 of the 5 on the board.
9-11-01 is said to have happened because many federal agengies chose not to share information, and hoarded it to themselves so that dept. could be credited with the capture, arrest, or foiling a plan...How did that work for us ?? On a local stage it will be nice for all PD's and Code Enforcement agencies to work together to achieve common goals, Public safety being the foremost. I have known Mr Wilson for 22 years, and he is nothing but a professional and the right man to lead the 22nd biggest agency in Suffolk Couty into the future..Kudos to the Town Board...and good luck to Mr Wilson , and Congratulations to the men and Women of the SHTPD....." May 3, 11 9:21 AM

sorry, slip of the key ..2nd largest Police agency in Suffolk County" May 3, 11 9:25 AM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

does anyone here have a copy of the contract that Wm Wilson or his wife had with this establishment ? where is the proof ? There are several companies that handle security and parking for clubs, private parties etc. Where is the proof that is was this couples client ? In fact i think there are a few Sgts in SHV that have had security companies, one who was fired, and one looking for a disability retirement.( these come to mind for those who would run to the NY Post and not the local papers, in fear that the local papers would sell them out ) Did anyone check these names out, they both have an ax to gring with SHV and the Couple named. and maybe those of you that want to quote Police Salaries should either get better info or check out that state web site that has all public empolyee salaries listed.........dont some of you get it, people are jealous of Wm Wilson, pissed off at him, think that they deserve the job that he had or now has.......people will go to great ends to try and discredit him, if this has been going on for many summers under his securoty firm, why now, that he is sworn in as Chief of a larger dept and some people arent happy with the way he got there, why now ? i ask, is this coming to light......many upset and jealous people out there... suck it up......most of you made your bed, now lie in it ........don't hate or try and discredit those who not only deserved it but will be good at it and turn a once screwed up PD around............" Jun 22, 11 7:09 PM

Republicans Challenge Forced Police Retirements In Southampton Budget As Political

if she forces retirement to those who fall under her plan, she will have to promote to fill most of those vacancies, does anyone not put a price on expierence? what will the town be gaining ? just a ploy to get unions to agree to more give backs to close the gap ...and I am sure they will play ball if its going to force those over 20 years out...what they save by forcing them to retire they will pay double with the lawsuits stemming from those with little or no expierence, and with not being supervised properly. " Oct 1, 11 11:10 AM

kabot is not the answer here....not even a little bit...now she will come back with an ax to grind..." Oct 1, 11 6:32 PM

can one define for me " an upisland party boss " .....Buhler ? Buhler ? anyone ? anyone ?
" Oct 5, 11 5:29 PM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

awwww, he's having a tough time in jail.....tough s%&t, just think what his children, wife , brothers , family are going through...Im sure he is being treated in a proper fashion after murdering a fellow corrections officer....he made his bed , not lie in it, stop whining...little b***ch." Nov 11, 11 9:55 AM

Sag Harbor Considers Using Dogs To Deter Drugs At School

Wow if this passes, I bet a few teachers grab that pension and they don't want to be called to the principals office, and great idea to have SCPD do it, no local coverups." Jan 13, 12 11:50 AM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

Why does this Town board continue to undermine the new Chief ? He was put in place to bring morale up , make some significant changes , and make The Town Police a "wanted" job , here less then 10 months later 3 heros on the town board feel the need for them to choose who should be placed and promoted . And without the Chiefs input .....and this should definatly be a slap in the face to the union who gave up concessions to stop layoffs and forced retirements , and now not only did they get a promotion that wasn't expected it cost the taxpayers 14000.00 plus more pension costs.... That poor chief , I bet wishes now he were back in the village were he actually ran the police dept ......." Mar 14, 12 8:29 AM

And also .......where is the aticle about the DA looking into shredding of documents back before the New Chief took over ? Is that what they are referring to as a personnel matter ? Hmmmmmmm....... Very sketchy ........" Mar 14, 12 8:34 AM

how can one make the statement the Chief cannot follow a budget? Didnt he inherit the past Chiefs budget from Jan 2011, then he take over and attempts to address all the problems that have fallen on deaf ears for years, he added an extra car in the Flanders area, he is trying to take care of the sagaponack residents, who pay for police presence and most of the time in the past the first car to get cut off the schedule was an east end car. Rumor is he is trying to get a canine officer or two, all he is doing is trying to give to the residents what they pay for, deserve, etc. However with the town board undermining him constantly. Maybe all will calm when Sagaponack and North Haven contract with other police departments, or even form their own, and the town board will feeel a "pinch" will they open there eyes...Until the time comes when you the public need them, and their (hopefully if their not working short staffed) two minute response time ( which at times feels like hours depending on the severity of the situation) wether you or you loved ones are in an accident, aided case, home invasion, burglary, robbery, domestic incident, you will all bad mouth the public employees and their jobs, pay, benefits, days off, etc. Remember the recession of 2008 wasnt caused by Public Employees, so why dont you focus all your anger to those who deserve it ......banks, big insurance companies, auto makers, NO PUBLIC EMPOLYEE EVER GOT BAILED OUT... Good luck Chief Wilson, hold your head up high, do your best , even though you have some on the board that keep taking you out below the knees...." Mar 15, 12 1:14 PM

