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Southampton Town Board authorizes emergency dune restoration work in Hampton Bays

When the gov't seeks to do something like this, it proceeds.

Can you imagine if a homeowner sought to do this? The Conservation Board, Trustees and or the DEC would be putting every road block possible in the way of the project!" Apr 9, 10 7:29 AM

Court allows Quogue resident to install beach protection over Trustees objections

Why must the Trustees be so difficult? The family simply wants to save their home. Is that so difficult to understand? If there are consequences (e.g. neighbor losses), one can be sure that the neighbors will seek to be made whole by the homeowners!

REFRAIN FROM REGULATING where possible!" Apr 27, 10 8:13 AM

Court orders trial for fishing license challenge

There we go again, yet another lawsuit that the Trustees are involved in- Is it not a wonder that the Town of Southampton has such a large legal staff?" May 6, 10 8:58 AM

State rejects towns' offer to settle fishing license case; fall trial expected.

The Trustees and the Southampton Town Attorney's office clearly have time (and taxpayer money) to burn. There are not ONLY cases that are being litigated in Supreme court (and higher). Check the Justice Court calendar. There are several there (one about to go to trial) in connection w town waters.

Maybe it is time for the TOWN TRUSTEES to fund their own activities and NOT rely on the Town coffers (Town attorneys) to prosecute their antiquated existence. It is 2010 after all.

Perhaps it is time for the leadership to reconsider how it prioritizes its' resources as well-" Aug 2, 10 8:05 AM

Town Trustees Surrender Authority Over Village Beach Driving

It is high time that the Trustees cavalier behavior be curbed. The Courts seem to feel the same way." Mar 1, 16 7:04 AM

Southampton Town Property Assessments Go Up 10 Percent, Doubling The Recent Rate

My assessment increased ONLY 600%. Really 600%. Disgusted!" May 1, 19 9:19 PM