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UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

If DLC files an article 78 suit, the process will be officially scrutinized. That's why the process took so long, the town had to be methodical and precise. People are divided on the outcome, but the process is the process. Please provide examples of the obvious misconduct. Also, who do you suspect took bribes and what evidence is there to support your claim? My guess is there is no evidence at all and never will be because it never happened. " Dec 7, 17 9:08 AM

That's a whole lot of conjecture there, DH. People were split on this application as were our town board members. Jay Schneiderman articulated his 10 point checklist and DLC satisfied the criteria in his mind. This was all very public. I don't chase conspiracy, nor do I engage in debate about it. Stan Glinka and Christine Scalera voted in favor of the PDD too. Both honest and honorable people. I think your energy needs refocusing. Good luck. " Dec 9, 17 7:07 PM

Lion was asked a number of times if he had ties to DLC, but never answered the question. The lack of answer telling and his points of views taken with more than a few grains of salt. " Dec 11, 17 10:32 AM

Sandy Hollow is a fully funded, state sponsored, middle income complex. The funding ($30 million as I recall) is bundled with the Speonk 38 unit complex that will break ground in the coming weeks. Both projects approved and funded, both will be built. Each will offer rentals for folks making $37K to $86K annually. You can argue about govt's place in housing if you like, but "overturning Sandy Hollow" and "CPF for Sandy Hollow" simply will not happen. Meet with the builder and ask him about the program and the myriad of vetting and restrictions for the tenants. You may feel better about things if you do. " Dec 11, 17 12:01 PM

Lion, as an adult I will ignore your childish need for insult and sarcasm and hope that you can focus all of your attention to answering the following question:
Do you have professional or personal ties to DLC?
Please answer directly, without grandstanding or long winded diatribes.
Also, please find the post where I stated that DLC does not have a SEQRA positive finding statements. As a half wit, I may have lost track of things that I've said, maybe because I never did. " Dec 11, 17 7:42 PM

It matters in that he presents a singular and rigid point of view, assuming building mandates based on AOR zoning. It's a scare tactic and consistent with DLC methods. Knowing he's arguing on behalf of his or DLC's interests at least gives people an opportunity to pause and consider the source. That and most of his posts start with a personal attack on whoever he's debating with. If he's a DLC guy, then I wouldn't want to do business with him based on that character flaw alone. " Dec 12, 17 1:54 PM

I work for myself. I'm following this file because it's interesting and I think a private golf course on that land is a pathetic waste. To that I turn to my town board, who shot the PDD down. I also know the zoning restrictions and don't see the AOR model as viable in spite of DLC's claims. I'm certainly not alone on that judging by the many posts on the subject. It's my opinion that the current AOR model is just another bad idea. I'm sorry if that makes your hair burn. I've seen firsthand how large AOR developments morph and evolve. This one will too. Have a holly jolly wordy gurdy Christmas. " Dec 13, 17 2:43 PM

Suffolk County, Southampton Town Officials Break Ground On Speonk Commons Affordable Housing Project Tuesday

We spend a lot of time talking about the disconnect between government and community. The Speonk Commons development represents the process gone right. Supervisor Schneiderman, Councilman Bouvier, Councilwoman Scalera, Councilwoman Lofstad and former Councilman Glinka met with us countless times. They listened to our concerns. They came to our town and engaged our civic associations.They fought for lower density on the site. In the end we have a complex that will yield the same amount of people as the as of right model. More, the town continues to engage us and help us manage density in the 700+ acres of compatible growth area. It's not easy, and there are a lot of outside forces pulling in different directions. In this case, your town government did everything it could to find consensus. In the interest of fairness, let's give them credit for that. " Jan 16, 18 4:20 PM

There will be a commercial segment at the complex. Not sure what will be viable, but it will be there. What they approved was not planned from the start. I assure you it that. I think people need to understand that it's the state that funds and pushes these models. Personally, and I have expressed this to all involved, I prefer an ownership model. Sadly, the state has no such model and in order to fund these complexes need to increase density on relatively cheap land. You will see more of this throughout the island, primarily near train stations. Some will be ok with it, some will not. In Speonk there was a general acceptance and understanding that something was going to happen at that location, so got a seat at the table. Future developers looking to down zone in the area will likely be unsuccessful.
" Jan 17, 18 7:43 AM

