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Westhampton Beach Village And The Greater Westhampton Chamber Of Commerce Team Up To Promote Tourism With Video Campaign

I'd love to see more curbside dining and agree with the above post about beach restrictions. Main Street should offer a lot more than real estate offices. So much untapped potential. " Jul 31, 18 9:33 AM

Zeldin, Gershon And The Two Issues That Are Defining 2018

Based on the lack of respect and willingness to engage in the exchange of ideas and solutions on these boards, perhaps we are getting exactly what we deserve out of our representative government.
Seriously, at what point do we stop the political football game and childish name calling, and get to work on finding the common ground that most of us share???
The divisiveness is taking us farther away from our goals. " Oct 29, 18 10:42 AM

MAGA means nothing to me, because it's just a slogan and I never stopped thinking that America was great. Arguing taco trucks on corners is a complete waste of time. We get wrapped up in personality at the expense of evaluating policy.
Instead, we can discuss the issue of immigration. America benefits from the labor and service that Latino immigrants provide. Conversely, unchecked immigration is potentially dangerous, unfair, and unsustainable. So instead of arguing absolutes, ie. walls vs. open borders, perhaps we can discuss the proper balance between supply and demand in terms of jobs / immigration policy.
The point being we are slinging mud on behalf of those who are not doing their jobs properly, and it's not doing anyone any good. I'd rather talk about solutions than scream about absolutes. " Oct 29, 18 11:53 AM

Southampton Town Board Looks To Define Roles Of Citizen Advisory Committees, An Issue In Both Towns

Folks come to the CAC-W with all kinds of issues that aren't necessarily town board related. We hear from developers looking to build apartments, land use disputes, variances, street lights, tick control, traffic issues, water runoff concerns, etc.
Our feeling is that if it's a community issue we'll talk about it and see if we can assist in any manner. Our TB liaison, John Bouvier, typically takes notes and either contacts the appropriate town department, or guides us to people that can assist. In my opinion, this is government as it should be, and a town board member assisting constituents. It’s been successful, and I’m proud to be a small part of it. So the question is, if a town board member has the ability to assist, guide, or clarify things for constituents, aren't they worth discussion at any given CAC? That would include matters of zoning, variances, and development in general.
Craig Catalanotto, Vice-chair CAC-W" Dec 1, 18 1:11 PM

" it has been my experience in HB, that members of the Town Board go to the groups that support what they already want to do or their campaigns."
Which is the exact opposite of the experiences that I've had with the town board. When discussing the workforce housing apartments in Speonk, the board went out of their way to hear us and work towards a fair end. That board was made up of Stan Glinka, Julie Lofstad, Christine Scalera, John Bouvier and Jay Schneiderman. All treated us fairly and were remarkably accessible. The developer had a solid application, the backing of the state, and zoning on his side. The town board, regardless of party affiliation, worked to find balance in what was an emotionally charged debate. " Dec 1, 18 1:34 PM

Community's Concerns Intensify Regarding Bridgehampton Gateway Complex

"Citizens Against Virtually Everything"
That's pretty funny." Jan 29, 19 8:05 AM

Former Southampton Town CPF Manager Reflects On 3,500 Acres Of Preservation

Mary did an amazing job managing the CPF program. She will be missed." Feb 7, 19 8:56 AM

Donations For Southampton Village Fourth Of July Parade Continue To Decrease, Causing Some Worry About Its Future

It is a great comminity event. Lots of families and plenty of smiles. I suggest that the organizers work with the various civic associations and expand the donor reach. " Jul 5, 19 4:38 PM

Injured Bald Eagle Stolen From Quogue Wildlife Refuge

I'm with you on that." Jul 17, 19 5:46 PM

Remsenburg Parent To Open Holistic Private School In Center Moriches

Congratulations and best of luck!" Aug 2, 19 12:52 PM

Southampton Town's Senior Lunch Program Expands To Serve Westhampton Area

Liz Dwyer runs an amazing program. We are lucky to have her. If you ever need to have your heart warmed a bit, go visit one of the town's senior activities.
" Aug 7, 19 3:05 PM

New Remsenburg-Speonk Superintendent Is Ready For The School Year

Welcome to the district, Ms. Sullivan. Best of luck to you." Sep 6, 19 8:43 AM

Southampton Town Candidates Put Best Foot Forward In Hampton Bays Debate

I successfully worked with the town board in a bipartisan fashion on facilitating 38 units of workforce (middle income) apartments, keeping density neutral, while supporting open space purchases along the North Phillips Avenue corridor in Speonk. That’s what balance and compromise looks like, and it was done with 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans on the Town Board.
It was the density and school impact issues that required creative thinking and a lot of hard work. Same will apply to Hampton Bays and any other hamlet. We’ll have to work together on it.
Future planning in Hampton Bays and most growing hamlets will likely include a variety of housing options for all ages, pedestrian and bike paths that connect to rail and bus service, and waste water treatment systems that will not pollute surface and ground water. It will also include open space and coastline CPF purchases that maintain the rural character of greater Southampton while protecting the environment, and, by default, help control density.
Each day presents an opportunity for us to work together on a brighter future. The choice to participate is up to the individual.
I’m happy to discuss these issues at any time, so feel free to reach out.
" Sep 25, 19 10:45 AM

Schneiderman Reelected In Southampton; Democrats Keep Control Of Board

Knitter - we are out there cleaning up. A lot of the material will be recycled as well. But, yeah, too many signs and we need clean them up." Nov 7, 19 11:59 AM

We are still out there picking them up. Kindly let me know if you see more out there and we'll come get them.
I have a campaign website with my email address on it. I don't think I'm allowed to post it here.
Thank you" Nov 8, 19 8:10 AM

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