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Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

If you listen to Quigley her intentions are quire clear (and you do not have to guess)...I just wanted to add where you can listen to her on this topic:

In print (but not freely available on line unless you are a subscriber):

This is the meeting (East Hampton Business Summit) recorded on video on LTV (and this is free):

Wed March 2nd
TQ …there is an upside down balance of power between the planning department (town employees)…and the planning board (made up of political appointees)… the department, as opposed to the board is responsible for 90% of the decision making…the decision should be 90% the board and 10% the department.

MW (Wolffsohn) contested this – “this is not how it is run…” on LTV MW tried to explain how the process works and that it is completely controlled by the planning board from the get go (not the department), but she was cut off several times by Q&W - starts at about 1:14:00 etc.

" Mar 11, 11 12:42 PM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

@johnj yea? my 95 year old mother in law is is surely a dead beat and she is too lazy to work! And a 50 year old relative with medical issues and a part time job will see her premiums go up by 30% by 2026. And a 21 year old with congenital big time medical problems may have no coverage at all. She is invalid and cant walk, and hse has been turned down for dozens of jobs she has applied for.

Why dont you just order a firing squad to get rid of all these lazy people?

Or, if you are do inclined to help people get jobs...do something about it!
" Mar 22, 17 12:29 PM