Sorry for spelling errors. Fat fingers on a kindle. " Jan 17, 18 7:45 AM

Ray, the 30 mill figure is combined between Speonk and Sandy Hollow.
Still high, but not 790K high. The state $ needed to keep the complexes affordable in perpetuity.
" Jan 17, 18 10:32 AM

Not entirely accurate. That property has and is being used as affordable. The N Phillips Ave corridor is slowly being transformed. Yes, that area has mostly small rental homes. As a matter of fact, a home was raided right up the road because of illegal overcrowding. So the truth is N. Phillips is not without issues, but it could be a diamond in the rough. It's going to take some time, but we can do it. I think 1st time buyers should keep an eye on it. " Jan 19, 18 12:24 PM

Pee Wee - I think you need to look into the renting/vetting criteria. Also, if that did happen, we'd scream and broadcast it to all who will listen, thus killing any chance of this model being plugged in anywhere else. The state does not want these models to fail - they have way too much invested. So perhaps you can actually give those making $36,500 - $89,000 a chance instead of condemning an end result based on a hypothesis based on inaccurate data. More, we are going to work closely with Diana Weir and Georgica Green in order to insure that the tenant selection process is honest. If it's not, we'll let everyone know. " Jan 19, 18 12:34 PM

The state and county have invested over 32 million dollars into the Sandy Hollow and Speonk complexes. That's 32 million reasons for the state and county to want to see these things succeed. The state vetting criteria is pretty strict and clear. The multiiple layers of oversight are in place as well, and in the case of Speonk, we are engaged in the process on all levels.
Screaming that either complex will devolve into drug infested slums doesn't do anyone any good. That's a fear driven reaction based on misinformation and an unwillingness to engage all of the key parties involved. In the end, causing unnecessary panic is downright negligent in that it makes the future tenants guilty of an outcome that will likely never take place.
If our greatest fears are having folks making $36,000 to $89,000 living among us, then all one needs to do is drive around and see that we already do. So let's pump the breaks on the angry rhetoric before these unsubstantiated claims morph into something worse. Regardless of how one feels about governments role in housing, Sandy and Speonk are being built. Maybe we would all be better served to get involved in the process and actually give the future tenants a chance. After all, the best outcome is success and the betterment of our communities. Sorry for the long rant. " Jan 20, 18 12:23 PM

Not saying your concerns aren't valid. We share many of the same concerns here. The point is there are some stating that the inevitable end result will be drug infested slums. I don't think that's fair, nor do I see any benefit from it. " Jan 20, 18 12:55 PM

But neither property is participating in the section 8 program. Also, the demand for these units will be so high with qualified tenants, it's doubtful that you'll ever see a need for either to have to rely on the section 8 program.
My 2 main concerns are the impact that this may have on our school. I think the Nelson Pope assessment is too low. I hope I'm wrong. I'm also concerned with the traffic issues when the train is in station. " Jan 20, 18 1:47 PM

PWH - I'm going to choose to stay positive, engaged, and base my opinions on information. I sincerely hope that you are never on the receiving end of judgment based on misinformation. Good luck. " Jan 21, 18 12:38 PM

Some debates aren't worth having, Fore1gn.
" Jan 21, 18 12:40 PM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

You insist on clinging to and broadcasting false information. I suggest that you contact the Town Housing Development office and ask how the tenant lists will be compiled, vetted, and ultimately selected. You can get involved and insist on transparency on this very issue. Our community will have eyes on the process throughout. I find that a better use of energy and time. The simple fact is you are so very wrong with your assumptions and regurgitate falsehoods to the benefit of no one. " Feb 2, 18 12:15 PM

Man I wish all posts were as rational as this one. Thank you, Ernie.
I hope that others approach this issue with the same attitude. " Feb 7, 18 5:20 PM

