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Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

What is your problem with the police department? Your comments show your lack of knowledge on the running of the department and the town. First, the budget was never adjusted for inflation or yearly changes in staffing as was the done in every other town department. second, no officer on patrol has a base salary over $100,000 a year, at 5 yrs, 10 yrs or 20 yrs. the only base salaries that high are sgts and above and that is on par with every department on long island. third, an offer was put forth to supervisor kabot of taking less than 3% increase and a tour schedule that cut out overtime and increased the number of officers on patrol, but she refused to even discuss the issue. as for the six officers and the department storming town hall, those six officers were singled out for unknown reasons. the new officers need the veteran officers to guide them and give them history concerning issues and how to handle situations that may not have come up on their 10 weeks of field training. time and time again officers respond to calls involving 2nd and 3rd generations of town citizens and the new guys don't know the background concerning the call without the benefit of the veteran officers. i hope you never need 911, but if you do, despite your ignorance, arrogance and lack of respect, they will still respond. not just because they are paid to, but because that's the type of people they are. you cannot put on that uniform just to collect a paycheck...you don't say goodbye to your family before heading to work knowing you might not come home just for benefits. yes, they chose this line of work, more appropriately, it chose them. its born in you. but then again, who would do it if we didn't? you? i'll take my chances on my own then. " Nov 4, 09 9:27 AM

The wage increases you speak of stop after you have been employed with the Town for 7 or so years, depending on your hire date. There are no reviews/raises except in contract negotations. I've worked private industry and civil service for the past 16 years, so i'm pretty well versed in how they both work. My attitude does no reflect doing anyone a favor. It shows respect for the officers who put on that uniform everyday. As for acting as a professional, you have no idea my morals, character or professional standing. So please do not make this personal attack against me when you have no idea what you are talking about." Nov 4, 09 6:29 PM

I am speaking of patrol officers...Sergeants are mandated on the road and behind the desk for every patrol squad. They are not amongst the rank and file police officers, they are supervisors. Being a Southampton Town Police Officer is not dangerous? You need someone to die in the line of duty to have it be dangerous? That is such ignorance. Last year an officer had to be cut from a police car after a woman ignored his lights and sirens; let us not forget the stabbing at the diner this summer; who do you think responds to these? Maybe you have forgotten about the gun shots fired at officers just a few years ago on Huntington Crossway? Just because thank god an officer hasn't been killed in the line of duty does not mean it is not dangerous. I agree our military does not get the respect or compensation they deserve, as my brother-in-law is active military. But then you have everyone compaining about tax increases and the war effort so i guess its back to square one isn't it?" Nov 4, 09 6:37 PM

So it would be appropriate to sit back and allow someone to suggest you be fired and not try to fight for your job? I know i would be in there fighting to save my job if it were me. " Nov 4, 09 6:45 PM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

if you're looking for cheaper, scpd makes more than southampton town police officers...and they're understaffed. good luck on a 911 call..." Nov 18, 09 10:04 PM

2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

so elected part-time town board members can keep lifetime benefits for free after only serving two terms, but town employees who serve 20+ years are not entitled to their benefits? and fyi....police officers retire at 50% their pay, not 3/4 unless it is a line of duty injury and that goes for all departments, not just southampton. check with nys labor sites. max you can get for retirement at 30 yrs is 70% and that's usually bossess and above. there is a sliding scale for ALL civil service employees when they retire based on years of service. i guess these cops should have lined up a second career in case they were forced out....did anyone else line up a second career in case they are forced to retire? i guess its easy to bash the police until you need to call 911....hope we all don't mind the wait" Sep 30, 11 10:30 PM

Southampton Town Employees Get Four-Day Weekend After All

FYI-none of the police officers, bay constables, etc got an extra day off, banked or otherwise, for Friday July 5. Nor did they get extra pay. That day off only applied to CSEA union members, mostly out of town hall, hwy dept, etc" Jul 8, 13 10:15 PM

Nature, I was responding to other posters who were writing about police, constables, etc being given extra pay and extra days off. Perhaps you should re-read. Persons working july5 such as officers are NOT being given extra time off to be used by the end of the year. Press has it wrong " Jul 9, 13 3:18 PM

From my neighbor, who is an employee of Southampton town. Non-union members serve/work at discretion of the town. My point, again, is the press has it wrong in that bay constables, police, etc did not get July 5 off nor are they getting any other days off/extra compensation. " Jul 10, 13 1:18 PM

Believe the press if you like but the information is incorrect. But doesn't surprise me at all. Apparently verifying information before printing it has gone by the wayside, not just with the press but in general " Jul 11, 13 9:02 PM

There is a very simple way to find out. The Press could just contact Town Hall and get clarification as to who actually had the day off, who got a day to use another time and who just went to work, no additional benefit and then update the article " Jul 11, 13 9:17 PM