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Yet Another Fishing Legend Is Lost

I always admired Joe. As I passed him driving down the beach in his Toyota pick up, I couldn't help but wonder what monster fish he probably caught that morning. I had the pleasure of fishing next to him a handful of times and shared some stories. As time goes on some and men like him move on I am so grateful to have been around them . " Aug 11, 15 8:27 PM

Short-Term Rentals Rankle Neighbors, Competitors

Change can be good. But is has to be done with respect to everyone and in a manner that doesn't hurt or damage communities or the people who are part of it. There is already a suitcase community taking over. What is going to happen when every house is a rental? Who is going to be on the front lines of the community? Is everyone going to commute in ? Firefighters, EMT's , Police, business owners? teachers? There is a price for selling out and its much bigger than money. " Sep 4, 15 7:09 AM

Landlord Without Permit Could Face Loss Of Rent Paid

I get it to some degree. BUT , just keep in mind that if you push landlords away from investing out here there is a loss of capital to the area. Also, not ALL landlords or real estate investors are renting to summer people, not all share the lack of response as depicted in the story. There are plenty of landlords that manage the homes very well, rent to year round people who depend on those homes to live and work here. Be careful. If you push those landlords to sell off those houses because they don't need a "big brother" they will surely go to 2nd home owners and the community will have even more of a struggle to stay here. Landlords don't need another tax or fee to be paid . The rent needed to justify the investment is already very high. A few bad apples could very likely hurt this community even more if these steps are not taken with thought to all levels of rentals. " Sep 9, 15 8:09 AM

Marshalls May Be Added To TJ Maxx In Bridgehampton

I remember when that area was a drive in movie theartre , the blueberry path, the donut shop and Wilco. Truth is its always gonna change, people aren't going to stop coming . If I was asked if I wanted them to , I would say yes, regardless of the economic impact. Its too late. Sometime I can't really tell the difference between out here and "up west" Hell in most cases they have less traffic. For those of us that do live here year round what was once is now gone. We may as well have some "normal" place to shop. When I say "normal" I mean places that have average pricing, competative to what the rest of Long Island pays. Its used to be justifiable to pay more because you were dealing with smaller shops and a lower population. This place really isn't that much different that the rest of the island . Yea we have the ocean . The only thing keeping a lot of other businesses away is the real estate prices. It is pretty amazing TJ Max can even expand. " Nov 19, 15 7:17 PM

Suffolk County Sheriff's Office To Step Up Policing Of Pine Barrens

There are some every good points made along this thread. For those of you who think us ATV / Dirt bike riders are causing all kids of destruction I urge you to think of where we are coming from . I think there are a lot of people who assume we are all younger kids that have no care for the environment and are somewhat reckless.
I take my 8 year old riding a few times a week , I stay on the power lines or areas that are pretty well tore up. I NEVER go on a "walking trail" . Would you prefer my kids hangs out inside and plays video games ? Or go to SYS and play other sports in a controlled environment? I grew up out here and the bestir part of that was having nature and the outdoors as port of that experience. Not that it matters a whole lot but I would be willing to bet about 90% of those making a fuss over the ATV are new to the area . Probably bounced out from the city. With the combination of these people popping up houses in those wooded areas and then trying to change "what is" I think there should be some consideration for "what was" .
Southampton town should purchase a tract of land and designate it for the ATV riders. They are rthe ones who let so much of it go to development . Motorsport's should be viewed no different than soccer, baseball or any other outdoor sport. It is a great way to teach your kids about control , respect, patience, coordination along with so many other benefits.
I take daily walks with my dog in the woods . I appreciate the trails just as much as other preservationists. Its not fair to use public money to preserve woodland only for hiking. You can have a tract of land preserved and still have a dirt bike trail system. I believe that if you give people a place to ride they will respect its laws. There are multiple examples of this currently in the woods. There are little track scattered along the power lines. Riders tend to stay on the track. they don't just plow through random woods .
Using a large portion of our police enforcement is just silly. We have so many other real problems to deal with. Giving a officer a vehicle to go chase around people trying to have fun and share good experiences with their friends and family . Meanwhile our towns are overcrowding with illegals, drug problems are growing by the minute, the news reports more incodents on the "East End " than ever before!! When I was a kid you never even heard about Southampton on the radio!! Go get some REAL work done. Stop playing Rambo and concentrate on the real problems of our community. Its NOT the dirt bikers." Feb 16, 16 7:58 AM

Lack Of East End ATV Parks Frustrates Local Riders

Lets lock up our kid in facilities like SYS and the Y ! or better yet just have them play video games all day inside!!! I've been riding out hearer since I was about 8. I learned how to control a machine, as well as myself out there. The skills and experiences in motorsports cannot be duplicated anywhere or by anything. Its a great activity for anyone to be involved in . The benefits are endless. We need to respect preservationist as well. But PLEASE don't tell me the town cant get involved for liability reasons!!! If the planners thought this through properly 20 years ago we would have one less lame ass Mcmansion development in a farm field and one bad ass off road facility for kids...OOOOHHHH WAAIIIT!!!!! WE HAD ONE!!! Bridgehampton Race track!!! We really needed that golf course !!?? What a joke. That was the perfect opportunity for the Town to step in a create a park . " Feb 17, 16 8:14 PM

There must be some sort of "ride at your own risk waiver"? Thats what road tracks use .... No matter what happens out there, its your problem. Car crash, careless drivers, fluke accident....thats the risk you take. " Feb 18, 16 6:54 AM

