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Southampton Village K-9 cop dies

RIP Spirit, and thank you for your selfless service.
PO Medio, my condolences..you lost a great partner. " Nov 3, 09 2:45 PM

Hampton Bays students rally for animal shelter

Then can the 130 cats and 30 dogs come live with you? Or should they just be released?" Nov 12, 09 11:27 AM

Broderick to star in Hamptons-based sitcom

Skylur, you're right. No, I don't know him personally - but I see him frequently in NYC...and he is NOT gracious to his fans...rather, he yelled at me on the street for looking at him when I was merely turning to give direction to someone who had stopped me on the street looking for directions. Self centered, ego centric buffoon. And, yes, my family has a house in Ireland - all that has been stated here is truth. The accident referred to is Broderick's Chappaquidick..." Feb 4, 10 8:49 AM

Whale beached in East Hampton survives first attempt at euthanization

I know nothing of Mr. Bowman, but I believe his credentials are important. He may not *have* to be a marine biologist, but it would certainly help! And, knowing nothing of the board members (yet) I would also like to see that some of them have some certifications/experience in the field of marine biology. We would expect, at the very minimum, that our own emergency responders, fire, police personnel have certifications required for the job...why would we expect less from the President of the Riverhead Foundation? Because they only deal with marine life? " Apr 9, 10 3:30 PM

Benjamin W. Lupia, long-time member of the Hampton Bays Fire Department, dies at 96

Founded in 1930, as the article states - 75 years later is 2005. Press is correct." May 3, 10 11:26 AM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

If so, then why so many traffic violations? Why a suspended license?" May 26, 10 3:40 PM

I am so very very sorry for your loss. Please know that you and all of your family will be in my prayers. " May 26, 10 3:59 PM

Westhampton Veteran Forbidden From Flying Old Glory

They absolutely need to go to court. I served on my HOA board for 4 years, and while they can have their own rules, those rules cannot be in violation of any federal, state, or local regulations. And, when he wins, the development will be responsible to pay all of his out of pocket costs.
" Jun 1, 12 12:22 PM

Gregor Hauls Away Trash Cans From County And State Roads

I absolutely agree...and would add dog poop to the list of garbage that accumulates on the beaches. Not only do they take the cans away, but they don't refill the doggie bags either. There is a marked increase of dog poop on the beach in the off season..it's disgusting. I bring my own bags (and extra, to pick up other people's dog's poop), and also see that people will leave their trash where the cans were, rather than take it with them. I understand the volume of trash isn't the same in the off season...but couldn't the trash cans remain with pick up every other week? The issue of funding is spot on - whoever has jursidiction should fund - but in the meantime we all suffer.
While I'm forever optimistic that people WILL be mindful and respectful...I'm afraid that just won't happen." Jan 4, 13 12:40 PM

Interesting...yes, clearly dogs should not relieve themselves on your neighbors property, but how does this also apply to the beaches? Dogs are specifically allowed there during certain times, poop bags are provided (in season), signage exists to remind you of leash laws...not sure this really applies to the beaches. Beaches aren't the premises of a PERSON...not sure if this really applies to the beach.
" Jan 7, 13 11:39 AM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Student Is Ready To Make A 'Splash'

Very inspiring! Bravo, Ariana!" Mar 30, 13 7:51 AM

Water Is A Relief For Hampton Bays Dog

Love this!!! What an angel you are to sweet Huck....
" Sep 8, 15 1:28 PM

Dog Rescued From Napeague's Frigid Walking Dunes Safe And Sound

Best story I've read all week!!! So happy it worked out!
" Feb 3, 16 3:12 PM

A Love Story On Lake Nowedonah

What a beautiful story!
" Feb 9, 18 9:49 AM

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Two: The Work Of Recycling

Great article! And glad that I'm a self hauler!
" Dec 5, 18 11:45 AM