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No Kids Allowed? In Housing, Limits Have Limits

Why do you have an issue with "upscale homeowners"? Without these people/seasonal residents the Hamptons would have no economy and the locals would be out of work. Concerning the name of the development, if the developer named the project "The Hills at East Quogue" the development would surely fail. You should be happy that there will be a beautiful golf course as opposed to the barren sand dunes and scrub oak. Your pollution and traffic argument is a bunch of hogwash. " Oct 11, 15 8:11 PM

The farm economy generates a fraction of the local revenue. Without employment in the services and local trades sectors the Hamptons would be a ghost town. If the locals were friendly and welcomed the tourists you would see a change of attitude with the people who feed you..

BCD" Oct 11, 15 9:28 PM

Since the proposed development would be preserving over 420 of the 594 acres of land I would think the housing and/or golf course would have minimal impact on the current wildlife. Additionally the development would provide additional benefits to the local economy, through construction projects to the clubhouse and catering staffing. " Oct 17, 15 10:40 PM

Dune Deck Project Gets Under Way In Westhampton Beach

You obviously don't have the credentials to qualify for this new Members Only Resort. Sorry...

There's always the public beach tho" Oct 18, 15 5:35 PM