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Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Lawsuit Dismissed By State Supreme Court Justice

Sir, we are a new group dealing with current issues. The focus is on over-development via zoning changes and density increases. Nobody in our group is making a stance against workforce housing. To the contrary, the developers and TSHA have only offered one solution, and that is their way or no way. Their way yields max density per acre and max dollar per bank account. You may be angry with the wrong people. " Jan 7, 16 11:08 PM

Tenn Tom - I understand that, but is your situation justification for zoning changes and added density? I won't bore you with my history, but it didn't start with Remsenburg. I achieved Remsenburg through hard work and diligent savings. Along the way we rented in a host of different areas. I'll expect the same from my kids. If you truly want to have a honest conversation about development, then I'm all in. In the case of 41 N Phillips, the difference between max build out via "as of right" vs. the Georgica Green proposal is approx 10 bedrooms. That's assuming the max bedrooms were built under current zoning. However, there is a retail frontage segment that Georgica Green wants no part of. Why? They don't get the tax credits (ie. your money) and they don't want to be retail space landlords. That's fine, but not our problem. So when they state that the property is "the perfect fit" it's actually not. Not for them anyway. So because they can't fit their model into existing zoning, they ask for special considerations by way of zoning changes. When we ask the town board to maintain current zoning we are accused of being irrational and callous. It's wag the dog tactics and if they "win" then everyone who adheres to zoning regulations loses. So I don't understand why people are so quick to open the door to over-development, sewage treatment systems, added congestion on a country rd, and compromising the value of other "as of right" projects. The potential build out numbers via added density is astounding. We need to look big picture here and get past this false narrative of if you are against Project A then you against affordable housing. It's so absolutely untrue. Long rant, but I hope it clarifies our position. I also hope the best for and your son. Thank you." Jan 8, 16 9:23 AM

Apartment Complex Plans Spur Birth Of New Community Group In Speonk

"Group members are also questioning the actual need for workforce housing in the area, suggesting on their website that the people such housing would attract would not be employed in their communities."

Not really. More so questioning the wisdom of doing max density projects west of the canal. Also questioning why the housing authority isn't proactively trying to add accessory apartments to existing dwellings. We have retired people out here that could use the income too.
" Jan 14, 16 4:29 PM

Southampton Town Board Candidates Participate In Press Conversation Saturday

I think this special election is about faith in government. Brad Bender left in disgrace and ATH sold out to developers. The new board has an opportunity to regain the faith of the community. Hopefully voters will vote for people and ideas rather than party. If we continue to accept zoning changes and density increases, we'll lose the beauty and charm of our towns. I'm looking forward to the debate on Thursday night." Jan 17, 16 12:59 PM

Neither side has been immune from taking $ from developers. When you look at the political influence that some of these builders bring, then combine that with the housing authorities push to maximize density with each proposal, because it represents a quick fix as opposed to an equitable and sustainable fix, then it becomes clear that we need our board to act in interests of the constituency. If they fail, or can't be trusted, then mutiny in the form of incorporated village becomes the next line of defense. Mr. Schneiderman et al have an opportunity to restore faith in govt. I hope this board takes that responsibility very seriously. " Jan 18, 16 8:28 AM

Some Fear Another Sandy Hollow Is In The Works In Speonk

When you look at the undeveloped land in entire area, it becomes clear that the potential for over-development is real and potentially overwhelming. The 41 N Phillips project has a retail segment that Georgica Green wants to eliminate. So they are arguing for workforce housing, then eliminating potential jobs in the next breath. The only protection our area has against over-development is maintaining current zoning. The emotional argument includes workforce housing, which should be addressed via accessory apartments to existing dwellings (Jay Schneiderman has supported this too) as well as including workforce housing if Georgica Green did the project as currently zoned, including the retail frontage. Sadly, the housing authority is plugging in the max density per acre formula with the same developer. Sandy Hollow 2 here we come. Nobody in our group, RESCU, is saying anything about the potential occupants of any of these projects. We are talking about zoning, density, and protection against unbridled over-development. If 41 N Phillips is approved, Pandora's box is wide open. So far we've heard 2 proposals on a total of 11 acres. Combined those 2 proposals yield 100+ extra bedrooms over existing zoning. That's just 2 proposals and more will certainly come. So we turn to our town board and ask them to maintain their own standards, and find ways to address workforce housing without the max density per acre model that the housing authority continues to pursue." Jan 18, 16 7:05 PM

Uhhh... Southampton's workforce would drive east from Speonk. Unless we are looking to support Brookhaven's workforce housing, it might not be a good idea to not max the western edge of Southampton town out. " Jan 18, 16 7:10 PM

Editor - BTW last we spoke with the developer, he was pursuing MF44 zoning rather than PDD. MF44 only requires 3 votes from the board. The housing authority representative told the Remsenburg Association that the project would not be PDD. " Jan 19, 16 7:47 AM