Chief wilson you are coming up on your year anniversary, you tried and have been undermined by the town board, some of those thay needed to go, have gone now, hold your head up high, you tried....you can retire now at a much larger sum, (you dont need the stress) now that you have enrolled in the better retirement, look who has won ...you have.....take that much better retirement and walk away, and let the poiticians who think they know how to run a police dept, run it, morale will be right back in the mud soon, im sure. you had great ideas, morale was-is looking up, but after month to month being undermined.......dont let it get to your health, retire and waive that retirement check each month to the Town Board....." Mar 21, 12 12:02 PM

aww, thats sad that you must use name calling to the Village Police, are you one of those who were smoking dope and getting arrested when others were bettering themselves and taking civil service tests.....I feel bad for you...but maybe you shouldnt resaort to name calling. Keystone or whatever name you call them they are still making a 6 figure salary, plus benefits, overtime, and oh yes 20 yr retirement and take their benefits with them......and lets be honest the only thing that Chief Wilson got was oh wait.....A MUCH BETTER RETIREMENT PLAN.........when he could enjoy at anytime now......" Mar 21, 12 12:07 PM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

Maybe this will take the heat off of the chif of police for a while, and let him do his job. " Apr 19, 12 7:08 PM

Sorry Chief...not chif" Apr 19, 12 7:08 PM

Wilson Receives Another Inquiry About Leaving Southampton Town

alot of people arent sleeping these days........running scared ........and I dont believe Chief Wilson is one of them........Sounds like this info that the chief has been trying to get to the board has finally reached it, they realize the severity of the information.....and some of those who were present or not, are running scared.......Maybe time to look into the combination of Police Departments......Let SCPD take over......." May 9, 12 6:50 PM

dont think the Chief needs the life ring.......im thinking the politicians , those present for meeting and those who decided to be a no show.

" May 9, 12 6:52 PM

Sag Harbor Releases Bids For Police Protection, Southampton Town Lowest

alot of wasted time here , they are getting alot of press but thats about it . get back to the bargaining table , and hammer this out like men. no threats, make it work. doesnt sound like the mayor had alot of support at the meeting, sounds like the few were all for keeping the force....." Oct 11, 12 5:03 PM

heard 50,000 for meditation or whatever its called, divided by 12 4.166 per cop, doesnt seem like a bad raise. maybe the pba prez should start looking at these numbers and other villages/towns budgets, no where is the bottom lines of a cops wages and benfits and retirement plan 182,000. either we are being mislead by the local officials or maybe time for sag to do an audit like i just read westhampton is doing. and why isnt 27 east going out to interview the supervisors of the towns that have bid on services, and why not poll the local politicians ( county level) and the county exec lets hear what his take is on this whole big drama thats got the whole east end talking......ahhhhh maybe thats what the locals want..a little fall winter stir in the air....pba prez lets hear from you time to chat it up grab some supporters and go to the local papers." Oct 14, 12 11:39 AM

and PS to the Chief : im guessing the taxpayers dont want to hear your "hurt."..maybe pissed off, tired of the bs, disrespected,micromanaged, something but hurt is something you get in 4th grade when your friends take your lunch... " Oct 14, 12 11:48 AM

UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

damn shame, thats all i got......now who ? County PD ? " Nov 6, 12 10:57 AM

well, good luck in whatever you have planned, we are sure you will succeed in whatever you chose chief. " Nov 6, 12 11:00 AM

Southampton Town Police Chief Wilson Retires

Did anyone check with the chief ? Was this a planned vacation , doesn't a good leader put people in places or positions where they can be trusted and knows their jobs well , and don't need the chief micromanaging the whole dept . Lets see how many retirements Come outta this . Wish he stayed to see some of the head AH's get voted out of office next yr ! " Nov 11, 12 9:47 PM

Captain Robert Pearce Named Acting Chief Of Southampton Town Police Department

lets see how long it takes the new Chief to get more cops and people promoted, unlike Chief Wilson who the board for some unknown reason disliked and didnt give him anything to work with....Hey at least he bettered himself with a more comfortable retirement then he would of had, so the real question is whos laughing now.....Good luck to the new Chief, and sorry to the boys in blue, it appears through the posts on here you will be going backwards once again....." Nov 14, 12 10:41 AM

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