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Former Day Care Workers Plead Not Guilty In Southampton Town Justice Court

They don't close a center without cause; they wouldn't arrest them without cause. Good luck to all those babies out there with parents foolish enough to continue putting them in such a place!" Sep 16, 15 3:39 PM

Eyewitness Testimony Fails To Bring Conviction In Two Cases Involving Alleged Day Care Abuse

Still don't trust them - they wouldn't shut down an entire facility if there wasn't something going on - sounds like cover up and we won't ever know whole story..." Dec 29, 16 9:15 PM

And you just made an account to go ahead and comment only on this response. I've been following this story, my son had attended this daycare but we pulled out before all this - God only knows what he was subject to!" Jan 3, 17 10:25 AM

Exactly - these two teachers and many others were unqualified - good thing the place is gone and their faces were shown on the news enough that no one trusts them again!" Jan 3, 17 10:28 AM