Farrell Building Adds Shovel-Ready Packages

I don't see why the towns aren't buying land with the CPF to prevent further development. I understand these projects provide jobs , but is the overpopulation and environmental effects really worth such short term gains? I though the CPF was put in place to preserve our community and our resources ? There isn't much land left to preserve .We may as well buy up the 1 acre , 1/2 acre or even smaller lots to prevent more developments right??
Developers are doing what they do. They will continue to build because thats what they do to make money. When the land and opportunity is gone they will leave. " Feb 26, 16 5:28 PM

Gender-Neutral Restroom Provides Safe Space At East Hampton High School

So a girl will be going to the bathroom while a boy is in the stall next to hers??I mean , this is just asking for trouble. Get a grip man. If you have certain parts than you are a certain sex, Its not about what your sexual preference is. This is gross. " Apr 8, 16 7:26 PM

Court Rules That Sand Land Must Discontinue Mulching Facilty

This totally sucks. The town is making a mistake here. That facility serves a purpose for the community. I wonder if all of a sudden North Sea landfill is going to start selling Mulch by the yard???? HUH .......
Place is croooooookkkkkeeeeddd!!!!
You can't have it both ways. All the estates and Mansions you allowed to go up need to be serviced. That facility was a staple in that being able to happen.
Dont blame the place for water contamination. They are just as guilty as every golf course, mcmansion, , car wash, and yes even the town "recycle facility"!!!" Apr 14, 16 6:40 AM

Southampton Builder Wins Case Against Village Architectural Review Board

Good man.... Its a social club up there. Get rid of these back patters and get some people who actually know the facts and the law. " Jun 2, 16 6:42 AM

Property Owners Mount Attacks On Ocean Beach Driving

I don't doubt that is true , but when the people bought the properties and saw that this was going on was it their intent to change the way we live? Must everything be written and constantly questioned? Or is this a way for people to who bought to better themselves financially by creating what they call a better setting for their investment? Its really no different than those that buy next to race track, golf courses or airports, right? You know what you were getting into, now you want other to change for your benefit? I don't know you or where you are from , but I am a local . I think we have bled enough. " Jun 8, 16 8:54 PM

Black Lives Matter Rallies Held In East Hampton And Bridgehampton Sunday

I think that these Black Lives Matter people are bored, have too much time on their hands and should go get a job. Not just the 40 or so people who chose to spend time her with the silly protest , but the fools on television as well. Every single person interviewed makes a complete fool of themselves. The title alone is ridiculous. If ALL lives matter , shouldn't it be a a ALL LIVES MATTER movement?? Please , its a joke. Go away and do something productive. Why is it that out of all the different nationalities African American can't seem to let it go?ALL nationalities have had some sort of resistance , but they have overcome it. We have seen the latino population bust their ass to work their way up they ladder or other races deal with the forces against them. Maybe if the African American communtiy didn't give everyone so much ammunition against them?? Their are areas where they are shooting at each other, not racism needed!! Politically correct, over sensitive people and affirmative action has crippled this country. Time to take it back and go back to the basics. Good luck with your signs and chanting. " Jul 21, 16 8:31 PM

Black Lives Matter Rally In Sag Harbor Draws Small, Peaceful Crowd

Wish they all just jumped off the end of long wharf and swam far far far away..... don't go away mad , just go away. " Aug 30, 16 8:23 PM

Southampton Supervisor Pitches New Housing Division

I dont understand why government feels the need to get into the building , rental and real estate business. If they want to help put laws in place that give incentive to landlords to rent to year rounders that show proof of residence and local jobs. Putting up more houses is the LAST thing anyone who lives here wants to see. Use your brain man!!!! You will never put up enough houses for all the people that need affordable housing..... Take a drive around.....The houses are already there!!!!! And they are not being used year round.
Figure out a way for landlords to rent to year rounders by coming up with incentives that will NET the landlords the same as renting for the summer and the web run sites.
Most investors are just that. Counting on the return. If we can help the community by providing housing at the same time thats a plus. Stop building more houses. They look like ass. If we wanted Farmingdale we would move. " Oct 13, 16 8:41 PM

BTW the pic is BS and you know it. Youre staring at some lame ass map. Now put that down and start thinking for real. " Oct 13, 16 8:42 PM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

People....Go ahead and do you silly march , wave your signs and shout. Then grow the hell up and get behind your country. Its over. You lost. Get ready for some real leadership. " Jan 18, 17 8:25 AM

Local Businesses Close For A Day, Join Nationwide 'Day Without Immigrants' Protest

The lady in the picture holding the sign says " No Human Being is Illegal" Thats an interesting thought. Who is she to make laws now?? Is she now our president?? Does she understand the impact on open borders and anyone being able to come into our country ??Would she be O.K. with anyone moving next door to her, their kids overcrowding the schools and the way of life she knew??Completely unvetted? Probably not contributing into our systems, leaving her only to pay for schools, hospitals, roads and other things taken for granted by those not paying taxes?? Its a powerful sign . I hope she thought it through before carrying it. I find it hard to believe she knows all the ramifications an open border system would actually have. Im not sure anyone does.
Look . Sure we felt a little something today.We all know a lot of the people who came here recently ( illegally or not) are hard workers. Maybe we didn't build as many houses or maybe our lunch took a little longer to get.I think the people protesting should be careful here. Take a few more days off like that and you're employers may just find a replacement for you. It won't be that hard, we did it before you came here. " Feb 16, 17 8:03 PM

Local Lawmakers Say Immigration Enforcement Is Not The Job Of Local Police

Way to stand behind your country Larry..... Really sad. People like you are are making matters even worse by making upo your own rules as you go, Get behind your country. Get behind your president!" Feb 17, 17 6:35 AM

Climate March Held in Sag Harbor

They should of kept walking right off the pier. All the hot air they were spewing would have stopped and cooled everything right down. " May 1, 17 3:36 PM