Southampton School Officials Nix Columbus Day In Favor Of Indigenous Peoples' Day On School Calendars

Kids learn about indigenous people and explorers in the schools. Columbus, Magellan, de Leon, etc all historical figures worth learning about. Indigenous cultures also worth learning about. Honestly, I don't think most kids sit around doing a lot of deep thinking about why they have off from school that day. More, if we are to truly and honestly examine the transgressions of Columbus or any given explorer, should we not examine how rival indigenous tribes treated one another? Some of that history reads like a horror novel. So let's be consistent and honest when applying moral standards. As a father, I will do a better job at teaching moral lessons to my kids than any school, and would rather the schools stick to teaching the history of exploration without the need for some hypothetical moral counterweight. " Feb 15, 18 10:37 AM

Kids learn about indigenous people and explorers in the schools. Columbus, Magellan, de Leon, etc all historical figures worth learning about. Indigenous cultures also worth learning about. Honestly, I don't think most kids sit around doing a lot of deep thinking about why they have off from school that day. More, if we are to truly and honestly examine the transgressions of Columbus or any given explorer, should we not examine how rival indigenous tribes treated one another? Some of that history reads like a horror novel. So let's be consistent and honest when applying moral standards. As a father, I will do a better job at teaching moral lessons to my kids than any school, and would rather the schools stick to teaching the history of exploration without the need for some hypothetical moral counterweight. " Feb 15, 18 10:49 AM

So you want the extinction of roughly 35% of the country to occur while we are all in this together, and not hurting each other? That will be the time for a singular way of thinking that will be for the betterment of all, or a universal "helping" moment. Did I get that right? " Feb 15, 18 11:19 AM

No more guilty / no less guilty. The point being the school is cherry picking morality on our behalf, and it's out of bounds. If the issue is Columbus the person, then fine, cancel Columbus Day. To counterbalance it with a supposed morally superior "holiday" or whatever you want to call it is a stretch IMO. I think this school board needs to check itself. I think the parents in that district should push back with fervor. Do we really want school boards playing judge and jury over what is or is not a socially acceptable day off? I'd fight that like wolverine. " Feb 15, 18 1:36 PM

I think you might feel differently the day this or any other board puts something on that calendar that you don't like. I don't like this precedent at all. " Feb 15, 18 2:26 PM

Good point. That said, we have the right to question our school boards decisions/policies. " Feb 15, 18 3:02 PM

UPDATE: Thousands Without Power After Heavy Snowfall Across Region

Ha. I was thinking that this could extend the ski season another week or two." Mar 12, 18 7:12 PM

East End High School Students Walk Out In Protest Of Gun Violence Wednesday

Young people peacefully protesting in an effort to bring about change. Sounds like America to me. " Mar 21, 18 9:50 AM

UPDATE: Remsenburg Teenager Charged With Vandalizing Westhampton Beach High School

The school doesn't have cameras outside?" Apr 6, 18 5:41 PM

Or dopey kids doing dopey things like dopey kids do." Apr 6, 18 5:43 PM

I'll bet you that the kids who did this have no idea who Lee Zeldin is or what he does." Apr 6, 18 5:44 PM

"If someone paints a swastika on a school, then the home environment of that person is to blame. Period!"
As if all if/thens are that simple an absolute.
" Apr 7, 18 11:56 AM

Yep. Some folks can't see an issue for what it is.
I hope whoever did this is caught, appropriately punished, learns a lesson and grows up.
" Apr 7, 18 1:22 PM

Ridiculous reply. Teens do very stupid things. I don't know this kid nor do I have any need or desire to condemn him. His actions were stupid, heartless and absolutely wrong. He should be appropriately punished. More importantly, he should be given a chance to work out his issues and hopefully become a positive member of society. That is my hope for him. If we all were judged by the worst thing we did in our teens, most of us wouldn't be too happy. " Apr 12, 18 9:27 PM