Also Riverside revitalization project. " Jan 19, 16 7:52 AM

There are 700+ acres of undeveloped land in Speonk. Some in Remsenburg district and some in Eastport district. Build out via as of right will be gradual and organic with manageable impact. It can call for workforce housing too. Allowing zoning changes will increase density, have a sudden and severe impact on the school, and add an absurd amount of cars on N Phillips. The 41 N Phillips project is the Pandora's box moment and the housing authority is trying to unlock that box. This is not a singular project issue and it never was. It just happens to be first.
At some point we'll have to ask the town board if they are going to allow the housing authority to open that box, or tell the housing authority to do its job without max density per acre projects. " Jan 19, 16 4:49 PM

To Squeaky
Followers? There's no personal gain for me other than trying to prevent over-development. We have a team of neighbors keeping the community informed. We've had over 100 people contact us in the last 3 weeks asking to stay informed. Our combined database is approx 400 strong. Not followers, but concerned neighbors looking for info.
We probably won't ever agree, and that's fine. I just want you to examine the following, and this is a small sample, of the possible impact zoning changes in this area could have. Then you can decide if we are presenting a doomsday scenario, or accurately reporting data and reasonable hypothesis.
85 N Phillips. As presented to CAC West 132 BR on 7 acres. Change in zoning + added density. Sewage treatment system on top of a monitored solvent plume.
41 N Phillips. As proposed to Remsenburg Assoc and discussed at a community meeting. 50 units and 66 BR on 4 acres. Change of zoning eliminating retail frontage (and potential jobs) also requires sewage treatment on top of a monitored solvent plume.
95 N Phillips. Twice denied zoning changes for 69 unit condos. Reasons for rejected zoning change include added density, open space issues, and environmental concerns. Developer now building 13 "as of right" homes. Could this developer pull his project and reapply for a zoning change in the event that 41 N Phillips is approved? Yes.
So looking at those 3 properties, all on the same road in an approx .25 mile span, we are talking about 300 people or more. 300 being very conservative. That's 3 properties, approx 20 acres, developed via zoning changes. That leaves around 680 undeveloped acres left. So if that 41 N Phillips project is approved, tell me how to stop 5, 6, or even 10 more. I've spoken to a lot of people about this and the answer is you can't stop it.
Nobody is preventing Georgica Green from developing 41 N Phillips under current zoning other than Georgica Green. Remember, we aren't asking for special consideration, but Gerogica Green is.
" Jan 20, 16 9:27 AM

Standing room only with a line out the door at the debate between Julie and Yaz last night. Not surprisingly 50% of the questions had to do with development (read that N Phillips) with Yaz being a little more forceful on that direct issue, citing Riverside Rejuvenation as the right place, with community acceptance. Both candidates seem to be against high density projects in Speonk, and fully understand the dangerous precedent a zoning change will set in the area. The message is getting out and it's being received. Hopefully the board considers the big picture when the N Phillips proposal hits their desks. " Jan 22, 16 10:21 AM

Not even close. A zoning change for Georgica Green sets a precedent for future projects (already proposed at CAC West) where density on small parcels is dramatically increased. ie. 132 bedrooms on 7 acres at 85 N Phillips. The precedent acknowledged by members of our town board. 41 N Phillips could be a 30 unit WF housing building with added benefit of retail frontage, adding jobs. Georgica Green isn't in the retail rental business, so they want that change in zoning. That's the basic gist." Jan 22, 16 10:35 AM

In Special Election, Julie Lofstad Wins Open Seat On Southampton Town Board

New board = new chance to restore faith in govt. Best of luck to Julie. " Jan 27, 16 2:29 PM

Southampton Town Housing Authority Seeking Purchase Of Riverside Property

If you liked Sandy Hollow you will like the impending sequel that is coming to Speonk. Same team looking to down zone 4 acres to accommodate a workforce housing apartment building. We've been pleading with the town board for months to prevent the zoning change. " Apr 25, 16 3:44 PM

My reply to the above post by Marlinspike where he referenced Sandy Hollow. Therefore, a legitimate post.
I'm not against anything, but rather in favor of maintaining zoning standards that help prevent overdevelopment, protect the environment, and promote responsible and equitable solutions to our combined challenges. " Apr 25, 16 4:53 PM

Environmentalists Continue To Push For Southampton Town To Repeal PDD Law

The Hills vote will be interesting. Mrs. Lofstad and Mr. Bouvier are thoughtful people. I hope they vote with their conscience rather than reacting to internal pressure. It'll also be interesting to see what Jay does on the impending MF44 zoning change in Speonk. Same team that did Sandy Hollow looking to do similar in Speonk. Jay is on record saying he's for a spread out approach to affordable housing, and supports and accessory apartment initiative. It'll be difficult to explain how another Sandy Hollow isn't politics as usual. " Apr 28, 16 2:57 PM

