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Police Chief: Officers Had Probable Cause To File DWI Charges In East Quogue Fatality

I am happy for the family of the boy who was driving. It must have been very difficult to have to deal with an erroneous felony charge along with coping with the death of a friend. its so difficult to navigate adolescents on a good day......." Jul 28, 11 2:16 PM

LIRR Replacing Hills Station Road Bridge

Glad no-one was injured. I wonder who is footing the bill? Does the RR have insurance for something like this? I think the bonehead and boss of the bonehead who hit the bridge should take financial responsibility, like restitution." Aug 3, 11 6:03 PM

Public Asked To Be On Alert Following String Of Car Break-Ins Across Southampton Town

I agree. However when you have a "string" of break-ins, attentions and reinforcement need to be diverted to the current trends. Petty crimes always leads to greater criminal mischievousness. patroling neighborhoods is a great idea." Oct 27, 11 2:19 PM

Perhaps we should start leaving our lights on outside to discourage. Evil is always always further perpetrated in the dark; in secrecy." Oct 27, 11 2:21 PM

Speonk Man Charged With Severely Beating Female Acquaintance

smh! regardless, I hope this SOB gets it from someone bigger and badder in jail. I cannot stomach men who think they have ANY right to treat a woman that way. I pray this this poor woman is not seriously injured and can someday move on from the tragedy of almost losing her life by this brain damaged amoeba." Aug 10, 12 1:46 PM

Town Board Lifts Suspension Of Southampton Town Police Lieutenant, Settles Disciplinary Case

perhaps because the Chief was lying in the first place. making false charges recklessly. Apparently when it came time for him to give his testimony he backed down instead of purger himself and tried to offer him two deals that were turned down flat. The one cop may have become addicted to drugs, but Lt. Kiernan has always shown to be an upstanding cop who always tries to do the right thing even when others won't let him. I believe the Chief's days are numbered. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!" Oct 24, 12 1:51 PM

Barrister's Restaurant To Close After 34 Years In Southampton Village

it's not going under he is retiring, and therefore selling. did you not read the article?" Dec 21, 12 12:52 PM

UPDATE: Jay Sears Released After Posting $250,000 Bond; Under House Arrest In Quogue

I agree with your assessment. 6 comments total. leaves things open to a lot of interpretation. this behavior is an absolute epidemic in our society and its coming to light closer to home now. time to turn those flashlights on people and rid the bugs of society.
" Feb 18, 13 4:08 PM

Hampton Bays Officials Offer Update On School Construction Projects

absolutely! lets spend more money on new teachers, sports facilities and the administration. ESPECIALLY when the majority of HB students failed each and every state tests mandatory for third thru eighth.
" Sep 2, 13 11:26 PM