How tragically ironic that those who claim to be so appalled by this kids actions come here and induce more hate. Out of the 50 or so comments here there are but a handful suggesting that the kid needs to get some help. He should be held accountable, and equally important, given an opportunity to turn himself around.
You want to crucify a 17 year old kid? I don't. I'd like to find out what the heck inspired this and get him some help. " Apr 12, 18 9:44 PM

Why not do both at the same time?" Apr 14, 18 7:21 PM

'The Hills' Developer Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Southampton Town For Rejecting PDD

I especially liked this part: "their votes were cast for the illegitimate purpose of assuaging a loud and vocal minority or project opponents.”
And then the election happened and Julie Lofstad and Tommy JS, both anti-Hills PDD, won by a lot. " Apr 17, 18 8:24 AM

Responsible development = a golf course over an aquifer, used by people who are not, will not be part of the community? The demand for the Hills is external, meaning if you build it they will come. There is no organic demand for the Hills. With land in short supply out here, the Hills is the opposite of smart growth. The Hills is a resort community. You may like that model, but please don't compare it to anything resembling responsible growth when the target market will be imported. " Apr 17, 18 6:17 PM

Actually the Hills application was not as of right, it was a PDD, which this board had earlier determined to be an ineffective and not clearly defined zoning tool. This PDD ultimately approved or not approved at the discretion of the town board. In this case not approved.
Now the developer is attempting to circumvent the TB by bringing this new proposal to the zoning board, and IMO looking for more leverage with this suit.
It's pretty consistent with the MO when you consider how every "public benefit" promised had the lurking shadow of a thinly veiled threat behind it. ie. If we don't get our PDD, we'll give you max build out and environment be damned. DLC isn't acting very neighborly, are they?
" Apr 18, 18 7:51 AM

Valid points, but DLC is still going for a golf course by way of planning board. We'll see where this ends up. With the restrictive zoning in the APOD in East Quogue, I'm not sure what kind of market there will be for houses.
Again though, the town board voted on a PDD application and did not receive the needed super majority. I think we need to look at that and filter out the noise. Would it be appropriate for a town board to vote in favor of a PDD, which they have already determined to be an ineffective zoning tool, out of fear that an alternative application might be presented to the planning board? I think the town board did their jobs, and there is a difference of opinion among them. DLC doesn't like the result. " Apr 18, 18 11:41 AM

Southampton Town Board To Buy, Preserve Property Above Speonk Plume

This was a good CPF purchase. $1.2 mill for 15 acres and this land truly meets the criteria that CPF was designed for. " May 13, 18 10:58 AM

New Westhampton Community Center To Be Built At Gabreski Business Park

I love this idea. Please contact me. You can find me on facebook." May 17, 18 11:37 AM

Valid points. The town is looking to demo and sell the old center. Some of the benefits about having the Rechler Group build at the Gabreski site being the town will not have to invest in the land or construction. The town will lease the facility. The Rechlers certainly know how to build, so the town won't have to worry about construction budgets, waste, bidding etc. IMO, it's better for the town and tax payers to have the Rechler Group build and lease out than the town act as developer. " May 17, 18 5:19 PM

Wholesale Plant Nursery Opens In Speonk; Seeks Zoning Exemption From Town

Community concerns as follows:
The well located to the west of the house sits over the solvent plume. Local hydro-geologists are concerned that the well could alter the flow of the plume and bring contaminants to the surface. The town does not monitor irrigation wells. The county should have eyes on this.
The van acting as a sign is too close to the street. It looks like it is about to pull out of the property. That's a town issue.
Monitoring the facility to make sure it is operating strictly as a wholesale business. There are other garden centers in the area selling retail / paying retail taxes and rent. In the interest of fairness there should be oversight.
Making sure trucks don't back out of the facility. The curve on Old Country Rd creates a visual hindrance where motorists have little time to react to obstacles. Combined with the awful intersection at Speonk-Riverhead Rd and Old Ctry Rd, this could be a dangerous little stretch.
The facility looks nice and nobody wants to interfere with their right to operate a business. IMO the above concerns are valid and should be addressed. " May 19, 18 10:13 AM