UPDATE: Town Releases 'The Hills' Environmental Study To Public

Thank you, Mr. Shaw." Apr 29, 16 8:47 AM

Absolutely, TB!!!
" Apr 29, 16 3:40 PM

Southampton Town Housing Authority Seeking Purchase Of Riverside Property

Then they've already failed. A percentage of new construction was supposed to be designated to affordable housing and spread out throughout the town. Builders either bought their way out, or the town never enforced it. So now we have entities like the housing authority ramming high yield per acre projects (Sandy Hollow) down our throats. Once you allow that model to root, it spreads like weeds while builders cash in. So be careful when you look for solutions outside of the "free market" because the alternative isn't nearly as benign as you may think. Again, watch Sandy Hollow 2 go down in Speonk, despite disapproval from environmental groups, civic assocs, and the community. When you allow an entity like the housing authority to dictate the terms of affordable housing in lieu if a formal town-wide plan, then you welcome competing motivators that aren't necessarily in the best interest of all. Shouldn't the town have a plan in place? ie. 25 units per hamlet by 2017. Something like that. " May 3, 16 8:56 AM

East End Hillary Supporters Reflect On Their Choice For President

Trump vs. Hillary.
How tragically sad.
" May 4, 16 1:12 PM

Amagansett CAC Meeting On Affordable Housing Project Draws Large Crowd Monday Night

They never talk about the PILOT's. Always a significant net loss and always absorbed by the tax payers in the community.
Once again the high density project rears its ugly head. Follow the $ and see who benefits most from this model. Hint, it's not the community. " May 10, 16 10:03 AM

Quest For Knowledge Earns 92-Year-Old Remsenburg Veteran His Fourth Degree

I couldn't like a story more!!!" May 26, 16 4:46 PM

Estates At Remsenburg Gets Final Approvals For New Subdivision

Yep. 19 lots for this subdivision and 38 at Woodfield Gables on the corner of Old Country and Speonk Riverhead Rd. That's a lot of kids coming into Rems-Speonk SD. This is why we have to fight any zoning change that adds density per acre. The town board, the planning dept and the housing authority need to understand that we already have density issues and stuffing 40-50 apartment units on 4.4 acres makes zero sense. " May 31, 16 9:39 AM

Southampton Town Has Affordable Housing Option That Appears To Have Been Forgotten

Are 10% of the 57 units available at Woodfield Gables and the Estates at Remsenburg designated as affordable? " May 31, 16 4:17 PM

The town needs to formalize a plan for affordable housing. I'll bring up 41 N Phillips yet again as to why we can't trust TSHA or outside developer involvement in addressing affordable housing. 41 N Phillips as of right could be developed and include approx 22-26 units of workforce housing. TSHA and the builder want 40-50 units by way of zoning change. Think about it... TSHA has exactly ZERO units there right now. Our town is ok with as of right models that yield TSHA those 22-26 units. Apparently, that's not good enough, and my community is unreasonable because we aren't buying the need for zoning changes that benefit builders, lobbyists and TSHA. Instead, TSHA supports the developers plan to blow up existing zoning to increase the density per acre model. This is why the town needs to stop reacting to what TSHA brings them, and instead dictate what they should be bringing them in terms of numbers and locations. ie. 20 unites per hamlet. The plan needs to come from the town! Fair and equitable models are so much better than Sandy Hollows apartments buildings sitting on small parcels. " Jun 1, 16 9:59 AM

East Quogue Civic Association Meeting To Discuss 'The Hills' Turns To Screaming Match

Informative meeting. Q and A's typically devolve into shouting, and the plants by the developer fueled the fire. Great presentation by Mr. Cerviino. When it comes to believing scientists or developers, I side with the former. " Jun 11, 16 3:44 PM

KKK Recruitment Fliers Found In Westhampton Beach And Quogue Villages

Save the rocks, throw out the flyer. " Jul 25, 16 5:32 PM

Speonk Affordable Housing Project On Agenda For Thursday's Southampton Town Board Work Session

The town board received over 100 emails stating "No zoning change" as that area already has density issues by way of as of right projects looming. However, we do support an affordable housing model, just not by way of the density monster that is the MF44 zone change. We'll ask our town board to work with us in finding a solution that addresses the need for affordable housing without adding the kind of density Georgica Green is looking for. Woodfield Gables, Serenity Estates and The Estates at Remsenburg alone will bring our community 70 new homes. Those are as of right projects. So we really do have significant density concerns. If the town enforces its own rules, 7 of those 70 homes are supposed to be affordable. The as of right yield at 41 N Phillips is approx 28 units. So the conversation in Speonk is not community vs. affordable, as we embrace an affordable model, The conversation is zoning changes vs. responsible development. All of our civic groups are in agreement on this. Again, we have expressed a desire to work with the town and find as of right models to address affordable housing. Overdevelopment in our area is a very real concern." Jul 28, 16 7:14 AM

I live right by that area. My friend will literally have a sewage treatment system in her back yard. That property has unique zoning 6 R20 1/2 acre lots + village business frontage w/ 16 accessory apartments. We'd like to see the 6 homes built for seniors w/ 6 workforce housing accessory apartments added. Then do the VB section + 16 affordable apartments. That would help a lot of people (28 units) and maintain current zoning.
Sadly, we haven't had this conversation and Georgica Green and TSHA maintain they have to do 51 units / 67 bedrooms in order to get funding. That's debatable. " Jul 28, 16 7:20 AM

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