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UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

I couldn't agree more WHP. What many fail to realize is this is an ongoing and extremely complex issue that goes far beyond the "think of the children" sentiments that tend to expressed when articles like this are printed. We see one side of the situation because the school is limited in what it is able to confirm or deny in the interest of privacy and that seems to be continually viewed by those in favor of Aiden attending WHB as some sort of conspiracy on the part of the school system to keep him out.

Remsenburg Elementary and its exemplary staff bent over backwards for Aiden and his family during all the years he attended the school and by all accounts he did incredibly well in that environment that specifically catered to his individual style of learning.

The idea that his attending one of the excellent programs you mention that offer those same services with other children with needs similar to his own is somehow unacceptable or doing him a disservice strikes me as incredibly insensitive to the many children already taking advantage of and thriving in those schools.

By all accounts Aiden is a lovely, sweet boy with a great sense of humor and a good heart who deserves to be in a place where he can get his very specific needs met. Unfortunately, regardless of whether or not it should be WHB Middle School is not that place right now and Mr. Killoran and his supporters standing outside protesting on the steps on the first day of school isn't going to change that.

I don't find it "deplorable" that WHB felt the need to take out a restraining order so much as I find it sadly necessary. I have respect for any parent who fights for the rights of their child but I honestly fail to see how it benefits Aiden to parade him around on the steps of the middle school when the school has already clearly and repeatedly stated they cannot accommodate him at this time.

What is the point? I sincerely doubt the staff of the school is planning to dramatically bar the doors and break out a bullhorn to send Aiden and his supporters home. Nor will it result in the doors being flung wide and a red carpet being rolled out to welcome him.

I doubt that it will result in anything other than confusion and aggravation for the hundreds of other parents who have just as much right to see their own children off on their first day of school.

" Aug 28, 15 5:48 PM

This is what I'm talking about. Neither the school nor the town at large is saying anything of the sort about Aiden not fitting some imaginary criteria. They're saying and have been saying they do not have the means or ability to provide what he needs right now.

I'd venture that 90% of the parents at WHB have absolutely no idea this is even going on. Making these patently absurd statements that the school and the entire town are out to get this poor kid does nothing but turn this already out of control situation into even more of a circus then it already is." Aug 28, 15 6:56 PM

Look 2015 I'm not looking to get into an internet feud. You have literally no idea who I am but because I have a differing opinion I'm clearly an uninformed moron.

I'm afraid you'll have to take it on faith that I'm extremely well aware of the special education programs out here and their efficacy. But, again since we don't share the same opinion on them I'm clearly an idiot as far as you're concerned so its frankly pointless for us to even pursue a conversation.

This kind of passive aggressive, childish aggression you're attempting to engage me in is doing nothing to either address the actual issues or further the conversation. " Aug 28, 15 7:14 PM