New Westhampton Community Center To Be Built At Gabreski Business Park

IMO weighing the positives and negatives, doing this with the Rechlers at Gabreski makes the most sense. It's the most efficient and cost-effective model, doesn't require any zone changes, has room for expansion, and doesn't put the town in the position as acting as developer. In the end, this represents a real opportunity to create a center for seniors, youth services, civic groups, various clubs, etc to enjoy. We've been waiting for this for a long time, and this is a great opportunity. So looking at this project on this site with these builders, I can't come up with a better scenario to actually get this done. " May 19, 18 5:13 PM

As do I. Let's work on it. " May 20, 18 7:42 AM

The Rechler Group is going to build a small business facility at the industrial park too. 1 main building containing 4 or 5 office/shop spaces at approx 2000 sqr ft each. I really like this idea. " May 21, 18 9:01 AM

Thanks, TB. I truly believe that this will be a net gain for the community by a lot. " May 21, 18 9:02 AM

Planning Board Seeks Recommendation From Chief Building Inspector On Golf Course In East Quogue--Despite Public Comments Supporting It

Remove the emotions that The Hills application invokes and ask if we are ok with a town board decision effectively being overturned by way of an appointed board punting final say to a single town employee? Are we ok with that scenario playing out with any application?" May 29, 18 8:03 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Announces Run For Suffolk County Comptroller This Fall

You mean you want to have respectful dialogue and debate? You actually want examine a subject with reason? You are willing to approach something with an open mind? That's crazy talk!!!" May 30, 18 11:35 AM

A lot of people do. Sadly, when most of the homes were built out here there was little thought about the long term impact on our waters. Same goes for the fertilizers and pesticides that we have used, and continue to use. Now state, county, town govt are actively exploring solutions, which will only work if we all change our habits. So I'm glad that you are aware of the problem, Chief. I also hope that you will be part of the solution. " May 30, 18 11:45 AM

Southampton Town Residents Come Out In Support Of Rose Hill Deal

1 of 3 - unrelated.
2 of 3 - Sandy Hollow vetting criteria requires 60% AMI and a participating landlord.
3 of 3 - Section vouchers require 50% AMI, and the landlord isn't participating. " Jun 19, 18 10:21 PM

* section 8 vouchers" Jun 19, 18 10:22 PM

You have no point. Repeating inaccurate information over and over doesn't make an argument. Being against multi-family affordable models is certainly your right. To call you on broadcasting falsehoods is equally my right. Do your homework. Speonk is getting the larger of the 2 complexes. Neither will be section 8 because both are 60% AMI and the landlord isn't participating in the voucher program. The waiting list for the combined 62 apartments is over 800 people deep and growing. In other words, they can fill these apartments 13 times over before needing to consider a section 8 model. " Jun 20, 18 9:07 AM

Can you substantiate, "it has to as the county is involved as a partner?" Have you reached out to Bridget Fleming on the matter? Have you read the application itself? Do you know where the bulk of the funding comes from and the criteria one must follow to qualify for said funding?
Being wrong with conviction won't make you any less wrong. Perhaps if you educated yourself on the subject you wouldn't be filled with as much angst. " Jun 20, 18 12:05 PM

Lawmakers, Environmentalists Push To Close Sand Land Because Of Water Contamination

"licensed professionals hired by Sand Land found a number of discrepancies in the report."
There's a shocker. Time to shut these guys down." Jul 16, 18 2:56 PM

Of course, and expeditiously. " Jul 16, 18 4:35 PM

The 15th Annual Soldier Ride To Roll Through On Saturday

Respect and gratitude to these folks!!!" Jul 21, 18 9:46 AM

Westhampton Beach Village And The Greater Westhampton Chamber Of Commerce Team Up To Promote Tourism With Video Campaign

I'd love to see more curbside dining and agree with the above post about beach restrictions. Main Street should offer a lot more than real estate offices. So much untapped potential. " Jul 31, 18 9:33 AM

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